Amazon’s Black Friday sale on Samsung tablets is now live

Amazon Black Friday Sale

Look, we're going to level with you. There are plenty of great manufacturers out there that make high-quality tablets. That said, if you're going to buy an Android tablet and dirt-cheap prices aren't your main concern, there's really only one brand you should even bother considering, and that's Samsung.

Samsung makes a wide range of Android tablets with screen sizes from 7 inches all the way up to 18.4 inches (seriously!), and they're all on sale for discounts right now thanks to Amazon's big Black Friday sale. These prices are only good through the end of the day on Friday, November 27, so don't miss out.

Also don't forget that all eight of these tablets ship for free with Amazon Prime, and you can get a 30-day Prime subscription for free by following this link.

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Leaked Apple support app could save you a trip to the store

Grand Central Apple store

The Genius Bars in Apple's retail stores are supposed to be convenient ways to answer questions and get repairs, but the ever-growing deluge of customers sometimes makes it a pain. Ever waited 20 minutes just to get a Lightning cable replaced? Well, the Cupertino crew may have a clever way to speed up that wait time... and in some cases, save you a trip altogether. Both uSwitch and leaker Sonny Dickson understand that Apple is working on a support app for iOS that would help you get the fix you need. The app would narrow down the cause of your problem by asking questions, and offer chances to contact support, book a Genius Bar appointment or (if it's a relatively minor issue) fix it yourself through how-to guides. Think of it as Apple's support website distilled into a simpler, more powerful form.

Source: uSwitch

Apple has confirmed a major iPad Pro display issue

iPad Pro Display Issue

It wouldn't be an Apple product launch if we couldn't find an issue to nitpick, so you shouldn't be surprised to hear that some iPad Pro owners are less than satisfied with their purchases. But unlike 'Bendgate' or 'Chipgate,' the issue that customers are running into with their iPad Pros isn't entirely trivial.

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iPad Pro review: Big and powerful, but it won’t replace your laptop

Here we are. Apple, the same company that once swore off styluses, and dismissed hybrid PCs as experiments gone wrong, is now selling a laptop/tablet mashup of its own. One that accepts pen input, at that. The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro went on sale last week, and though it is, in a sense, just an oversized iPad, it's also the closest thing we've seen yet to a hybrid device from Apple. With the screen real estate of a laptop, and the speed of a laptop, and various keyboard accessories allowing you to type on it like a laptop, the Pro seems like it might indeed be able to replace your notebook. In fact, Tim Cook himself has suggested as much in interviews. But with a starting price of $799, it isn't for everybody. And even then, it won't replace your laptop so much as complement it.Slideshow-341779

This $45 Android tablet makes a great gift, and you don’t need to wait for Black Friday to get it

Google Android Tablet

Looking to get a tablet for someone who loves pink (think your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, niece or daughter) -- then this is the tablet for you. The iRULU X1S 7" Google Android 4.4 Tablet is on sale from Amazon for just $44.99 with free shipping. That's 40% off the list price.

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NVIDIA’s new Shield Tablet is just like the old one, but cheaper

NVIDIA's first Shield tablet was a device that got almost everything right: The 8-inch slate had a crisp display flanked by twin speakers, a surprisingly precise built-in stylus and a powerful 192-core Kepler K1 processor. At the time, it was easily the best Android gaming device on the market, and a pretty darn good media tablet to boot -- but NVIDIA quietly put the Shield to pasture earlier this year. Is the company preparing to launch a new, more powerful Shield tablet? Nope: It's putting the same slate back on the market, albeit with a lower, $199 price tag and fewer bells and whistles.

iPad Pro beats Retina MacBook, MacBook Pro and Surface Pro 4 in benchmarks

iPad Pro Surface Pro 4 MacBook

The iPad Pro might not be ready to replace your PC just yet as Apple CEO Tim Cook would like it to, but the bigger tablet certainly has what it takes to pull it off. The hardware is there, many reviews have shown, though there’s plenty of work on the software side to turn the iPad Pro into the mobile computer that will replace your traditional PC.

One interesting thing certain reviews showed is that the iPad Pro’s hardware is so powerful that the tablet will be able to beat many competitors in benchmark tests, including the latest MacBooks and the Surface Pro 4.

In fact, it appears Apple’s processors has come to a point where it could become the chip of choice for MacBooks, assuming Apple is ready to replace Intel’s CPUs.

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iPad Pro review roundup: Can Apple’s biggest tablet replace your laptop?

Apple iPad Pro Review Roundup

Earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a bold declaration that once you owned an iPad Pro, you'd never need a traditional PC ever again. The reviews are now in on the iPad Pro and they try to answer the burning question of whether Apple's monstrous tablet really is a laptop "killer."

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ARM’s latest design brings 64-bit processors to smartwatches

ARM Cortex-A35

It's no longer hard to find 64-bit processors in smartphones. In smartwatches, though, they're still a rarity -- and ARM wants to change that with its new Cortex-A35 processor design. The architecture promises the most energy-efficient 64-bit mobile chips yet, sipping 32 percent less power than the mid-range A53 even as it outruns the Cortex-A7 it's meant to replace (6 to 40 percent faster). It's extremely scalable, too. You can build full-fledged quad-core chips for entry-level smartphones, but you can also strip things back to make tiny chips for watches and activity trackers.

Via: AnandTech

Source: ARM

Tim Cook: ‘Why would you buy a PC anymore?’

iPad Pro PC Mac

Apple CEO Tim Cook said during an interview this week that many people will soon come to realize they only need an iPad and a phone, likely an iPhone. In other words, he doesn't think they'll ever need to use a PC ever again.

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