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iOS 9.3.5 update patches three major security vulnerabilities

The just-released iOS 9.3.5 update patches three major security vulnerabilities, reports The New York Times. Apple was alerted to the flaws just 10 days ago by security researchers Bill Marczak and John Scott Railton, and is urging users to update. Investigators discovered that Israeli-based digital arms dealer NSO Group was using the exploits in software it sells that can track […]


HTC to roll out Nougat in Q4

HTC to roll out Nougat in Q4

Got yourself a HTC phone? Want to get the very latest Android 7.0 OS, AKA Nougat, on there? Good news, friend. It’s coming later this year.

HTC have given us a statement to share on this which reads as follows…

We’re excited to receive final shipping Android 7.0 Nougat software from Google. We expect the update to begin rolling out to the unlocked HTC 10 in Q4, followed by unlocked HTC One M9, unlocked HTC One A9, and carrier versions of these devices.

As is usual, those who’ve bought a handset via a network may have a longer wait, but if you’re lucky enough to have an unlocked HTC 10 then there’s some Nougat goodness right around the corner.

Nougat brings performance improvements, better battery management and a new data saver for restricting data usage on background apps. There’s also a split-screen mode, bundled notifications, a redesigned interface and much more.

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  • How to stop your iPhone from asking to install iOS updates

    iOS can download and install updates without the need to connect to iTunes; this is known as Over-the-Air (OTA) updating. When you have an OTA update waiting for you, your Settings app typically gets a red badge and iOS will constantly nag you about software updates. The thing is, not everyone always wants to install […]