OS X 10.9.3 arrives: proper 4K support, improved contact/calendar syncing and more

OS X 10.3 install pormpt

Following weeks of extensive testing and nearly a dozen betas seeded to its registered developers, Apple on Thursday released OS X 10.9.3 software update, the third major refresh of its latest Mavericks desktop operating system powering Macs.

It expectedly includes proper support for external 4K displays that makes everything crisper rathern than smaller. Other changes include more reliable contact and calendar syncing, the previously released Safari 7.0.3 and more…... Read the rest of this post here

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HTC to update Android on “flagship” handsets for 2 years

Good news for Android and some Windows Phone after a online Q&A revealed some juicy new details from HTC. First up, with Windows Phone 8X owners, HTC are working on an 8.1 upgrade as we speak. Secondly, if you’re looking to get a HTC Android device, the OS will be supported and upgraded by HTC for 2 years after launch.

The confirmation came in an AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything) on Reddit, where HTC stated that..

As strong partners of Microsoft, we’re working with Microsoft on the Blue update on Windows Phone 8X and will continue to take new products into consideration. Nothing concrete right now, but who knows!

The company also hinted that you’ll probably not see removable batteries any longer too..

The industry and HTC are making great strides in battery technology such that the need/want for removable battery is continually decreasing.

Good news all round it seems, and let’s hope that HTC can create a big impact at Mobile World Congress. We’ll be live a week today, so follow us on Twitter for all the latest.

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AT&T begins updating the Galaxy S4 Active with Android 4.3

AT&T begins updating the Galaxy S4 Active with Android 4.3

Nope, it's not KitKat, but hey, beggars owners of older Android handsets can't be choosers. If you've been using AT&T's version of the Samsung's waterproof Galaxy S4 Active, you're in luck: Android 4.3 is starting to roll out in the form of an over-the-air update. As you're probably aware by now, the update keeps the phone in Jelly Bean territory, but brings a good deal of improvements, including OpenGL ES 3.0 support, Bluetooth Smart technology, enhanced notifications and 1080p Netflix streaming. Good luck with that 772MB download, and do let us know how it goes.

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Foursquare updates Android app with Ken Burns effect, boosted performance

Foursquare's rolling out a new Android app, adding in new motion effects and integrating some of this month's iOS tweaks. That first feature, best known in the video community as the "Ken Burns effect," animates location header images with panning and zoom. You can still scroll through the top five photos from each venue, but images up top won't stop moving until you head over to the full-screen gallery tool. Other cosmetic adjustments include a refreshed sidebar, complete with avatar, and an updated profile page that matches the iOS equivalent. In a blog post today, Foursquare also referenced faster load times, though we didn't notice much of a difference in a quick side-by-side test. Enhanced performance or not, the new version is clearly an improvement. It's available today on Google Play.

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Problems with Samsung 4.3 updates


We are seeing reports that Samsung and networks are pulling the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S3 and S4, due to the update causing severe problems.

The S3 seems most affected and that is the update that is has currently been pulled by Samsung, but Sky are also reporting some issues with the S4 update as well, with unconfirmed reports that AT&T have pulled the S4 update as well.

Issues seem to be widespread, from massive battery drain to apps not opening and handsets crashing.

There is no word from Samsung at the moment, but we will keep you updated.
In the meantime why not share any issues you’ve been having in the comments below.


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Facebook Update: Epic Fail [UPDATED]

The latest Facebook app update seems to be a disaster for many iPhone users. Read on to see what some are experiencing.

Global HTC One gets Android 4.3 update, improved low-light camera performance

Global HTC One devices get Android 43 update, improved lowlight camera performance

If you're the proud owner of an unlocked HTC One smartphone, you should now have access to an Android 4.3 update. If you picked up a locked device from a US carrier, you're likely out of luck, but global users can now snag the latest version of Jelly Bean. According to Android Highlights, improvements include a battery charging percentage indicator, boosted low-light camera performance, Sense 5 enhancements and increased stability overall. Check the update menu to see if your device is eligible.

Update: HTC President Jason Mackenzie tweeted that carrier-issued HTC One handsets will score Android 4.3 after the previously announced September 30th deadline.

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Instagram refreshed for iOS 7 with larger images and videos, available for download today

Instagram refreshed for iOS 7 with larger images and videos, available for download today

Instagram may have missed the initial iOS 7 update run last week, but the retooled iPhone app is good to go now. Version 4.2, available for download today, brings design tweaks that mesh better with the latest iOS, with a slightly simpler interface and rounded profile pictures in the feed. Additionally, photos and video are a bit larger, and the resolution has been increased as well, enabling a better viewing experience overall. Instagram for iOS 7 can be yours right now. You'll find the download at the source link below.

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HTC confirms One S will no longer receive Android updates

HTC confirms One S will no longer receive Android updates

It's not a Nexus, so suspend your disbelief: HTC's One S will not be getting any further Android updates. That's right, One S owners, your device is now officially a relic. In a statement released to the press, HTC today confirmed that the mid-ranger, which bowed last year in tandem with the One X, will remain frozen on 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. That means current owners will have to look elsewhere (read: developer forums) for unofficial access to Sense 5 ROMs and the latest tweaks Google's packed into Android 4.2 updates. We can't really lament the loss of BlinkFeed, but it sure would've been nice to see HTC port Zoe over to the device. At the very least, this makes a strong case for that Google Play edition One and its promise of consistent updates.

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Google Search Android app updated with location-based offers, voice-activated music playback

Google Search Android app updated with locationbased offers, voiceactivated music playback

Jelly Bean users running Android 4.1 or later can now snag a few more features with Google's Search app. The update (version number varies depending on your device) delivers three notable additions. The first tool pushes saved offers as you approach a redemption location, reminding you of forgotten deals when they're most relevant. Next up is a new voice action, which lets you control music playback -- both on your device and in the Play Store -- by speaking to your handset. (Voice action tips also make a debut with this refresh.) A third addition enables instant access to information about television programming you're currently consuming, assuming your HDTV is connected to the web and on the same WiFi network as your device. Get your download on at the source link below.

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