Designing Surface Pro 4: a chat with a Microsoft hardware lead

At first glance, Microsoft's new Surface Pro 4 doesn't look that much different than last year's Surface Pro 3. But there are a slew of upgrades on the Surface Pro 4, as well as its accessories, that should make for an even better computing experience. It's screen is slightly bigger, the Type Cover feels a lot more like a traditional laptop keyboard and using the Surface Pen now feels like actually putting pen to paper. At Microsoft's huge device launch event in New York City earlier this week, we talked with Dave Mitchell, the senior director of program management for the Microsoft Devices Group, who gave us the lowdown on how his team went about improving on the already great Surface Pro 3. Check out the interview below, and be sure to take a look at our hands-on with the Surface Pro 4.

UK pricing for the Surface Pro 4, Lumia 950 phones and Microsoft’s other goodies

Microsoft's Surface Book

It's fair to say that Microsoft's latest launch event was its most interesting for a long time. We finally learned that Hololens will be made available to developers early next year, clapped eyes on the first flagship Windows 10 phones, checked out the updated Microsoft Band and met the Surface Pro 4. Then the company surprised us all with the unveiling of its first laptop: the Surface Book. Microsoft is wasting no time in getting some of these to market, so you might be wondering how much each of them will cost. As always, we're more than happy to be your guide.

Surface Pro 4 specs and features: Everything you need to know

Surface Pro 4 Specs Price Release Date

The Windows 10 device many have been waiting for is finally here. The Surface Pro 4 tablet/laptop convertible that has been featured in several leaks is finally official and it's supposed to be even better than its predecessor in every regard. Here’s what you can expect from it in terms of hardware.

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Here are the official videos for every product Microsoft just announced

Surface Pro 4 Book Lumia 950

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled a variety of new products, including the high-end new Lumia 950 series of phones, the second-generation Band wearable and – most importantly – two hot new Windows 10 devices, including the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book.

In what follows, you can see Microsoft’s official presentation videos for the its brand new products, including the new Surface tablet/laptops, and their exciting new features.

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Microsoft unveils the highly anticipated Surface Pro 4 tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Announcement

Microsoft has already made several huge announcement today, from the HoloLens Development Edition to the Lumia 950 flagship smartphone, but no product is more hotly anticipated than the Surface Pro 4.

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Amazon deal: Get a taste of Android 6.0 with 25% off Google’s Nexus 9

Nexus 9 Sale

If you want the latest and greatest software features Android has to offer anytime soon, you need the latest and greatest devices Google has to offer. Phones and tablets from any other manufacturer are going to take time to be updated, but you can install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on recent Nexus devices right now. And if you don't already have a recent Nexus device to enjoy Android 6.0 on, you're in luck because Amazon is offering 28% off the popular Google Nexus 9 tablet from now through 10/15.

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iPad Pro tipped to launch in the first week of November

iPad Pro Release Date November

Announced during Apple’s iPhone 6s event in September, the iPad Pro isn’t available in stores just yet, and the company hasn’t announced a firm release date for its biggest tablet yet. However, a new report seems to indicate the iPad Pro will launch in stores in the first week of November, alongside the new accessories Apple confirmed for it – the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard.

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Apple already blocked the first malware for non-jailbroken iPhones

iPhone 6s

With certain exceptions, most iOS-focused malware targets jailbroken devices whose compromised security makes them easy prey. However, there's been concerns that a recent strain of malware, YiSpecter, can attack even 'pure' devices running stock iOS. Do you have to worry about catching a bug online and losing control over your device? Probably not, if you ask Apple. In a statement to The Loop, the company notes that it not only fixed the vulnerability with iOS 8.4, but blocked the apps handing out the offending code. The victims downloaded apps from "untrusted sources" (that is, outside of the App Store) Cupertino adds. In short, Apple believes this is a non-issue as long as you install updates and stay cautious -- and given that more than half of its users are already running iOS 9, it might be right.

Via: AppleInsider

Source: The Loop

Russia orders Google to loosen its Android policies by November 18th

Google Now on a Nexus 5

Russia is convinced that Google's policies on pre-installed Android apps are anti-competitive, and it's now drawing a line in the sand. The country's regulators have ordered Google to remove restrictions on bundled third-party apps by November 18th if it wants to avoid stiff fines, which could include up to 15 percent of its Russian revenue from last year. That means allowing device makers to load directly competitive apps and search widgets, even if it means bumping Google's own software to lesser positions on your home screen.

Via: Reuters

Source: Interfax (translated)

Tune in to our Microsoft event liveblog tomorrow at 10AM ET!

Tune in to our Microsoft event liveblog tomorrow at 10AM ET!

First Apple, then Google, now Microsoft. Over the past month, we've seen some of the biggest tech companies either hold hold keynotes or just straight-up announce a ton of stuff. Now, rounding out the list, Microsoft is about to put on a big press event of its own, where it's promising several new devices running Windows 10. We'd say a refreshed Surface Pro is a safe bet, given that it hasn't received an update in a year and a half. This would also be a good time for Microsoft to officially launch Windows 10 Mobile and indeed, we've seen leaks for a number of handsets, including the 5.2-inch Lumia 950, the 5.7-inch 950 XL and the lower-end Lumia 550. We also want to know when we can buy HoloLens, but we're less confident that Satya Nadella & co. will address that this week. In any case, all will be revealed tomorrow -- bookmark our liveblog link and check back at 10AM Eastern for full coverage.