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ICYMI: Crowdsourcing the space poop problem

Today on In Case You Missed It: NASA and HeroX are asking for help from the public to try to create a bathroom that can be used for up to six days, inside space suits. Previously astronauts have worn diapers during missions in space suits, but tha...

DirecTV NOW launches on iPhone, iPad & Apple TV

Two days ago, U.S. wireless carrier unveiled DirecTV NOW, its brand new Internet television streaming service that comes with a free fourth-generation Apple TV for those who would commit to at least three months of paid service. Today, DirectTV apps for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV have gone live in the App Store.... Read the […]


Take a closer look at iSpaceship’s underground auditorium, R&D building and more

Drone footage of iSpaceship site captured by YouTuber Matthew Roberts has impressed us thus far and his latest video is no exception. In addition to showing continuous progress in terms of landscaping and solar panels on the massive flying saucer-shaped building, new videos provide a closer look at an R&D building and an underground auditorium where future events will be held.... Read the...


The 12 best tech gifts for the entertainer in your life

You know the type: Someone who loves throwing parties. In fact, you will probably partake of egg nog and sugar cookies in their home before the season is up. So why not get them something that helps them do what they do best: entertain. If your frien...