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Twitter will live-stream Thursday Night Football broadcasts worldwide in the next season

Twitter has managed to sign an important deal with the National Football League giving it rights to exclusively live-stream as many as ten Thursday Night Football broadcasts worldwide in the next season, the companies said today. According to Variety, Twitter will carry the games broadcast by NBC and CBS, to be simulcast on the NFL Network, […]


Tweeting while drunk? There’s now an algorithm that can catch you in the act

Drunk Tweeting

With a drunk text, you always run the risk of embarrassing yourself in the eyes of whoever is on the receiving end of the message. But with a drunk tweet, you run the risk of embarrassing yourself to an untold number of followers. Worse yet, if a drunk tweet of yours goes viral, well, you may be forever associated with an ill-conceived message resulting from a long night spent out on the town.

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Twitter CEO finally confirms whether or not the 140 character limit is going away

Twitter Character Limit

From a number of different angles, Twitter seems to be plagued by problems. Not only is the company having a tough time attracting new users, but it's also performing poorly on the financial side. Indeed, shares of Twitter are now trading in the $16 range, representing an all-time low.

In an effort to help inject a bit of life into the social networking service, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey earlier this year floated the idea that Twitter might increase the 140 character limit that has defined the site since its inception. While seemingly outrageous, Dorsey teased the idea of supporting tweets with as many as 10,000 characters.

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How to turn off Twitter’s new algorithmic feed, which is now on by default

How to Turn Off New Twitter Feed

Last month, following what seemed like years of speculation, Twitter finally launched its new algorithmic feed. It was turned off by default, but that didn't stop a huge bloc of users from immediately expressing their outrage.

It might have been a premature reaction, but starting this week, many users have begun to realize that their feeds are showing them "the best tweets first," indicating that the feature has switched on across the entire network.

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Surprise: Trump has already given up his iPhone boycott

Donald Trump Forgets iPhone Boycott

Soon after learning that Apple had the audacity to challenge the FBI in courts over the iPhone that was used by one of the San Bernardino shooters, Donald Trump blasted the iPhone maker and called for an Apple boycott. He did so minutes after tweeting something from an iPhone.

The often-annoying and doughy Republican candidate then said he owns both an iPhone and a Samsung phone and that he would use the Android device until Apple gives into the FBI’s demands.

Three weeks later, the Donald is back at tweeting from an iPhone. Like hundreds of millions of users, he probably just can’t stay away from the handset.

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FastShare: use Activator to quickly share content to Facebook, Twitter, and Messages from anywhere

FastShare is a new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.49 that lets you harness the power of Activator to allow you to more easily share information with your friends, family, and followers. The tweak comes with a unique interface for sharing information across your favorite social mediums, such as Facebook, Twitter, and […]


Why making a support account on Twitter was a great move by Apple

Within just a single day of launching a support account on Twitter, Apple has well over 130,000 followers and is answering over 100 people with questions about Apple products and services per hour. Although it’s taken Apple quite a while to finally use Twitter as a support medium for its main products, depsite having Twitter accounts […]