On social media, you’re more than just a critic

Social Media Critics

Judgmentalism has been a staple of societal life for longer than I’m even capable of understanding, and as such, folks have been handing out criticisms for just as long. It’s common practice for creators to look down on other creations, and moreover, to bestow opinions on current events without ever being asked. It’s an issue that has surely been around for some time, but it feels as if social media has only served to add fuel to the proverbial fire.

Talking heads of the tube were bad enough, but at least there were only a smattering of those. Now, we have billions of those same heads, and unlike television, their words remain linkable, searchable, and retweetable ad infinitum.

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Messaging’s mission impossible: One inbox to rule them all

My phone buzzes. I glance at it and see a text message from my husband, who wants to know if I can pick him up from work. Later that day, my phone buzzes again. This time, it's a Facebook Messenger notification from my mother, who wants to chat about an upcoming trip. At the same time, a friend pings me using Twitter's Direct Messages. Next, a colleague strikes up a conversation on Google Hangouts. Realizing it would be easier to handle all of these with a computer, I flip open my laptop so I can chat with everyone simultaneously. Within the span of a few hours, I've chatted with four different people on four completely different messaging platforms. And the juggling doesn't stop there.

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Vine finally lets you upload clips from your Camera roll


Vine has announced a significant update for its iOS client today, which will add a number of new features to the popular video-sharing app. The release includes a wide range of new editing  tools, as well as the long-requested ability to upload clips from your device’s Camera Roll.

A majority of today’s changes fall within the app’s new camera section, which aims to make it faster and easier to get your Vines just the way you want them. And with new Preview and Undo buttons, you can quickly screen your last clip, and decide whether you want to keep it or not…... Read the rest of this post here

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Twitter goes Facebook by injecting foreign content into your stream

Twitter Vs. Facebook Advertising

It was really just a matter of timeTwitter is now Facebook. In its early days, where new Facebook users friended just a handful of close pals and relatives, every single status update poured through into one’s news feed. And then, hundreds of millions of people joined.

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Twitter announces beta test of new ‘Promoted Video’ ads

2012 Twitter logo

Twitter has announced today that it is moving forward with its ‘Promoted Video’ ad project. The site has been testing Twitter Video Cards for several months now, and the results show that Tweets containing native video generate better engagement and more video views than other types of ads.

Thus, the company made it official today, saying that it’s going to be performing a public beta test of Promoted Video on Twitter. The goal of the test is to make it easier for brands to upload and distribute video on the social network, and then of course to measure the reach and effectiveness of it all…... Read the rest of this post here

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Vine updated with redesigned navigation, new sharing options and more

new vine

Twitter updated its popular 6-second clip-sharing app Vine today for iOS. The update brings the client to version 2.2, and features a handful of noticeable changes including a redesigned navigation menu and new sharing options.

The redesigned navigation UI is one of biggest changes to Vine since its inception. The drop-down menu that lived in the Home icon in the top left-hand corner of the app has been replaced by a standard, bottom navigation bar…
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TwitConfirm prevents you from accidentally retweeting or favoriting a tweet


If you use the Twitter app regularly on your iOS device, you may have accidentally retweeted or favorited a tweet while scrolling through your timeline feed. It can be quite annoying just to go back and undo the action and sometimes, you won’t even notice that you’ve retweeted or favorited a post. However, a new jailbreak tweak landed in Cydia recently that helps Twitter users overcome this problem.... Read the rest of this post here

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Twitter’s active user growth continued to improve this quarter

Cannes Lions 59th International Festival of Creativity - The Twitter Seminar

One of Twitter's primary concerns is that the number of active users -- those who use the network at least once a month -- continues to grow at a healthy pace, and its latest quarterly earnings confirm that the social network has been eating its vegetables. After reporting a solid growth of 14 million active users last quarter, the service brought in 16 million this time around, reaching a grand total of 271 million. This is an increase of 6.3 percent, which is an improvement over last quarter's 5.8 percent (though not quite as good as the ten percent growth the company saw a year ago). Not bad, given that it had to admit a slowing number of new users earlier this year in its first earnings report as an IPO. Of this number, Twitter acknowledged that 78 percent of them are actively using the service on mobile devices (this is reflected in the fact that 81 percent of advertising revenue comes from smartphones and tablets).

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Tweetbot 3 quietly rolls out animated GIF support via iOS media player

Tweetbot for iOS (animated GIF 003)Tweetbot for iOS (animated GIF 002)

You’re probably aware that Twitter began supporting animated GIFs via its web interface in mid-June. If so, you may also recall that Twitter’s iOS client has picked up support for this popular file format a mere week later.

The feature isn’t exclusive to the company’s own mobile apps: Twitter soon after updated its API to let makers of third-party clients implement direct GIF sharing via pic.twitter.com links.

Tapbots’ Tweetbot, one of the best Twitter clients for the Mac and iOS devices, does not officially recognize animated GIFs. That’s why tapping a pic.twitter.com GIF link in Tweetbot for iPhone opens the detail view for the tweet itself rather than play the embedded animation inline.

This has been driving me nuts – but not anymore. As it turns out, Tapbots yesterday issued a maintenance update to Tweetbot for the iPhone and iPod touch which apparently adds support for animated GIFs via Twitter’s pic.twitter.com links. Strangely enough, the official release notes make no mention of this nice little addition whatsoever…... Read the rest of this post here

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Twitter will finally let you see — and delete — all of your direct messages


If you've been on Twitter long enough, chances are that you've sent at least one or two direct messages (DMs) that you'd rather not see again. Deleting any regretful conversations in one fell swoop should you use the service across multiple devices isn't as simple as it should be, though, and as of now, destroying a private-picture thread from your phone might not mean it'll be missing when you load Twitter.com from your laptop. Well, the microblogging giant knows how much of a pain this is and is working to address it. The company issued a tweet (naturally) saying that it's rolling out an update to make deleting DMs "more consistent" across web and mobile over the next few weeks. What's more, Twitter says that it's working on an update to bring your entire DM history to the Android and iOS apps as well. Whether or not that's a good thing depends on your messaging habits, we'd imagine.

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