Fewer Brits are using social media, but those who do can’t put down their phone

Tweetbot for iPhone

While you might access your Facebook feed or Twitter timeline numerous times a day, as a general rule, social media use in Britain has actually fallen over the last year. In a new research report, UK regulator Ofcom found that the number of people signing on to their favourite social networking sites each week dropped from 65 percent in September 2013 to 56 percent in October 2014. In fact, the UK saw the biggest drop across the nine countries compared in Ofcom's study, which polled 9,000 people across the US, Japan, China and most of the big European nations.

As part of its research, the watchdog looked into how Britain ranks against other countries in terms of communication, which includes how many people access social media services, how often they log on and what they want from them. Unsurprisingly, it's the younger users that are driving social in the UK and they're using smartphones to get their fix. According to Ofcom, almost three-quarters of 18 to 24 year-olds used social networks at least once a week, while only just under half of 55 to 64 year-olds did the same (the second biggest difference between age groups in Europe).

Those younger users have also helped the UK remain second only to the US for most active mobile social networkers: 40 percent of internet users admitted they open social apps on their phone every day, matching last year's figures. Overall, 64 percent of internet users accessed social networks using their mobile, while 62 percent of respondents admitted they did so on their desktop. But what sites are they accessing? Facebook leads the pack by a significant margin, with 68 percent reach, followed by Twitter's 25 percent share and LinkedIn and Google+ trailing slightly behind with 20 percent.

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Source: Ofcom (PDF)

Netflix finds a new way to get you even more addicted to its shows

Netflix Marco Polo Tweet Me a Reminder Feature

Netflix may have a brand new features in the works to keep users glued to the screen watching its upcoming TV shows, one Twitter user has discovered. As Rich Greenfield noticed on Twitter, the official Marco Polo Twitter account — Netflix’s upcoming TV series — has a Tweet Me a Reminder button appended to independent tweets that’s probably going to be used to register a fan’s interest in the show.

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Twitter adds new filters for photos taken on Twitter for iPhone

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 6.57.38 PM

Twitter announced on Tuesday it has begun rolling out new photo filters for its Twitter for iPhone app, in a continued effort to draw attention away from Facebook-owned Instagram. ... Read the rest of this post here

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Twitter unveils better reporting and blocking tools

Twitter (blocking, web screenshot 001)

Twitter isn’t exactly a great example of what you’d call a privacy-minded online service with a wide-ranging set of comprehensive tools to prevent harassment and block poor souls who spew abuse at others.

And who could blame them? At its core, Twitter is about sharing quick thoughts with the web at large. Of course, Twitter over the years did roll out a bare minimum of reporting features.

Now Twitter’s privacy capabilities have gotten a tad better. Announced Tuesday, a sweeping update to Twitter’s existing reporting and blocking tools calls for simplified forms that mobile users can fill out with easy when reporting abuse, a change to blocking policy, a better web interface to manage blocked users and more.

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Twitter makes it easier to report abusive tweets

Twitter's new abuse report tools

If you've ever been the victim of harassment on Twitter, you know how hard it has been to report abuse until now; you couldn't really do much on mobile, and the complicated process made it difficult to flag all but the scariest threats. Thankfully, Twitter is at last simplifying the reporting process to give you a better defense against abusers. You now need less initial information to make a complaint, and the reporting system is easier to understand as a whole. You should also have less trouble reporting harassment when you aren't the target, and a mobile-native interface lets you deal with troublemakers away from a computer.

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How to stop Twitter from tracking what other apps you use on iPhone or Android

Twitter Apps Data Collection

Twitter is about to become more annoying for some users, as the company will start tracking what other mobile apps iOS and Android owners are using in a push to better profile users, and thus improve its targeted advertising business.

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Twitter will track which apps you use on your phone

Twitter for Android on a Nexus 5

It's no secret that Twitter has been looking for ways to put more targeted ads in your social feed, but its latest approach may make you uncomfortable if you jealously protect your privacy. The service has revealed that its app will start tracking which apps you have installed on your device in order to improve the relevance of both ads and other content that slips into your tweet stream, such as favorites. Twitter is adamant that it's not collecting data from within apps, and will let you know when the monitoring kicks in. However, those safeguards are offset by the feature's opt-out nature -- the service will automatically scoop up that info unless you explicitly tell it otherwise.

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You can now grab coupons from Twitter timelines

Twitter Offers (iPhone screenshot 001)

Twitter isn’t done announcing new products this year. Tuesday, the startup announced Twitter Offers, a new service that puts e-commerce right into your timeline.

Created in partnership with a handful of brands which will begin testing the new feature during the holidays in the United States, Twitter Offers makes grabbing a coupon as easy as clicking a button in a Promoted Tweet.

As a bonus, the coupon will be automatically associated with a credit card, if any, associated with Twitter for the recently unveiled ‘Buy’ button.... Read the rest of this post here

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Twitter lets you share public tweets in your direct messages

Well, that was fast. Twitter casually mentioned at its Analyst Day festivities last week that it'd soon give users the ability to share public Tweets in private conversations, and now a new update to its apps and web clients means you can do just that. Either a long-press on a Tweet or a quick pop into the 'More' menu in Twitter's mobile and desktop versions respectively will let you dump that micro-missive into a Direct Message conversation, where it'll pop up in a tiny card for lightspeed perusal. We can hardly contain our excitement either.

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You can now privately share tweets in DMs

Twitter 3.1 for Mac (screenshot 002)

After giving us a preview of upcoming enhancements to its platform during the Analyst’s Day event, the popular social service Twitter on Thursday began rolling out one of the previously outlined new features: the ability to private share a tweet through Twitter’s direct messaging function.

Sharing tweets privately with any of your followers helps you discuss public content in private conversations, the micro-blogging platform hopes.

To do this from Twitter’s main iPhone client, long-press the tweet in your timeline and choose the new “Share via Direct Message” option. The person you share a tweet with will get a push notification, said the company.

Moreover, the tweet will display directly in the conversation.... Read the rest of this post here

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