SoundCloud iOS update makes it easier to find new music

SoundCloud has been keen on adding new features regularly to make its version of music streaming more useful for listeners. With an update today, the company's iOS app received a handful of tools that'll make it a bit easier to find new tracks and keep your favorites organized. When you find a song you like, selecting the "Play related tracks" option from the menu will serve up some related suggestions. For that collection of songs you've liked, or playlists you've created, there's a new shuffle option to change things up a bit. Finally, when the time comes to edit those playlists, you can now add or remove tracks from inside the app. You'll no longer need to venture over to a browser to do a bit of organizing. The new tools are available now for iOS users, but, unfortunately, there's no word on when the Android faithful will get access.

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Pinterest begins rolling out Buyable Pins on iOS

pinterest buy

Pinterest has begun rolling out Buyable Pins to iPhone and iPad users, reports TechCrunch. The feature, which was unveiled earlier this month, allows retail partners to add a buy button to pins that let users purchase products directly on Pinterest.

The button shows up on Rich Pins, which have much more information than typical Pins. Transactions are handled by Stripe, and Pinterest says it’s working with companies like Apple to ensure it doesn’t ever have to touch credit card information.... Read the rest of this post here

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Google Hangouts for iOS gets a redesign, better performance

Frustrated with the Google Hangouts app on iOS from time to time? Us too. Mountain View updated the mobile software today with a refreshed UI and more. First, you'll likely notice the new coat of Material Design paint that tidies things up a bit. Heck, even the dialer got a redesign. There's also a new quick compose button that allows you to quickly send messages to the folks you chat with often. Access to images from the gallery, camera or emoji library is easier too, and you can now send multiple photos at once. The update includes the usual bug fixes and performance improvements, and the latter hopefully remedies a few of the headaches some of us at Engadget HQ have been experiencing lately. The goods are available now at iTunes, and the Android version is said to arrive shortly.

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Microsoft plugs OneDrive storage into your Chromecast


In case you needed another way to beam photos and videos to your Chromecast, the Android OneDrive app has you covered. The latest update for Microsoft's cloud-storage service will take all those gorgeously arranged images from your device running Google's mobile OS and put 'em on your TV via Mountain VIew's HDMI wunderstick. Pretty handy, right? Your Galaxy S6 (or any other Android device with the app installed) should see the update shortly if it already hasn't downloaded. As for iOS users, they'll likely have to wait a bit longer -- the last update only mentions bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Shazam updated with support for Apple Music

shazam apple music

The popular audio identification service Shazam updated its iOS client today with support for Apple Music. The release brings the app to version 8.7, and arrives just ahead of the launch of the new music service next week.

With Apple Music support, users will be able to identify songs using the Shazam app, and then tap a button to launch the service so they can listen to the track in its entirety. And remember it’s free for the first 3 months.... Read the rest of this post here

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Apple adds 7 new Flyover locations to Maps

apple maps hero

Apple on Tuesday added a handful of new locations to the 3D Flyover feature in its iOS and OS X Maps apps. The new locations include San Juan, Puerto Rico and other cities around the world.

First introduced in Apple Maps when the app launched in 2012, the Flyover feature allows users to take close-up, 3-dimensional looks at buildings, landmarks and various other areas of interest.... Read the rest of this post here

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Apple seeds second OS X El Capitan beta to developers

OS X El Capitan

Following the release of new watchOS 2 and iOS 9 betas, Apple on Tuesday seeded the second beta of its upcoming OS X 10.11 El Capitan firmware. The build is labeled as 15A204h, and is available to registered developers via the Updates section of the Mac App Store or through Apple’s Developer Center.... Read the rest of this post here

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Todoist’s Android update makes it easier to stay organized

Todoist may be one of many to-do list apps available for your mobile device, but it's certainly a capable option. Today, the company announced a major redesign for its Android software that adds in features the iOS version received back in the spring. This means that rather than typing a reminder and having to tap a few different menu options to add a due date, assign to a project and more, you can just input all the information in the main task field. Once you do so, Todoist will sort out all of the info for you, right down to the necessary tags. In fact, the company says that users "can input almost any combination of details whatsoever into Todoist, and the app will know exactly what to do with it." It's a feature that should help you spend less time organizing and more time getting stuff done. %Gallery-slideshow300446%

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The Moto 360 smartwatch is getting better with WiFi, always-on apps

Day Two Of Mobile World Congress 2015

It's taken nearly a month, but the round Moto 360 smartwatch is finally joining some other Android Wear devices with support for the latest software update. It's rolling out to owners now, and adds features like the ability to connect directly to WiFi even if your phone is out of Bluetooth range, apps that stay visible until they're dismissed (especially useful for maps and to-do lists) and the ability to draw your own emoji right on the screen. Wearers can even scroll through info on the screen without touching it, simply by rotating their wrists. We felt like the Moto 360 was the best Android Wear device you could get nine months ago, and this update may help it keep up with the pack at its reduced price -- if it hits your wrist let us know how things are going.

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Dark Sky gets huge 5.0 update with new layout, advanced notifications and more

dark sky 5 1

Popular weather client Dark Sky received a significant update today, bringing the app to version 5.0.0. The release includes several improvements like a new layout, advanced notifications, and the ability to collect pressure sensor data from compatible devices.

As for the new layout, it now features a detailed hour-by-hour 24 hour timeline, and you can create custom alerts for that timeline for things like temperature, wind and more. There’s also a new weather reporter, so users can provide feedback on their weather.... Read the rest of this post here

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