Microsoft’s Sway lets you share ideas on the web without any design skills

Microsoft Office Sway

Sharing ideas on the web is tricky. You probably want something more persuasive than a social network update, but it's usually overkill to design a whole web page just to get your point across. Microsoft may have reached a happy balance between the two with Sway, a new part of the Office portfolio that lets you publish content in a slick, web-native format without knowing a thing about code or design. All you do is write and pull in content, whether it comes from your device or internet sources like Facebook, OneDrive and YouTube; Sway automatically organizes it all into polished web layouts that adapt to any screen size. You can switch layouts to fine-tune your work and update projects over time. Think of this as a Medium-like authoring tool that handles much more than just articles -- it's possible to publish daily photo diaries, non-linear presentations and other pieces that would typically require a dedicated web editor or a specialized app.

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Is this wrist-worn smartphone on Indiegogo a hoax or a fever dream?

One downside of Indiegogo's lax attitude to projects is that there's no requirement for a prototype or any proof that the device being pitched could even exist. In fact, the site is so laissez-faire, that a creator could probably promise a hoverboard powered by unicorn tears, and the only limit to its success would be human credulity. In unrelated news, Arubixs has taken to Indiegogo to ask for $300,000 of funding for Portal, a flexible, bendable smartphone that can be worn on your forearm like Leela's Wristlojackimator - with a watch strap holding it in place at either end.

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Vine now lets you use your Android phone’s existing video clips

Not too long ago Vine blessed iOS users with the ability to import pre-existing videos into the app, and now Google fans can get in on the action. Any clips in your Android camera roll are viable subjects to be trimmed down to six seconds or shorter now, and you can activate your device's flashlight to work as a flash in low-light situations. There are a few other features too, and you can check those out on the app's Google Play page. Now all that's separating your from internet stardom is, well... you.

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Consumer Reports weighs in on iPhone 6 bending

As much as Apple would like for this discussion to be over, controversy and conversation over whether the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus has a durability problem is continuing. Just as it tested out antenna reception for the iPhone 4, Consumer Reports has forced Apple's newest mobile devices into its torture testing chambers, measuring them along with several other devices to see how much pressure they can really take. You can see the tests for yourself in a video embedded after the break, but according to CR, the larger iPhone 6 Plus is actually stronger than its counterpart, only deforming under 90 pounds of pressure, more than the 70 it took to bend the standard iPhone 6 and HTC One (M8). Meanwhile, Unbox Therapy gave a brand new iPhone 6 Plus another go in its less-scientific test, and bent it once again, while a Moto X withstood the challenge.

[Image credit: Consumer Reports]

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This trick lets you refresh the App Store app in a jiffy

Refresh App Store Taps

Have you ever ventured into the App Store expecting a new update, only to find that the update has not yet appeared? Since the App Store has no refresh button, I used to force close the app, and reopen it to check for new updates.

But in iOS 8 there’s an even easier way to refresh the App Store. I’m not sure if it was purposely done, or if it’s a bug, or what. All I know is that this refresh trick works on iOS 8, and it doesn’t appear to work on lesser firmware.

Inside, I’ll show you how to quickly refresh the App Store and check for new updates in a flash. Check out the video.... Read the rest of this post here

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10 things you shouldn’t do to your iPhone 6

bent iPhone 6

With every new iPhone comes a new controversy, and this year is no exception as the “bendability” of iPhone 6 has already been put to the test, clearly proving that when force and pressure are applied to the device, it will actually bend.  What most people would qualify as good old common sense doesn’t seem to be the case here, so to avoid any kind of confusion, we’ve come up with a list of things you shouldn’t do to your iPhone 6.... Read the rest of this post here

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Instagram’s Hyperlapse app picks up native iPhone 6 support, new ‘selfielapse’ feature

Instagram Hyperlapse (iPhone screenshot 001)

Instagrams iPhone app for high quality Time-lapse video capture, Hyperlapse, debuted a month ago.

On Thursday, the software received its first update as developers released version 1.1 which has added native display support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones.

In addition, there’s a new ‘selfielapse’ mode which uses the front-facing FaceTime camera to create cool Time-lapses.

This edition of Hyperlapse includes bug fixes and reliability improvements as well. The app is available free of charge in the App Store.... Read the rest of this post here

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HTC teases action cam launch on October 8th (update: and it looks like this)

Those claims that HTC is making an action camera just got much more concrete. The company has posted both a RECamera teaser site and a video (below) which not-so-subtly hint that the adventure-oriented shooter should launch on October 8th, the same day as HTC's "Double Exposure" media event. While there aren't many giveaways in the clip, it shows both a swimming pool dive and a wide-angle lens -- this is undoubtedly a waterproof device meant to take on the likes of GoPro. There's nothing here to confirm rumors that the camera will have a 16-megapixel sensor and wireless networking, but you'll only have to wait a couple of weeks to get the full scoop.

Update: And one enterprising Redditor's found pictures of the device -- which looks like... a... periscope? The image's source has now been taken down. Darn.

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Manual app brings DSLR-like control to your iPhone snapshots

Thanks to the expanded third-party integration in iOS 8, app developers are able to take advantage of things like extensions for that Photos library. It also allows access to the iPhone's camera settings, and a new piece of software offers another option for sorting just that. Manual, a $1.99 add-on for Apple's handsets, allows you to tweak variables in a similar fashion to how you would with a DSLR. There are options for controlling shutter, ISO, white balance, focus and exposure bracketing. On top of all that, a rule of thirds grid keeps compositions in order, a live monitor eyes exposure and a fill flash mode tackles lighting woes. All of that may sound complicated, but the interface is quite simple, so you should be easily making your tweaks in no time -- as long as you have the latest version of iOS, of course. Other apps, like Camera+, tackle manual controls too, so you'll be able to take your pick when it comes to fine-tuning those photos.

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That bendable iPhone 6 screen isn’t a feature (update)

Not sure if you want to hide your shiny new iPhone's newfangled design in a bulky case? Maybe you should -- apparently, it's quite pliable. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users on Twitter seem to be finding small, but noticeable bends just south of the handsets' volume controls. Front-pocket storage is all it takes to give the handset a gentle slope, according to some users, but it can be bent other ways too. Back pockets and malicious YouTube users (video from Unbox Therapy after the break) can both bend the device to their will.

Update: Just for kicks, the same guy tried the same thing with a Galaxy Note 3, and while its plastic frame gave some squeaking under the pressure, it showed only slight warping after two attempts. There's the difference in materials to account for, but of course we're not surprised -- we've seen how Samsung tests its large phones under pressure.

Update 2 (9/24): For one final video, Unbox Therapy lined up a few more phones: the new Moto X, HTC One (M8), iPhone 6, iPhone 5S and a Nokia Lumia 1020. Unsurprisingly, none bent to the degree of the iPhone 6 Plus, with only the iPhone 6 (standard) showing a slight bend. The Moto X and Lumia 1020 seemed the most resistant to pressure, while the One M8 and 5S creaked, but did not bend noticeably. Meanwhile, UBreakIFix gave it a shot, using a machine to stress several phones with exactly 100 lbs of pressure. The result there? The iPhone 6 Plus bent less than other large phones, but because of its metal frame, it couldn't bend back into shape afterwards. Overhyped video trend or real issue? Only time will tell, but you can see the test after the break, and for now, it looks like most other phones -- including Apple's -- don't respond to stress in the way the iPhone 6 Plus does.

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