Eurovision’s official app is your guide to (not) enjoying Eurovision

For some of us, the Eurovision Song Contest means cringing at over-the-top performances and chuckling at Graham Norton's dry, subtly cynical commentary. For others, however, the annual karaoke competition is genuinely enjoyable, and if you fall into that camp, you simply can't be doing without the official 2015 Eurovision app. Created in collaboration with Microsoft, the companion app is your first port of call for the latest Eurovision news, pics and videos. Also, this year's official Eurovision album and karaoke-friendly versions of each song, as well as other merchandise, can be bought through the app. That's not all it's for, though, with new features going live in May when the competition actually kicks off.

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Source: Microsoft

Google pulls the Nexus 7 tablet from its online store

In case you were on the fence about grabbing one of Google's affordable Nexus tablets, you'd better jump off it pretty soon. The Nexus 7's been pulled from the Google Store, as spotted by TalkAndroid, and it almost assuredly isn't coming back -- especially since the Nexus 9 exists. That means if you still want one of the consistently updated 7-inch slates you'll have to hit places like Amazon while supplies last or wallow in regret for all that could've been. Namely, owning a tablet that (to me at least) is more comfortable to hold than the IPad Mini 2 and is essentially just as capable.

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Via: TalkAndroid

Source: Google Store

Researchers find another terrifying iOS flaw

Boy shouting at smart phone

It can't have escaped your attention that security experts have declared open season on Apple products over the last few weeks. At San Francisco's RSA conference, an even more terrifying exploit has been revealed that has the power to send your iPhone or iPad into a perpetual restart loop. Mobile security firm Skycure has discovered that iOS 8 has an innate vulnerability to SSL certificates that, when combined with another WiFi exploit, gives malicious types the ability to create "no iOS zones" that can render your smartphones and tablets unusable. Before you read on, grab a roll of tinfoil and start making a new case for your iPhone.

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Via: The Register, Gizmodo

Source: Skycure

YouTube app will soon stop working on older smart TVs and iOS devices

If you own a smart TV or an iOS device that's getting a bit long in the tooth, you may need to do some upgrading this week if you want to continue using the YouTube app. Due to certain changes in the app's API, it'll no longer work on a number of models released in 2012 or earlier, including second-generation Apple TVs, Panasonic TVs, Sony TVs and Blu-ray players, as well as devices running Google TV versions 1 or 2. You'll know you're affected if a video showing the notice above plays upon firing up the app, though most models released in 2013 or later are safe.

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Via: Android Central

Source: YouTube Help

Chrome’s push notifications reach your Android phone

Push notifications on Chrome for Android

Chrome's website push notifications are no longer confined to your desktop -- they now surface on your phone, too. Grab Chrome 42 for Android and you can opt into alerts from websites that show up no matter what you're doing. You won't have to worry about missing out on breaking news, even if your favorite sites don't have dedicated apps. You'll also have an easier time adding home screen shortcuts for those sites if you always want them close at hand. It'll be a while before many of the sites you frequent can deliver notifications (eBay, Facebook and Pinterest are some of the early adopters), but it's worth upgrading now to get ready.

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Source: Chromium Blog, Google Play

Intel’s success in China hinges on budget phones and tablets

"China is the number one market with connected products."

That was how Intel's Senior Vice President Kirk Skaugen kicked off his keynote at IDF in Shenzhen, citing China's staggering 30 percent share of worldwide connected-device purchases in 2014. The country gobbled up 40 percent of the 46 million Intel-powered tablets shipped globally. Not bad, but 46 million is hardly anything compared to the 420.7 million smartphones shipped in China alone in the same year -- only a tiny percentage of which packed an Intel chip. Most others relied on Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung. Intel's smartphone market share is so small that it never dared to share the stats; it could be as low as 2.81 percent in the Android space, according to benchmark specialist AnTuTu.

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Samsung’s wide Galaxy Tab A arrives in the US on May 1st

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

After the better part of a year, Samsung is ready to launch new tablets in the States -- if not quite the high-end models you might be looking for. It's releasing 8- and 9.7-inch versions of the Galaxy Tab A, a low-cost slate whose centerpiece is an iPad-like 4:3 aspect ratio that gives you more breathing room when you're browsing the web or reading a book. Neither model is especially powerful between the 1.2GHz quad-core chip, 1,024 x 768 screen, 5-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front shooter, but they do carry Samsung's lighter-weight software loadout, including bundled Microsoft apps. You'll also get between 16GB to 32GB of storage, depending on the model. The Tab A will reach American shops on May 1st starting at $230 for the 8-inch model, and $300 for the 9.7-inch version. And don't worry, cost-conscious Galaxy Note fans, Samsung hasn't forgotten about you: a version with a bundled S Pen is due on May 17th for $350.

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Source: Samsung (BusinessWire)

New leak reveals how gigantic the 12-inch iPad may be compared to the iPad Air 2

iPad Pro vs. iPad Air 2: Size

After a new series of leaked images showed various case designs for the upcoming 12-inch iPad Pro tablet earlier this week, a new set of pictures featuring some of the same iPad cases has hit the web via French publication Nowhereelse. And this time around, the cases have been compared to the iPad Air 2 to give us an idea of just how big the new tablet will be.

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Leaked cases may reveal the design of Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro

iPad Pro Rumors: Features and Pictures

Apple is going to release a bigger tablet this year, according to several reports from reliable news sites. Referred to as the iPad Pro or iPad Plus, the device is supposed to feature a display that measures anywhere from 12.2 inches to 12.9 inches in size. Sonny Dickson, who has posted many pictures of unreleased Apple products in the past, has obtained some cases for the unannounced iPad Pro, and they may reveal certain details about Apple’s biggest tablet yet.

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Microsoft apps will be bundled on Cyanogen Android devices

OnePlus I'm hoping...

Cyanogen has revealed that it will pre-install Microsoft apps on its modded Android OS later this year, including Bing, Skype, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook and Microsoft Office. The news doesn't come as a huge surprise, since it was rumored that Redmond had purchased a minority stake in Cyanogen with the express intention of bundling its software. As part of the deal, Microsoft will also create "native integrations" on Cyanogen OS, presumably to make all its apps play well together. Microsoft has avoided porting its productivity software over to Android and iOS for quite awhile, but finally made the jump earlier this year.

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Via: The Verge

Source: Cyanogen