Google explains why it’s not fixing web security in old Android phones

Android Cupcake, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean statues

You might not be happy that Google isn't fixing a web security flaw in your older Android phone, but the search giant now says that it has some good reasons for holding off. As the company's Adrian Ludwig explains, it's no longer viable to "safely" patch vulnerable, pre-Android 4.4 versions of WebView (a framework that lets apps show websites without a separate browser) to prevent remote attacks. The sheer amount of necessary code changes would create legions of problems, he claims, especially since developers are introducing "thousands" of tweaks to the open source software every month.

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Via: Android Police, Wall Street Journal

Source: Adrian Ludwig (Google+)

Surface RT will only get some of Windows 10’s upgrades

Well, that was quick: Despite Microsoft saying that Windows 10 was coming to its misfit tablet, the Surface RT, that isn't quite the case. As Thurrott reports, Redmond is working on an update for Surface which will have "some of the functionality" of Windows 10. The SuperSite for Windows founder goes on to say:

"Since those [Windows RT and Surface RT/2] are the only Windows RT devices that ever sold in any measurable quantity, two conclusions are obvious. Other Windows RT devices may not be updated at all (i.e. this Windows 10 subset update may literally only be for Surface RT/2 devices). And more generally, Windows RT is dead."

And it very well may be. The RT platform's always been a bit of an odd duck with its inability to run standard Windows apps, and it looks this this could be Microsoft's kiss of death. We've reached out to the company for confirmation and will update this post should we hear back.

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Source: Thurrott

Apple wants to make iPad even better with help of a smarter accessory

Apple iPad Smart Cover

Apple is considering adding various new features to future versions of the Smart Cover, a protective accessory specifically developed for the iPad, according to a new patent discovered by AppleInsider.

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Here’s the biggest news from Microsoft’s Windows 10 event

Terry Myerson at the Windows 10 event

Microsoft hinted that its January Windows 10 event would have a lot to offer, and boy was it right. The Redmond crew unveiled not just a ton of software features for desktops and mobile devices, but also new hardware that pushes the limits of what you thought computers could do. Overwhelmed? Don't be -- we've rounded up the biggest news from the event in the gallery below, so you'll know just what to expect when the new Windows is ready for prime time. %Gallery-slideshow262005%

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Microsoft reveals the ‘Surface Hub,’ an 84-inch 4K all-in-one

Today might be all about the next chapter in Windows, but there's something for the hardware-heads, too. Specifically the Surface Hub -- which joins Surface tablets, and Lumia smartphones on Redmond's roster of gear offerings. This beast is basically a large all-in-one PC (slash smart display) that is fully loaded with sensors, speakers, WiFi, NFC, microphones, cameras and more. The funniest thing? This huge device has been hiding in plain sight for the duration of Microsoft's keynote today.%Gallery-slideshow261937%

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HP’s convertible Elite X2 and latest tablets are built for tough work

HP is refreshing a slew of its high end mobile devices with upgrades that make them even more compelling for businesses -- and that's good news for consumers, as well. We got our first look at the new Android-powered Pro Slate 8 and Pro Slate 12 tablets today, along with the revamped Elite X2 convertible. Naturally, they're all a step up from HP's current lineup when it comes to hardware, but this year the company also focused on a few small tweaks to differentiate them from other devices aimed just at consumers. That could make them enticing options for anyone looking for a tablet that's a bit tougher than your average Android slate.


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Here’s why Apple’s upcoming ‘iPad Pro’ will be a failure, according to Steve Jobs

iPad Pro Specs

Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be remembered for a number of things. There is little question that he helped shaped the world as we know it today, first by pushing modern computing forward and then by leading the charge that moved computing off of our desks and laps, and into our pockets. Jobs was never afraid to speak his mind of course, and he would regularly make bold statements that promoted Apple's products while belittling the competition. Of course, he was also known for his epic 180s, when Apple would go on to release a product that completely went against Jobs's earlier statements.

Now, it looks like that tradition will live on when Apple releases its hotly anticipated "iPad Pro" sometime later this year.

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Cubans can finally buy American phones and PCs

A Cuban using his cellphone

The White House promised warmer relations with Cuba that would provide easier access to US technology (among many other things), and it's delivering in spades. As of January 16th, American companies can legally sell consumer tech to everyday Cubans. That includes cellphones, PCs, TVs and anything else that will "enable the flow of information" for the public. It's not that generous of a gesture however, when you consider that the island's population can't usually afford these gadgets. The average Cuban earned just $20 per month in 2013. It'll expand the selection of items they can afford, however, and it'll boost sales to visitors (who'll also see fewer restrictions on US credit and debit cards).

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Via: The Hill

Source: Department of the Treasury

Google Maps for Android now lets you easily share directions

Google Maps

While you've been able to share specific places you've located in the Google Maps app for some time, pinging directions over to your friends and family hasn't been so simple. With today's Android update, however, the company has finally done something about it. Now, when you load a navigation route inside the app, you'll notice a new "Share directions" option appear in the menu. The feature automatically creates a numbered list of text directions and attaches a link, which can then be shared via any compatible app on your Android device. WhatsApp and Facebook are probably the most logical destinations, letting the recipient load the link and see the same route on their device. Although Android users are currently only able to send routes using this new option, iPhone owners can receive and load shared directions inside the Maps iOS app (if they have it installed) -- useful if you're the one having to constantly help someone operate their new smartphone.

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Via: Android Police

Source: Google Maps (Play Store)

Leak reveals first details surrounding Samsung’s 2015 tablet lineup

New Samsung Tablets 2015

We've already had a heaping helping of Samsung smartphone news to kick off the new year (with plenty more to come), but all has been quiet on the tablet front in January. At least that was the case, until SamMobile published a report on Wednesday claiming that the South Korean company is currently hard at work on four new tablets in the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note lines.

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