Adobe’s next mobile photo editor could be revealed in October

Adobe Photoshop Express

When Adobe announced it was discontinuing its mobile Photoshop Touch app earlier this year, it hinted at greater things to come in a mysterious project code-named "Project Rigel." While it listed a vague "late 2015" availability at the time, a recent CNET report suggests we'll be formally introduced to Adobe's new offering this October. The company's latest pro-level mobile effort will reportedly come in the form of a free iOS editing app that looks to offer much of the desktop software's capability wrapped in a touch-friendly UI that won't scare away novices.

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Source: CNET

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 pre-orders start today

We know what the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 looks like, but what about the important stuff? Namely, when we'll be able to get our paws on it and how much it'll cost? Well, boy howdy the Korean electronics juggernaut's answered both of those questions this morning. You can pre-order the slate starting today and the device hits "select" US retailers and carriers come September 3rd. A WiFi model packed with 32GB of storage and a 9.7-inch screen will set you back a cool $499.99 while the 8-inch model with the same capacity is $100 less.

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Bigger Surface Pro: Microsoft is working on Retina MacBook and MacBook Pro killers

Surface Pro 4 Rumors Specs Size

Microsoft is expected to hold a special October media event during which the company will supposedly unveil new hardware, including the new Surface Pro 4 laptop/notebook and high-end Lumia devices. While it’s not clear how many distinct Surface Pro 4 versions Microsoft will announce, a new report is saying the company is preparing to release tablet devices with screen sizes bigger than 11-inch, that would put the device of Apple’s Retina MacBook and MacBook Pro, and MacBook Airs.

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‘Pac-Man’ embraces mobile with an endless running game

'Pac-Man 256'

Pac-Man is no stranger to the mobile world, but most of his games are just the classic maze runner scaled down to phone size. Wouldn't it be nice if the yellow chomper got a game that's actually meant for small screens? Bandai Namco agrees. It recently launched Pac-Man 256, an Android and iOS game that blends old-school gameplay with the endless runner format that you've seen in big-name smartphone titles like Temple Run. You still have to navigate twisty corridors and avoid ghosts, but this time you're also outracing Pac-Man's infamous level 256 glitch -- no power pellet will save you if you move too slowly. It's an intriguing concept, although you'll want to watch out for the ugly side of modernization... that is, in-app purchases. You can last quite a long time without paying a cent, but Bandai Namco is hoping that you'll shell out anything from 99 cents to $8 to get a credit boost and keep your run going. So long as you don't mind the occasional cash grab, though, this could be a good way to rekindle your nostalgia while you're waiting for the bus.

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Source: Bandai Namco, App Store, Google Play

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Samsung is reportedly working on a truly massive iPad Pro rival

Samsung 18.4 Inch Tablet

Samsung is reportedly working on a tablet so big that it may even make Apple's rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro seem minuscule by comparison. According to SamMobile, the company that popularized the phablet is now hard at work on a tablet with a gargantuan 18.4-inch display.

Based on information obtained by the site, the rumored tablet will sport a TFT LCD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, an octa-core 64-bit 1.6GHz Exynos 7580 processor, 2GB of RAM, a respectable 32GB of storage, and to top it all off, a microSD card slot. Rumored to run Android 5.1 Lollipop, the device will reportedly feature an 8 megapixel rear facing camera and a front facing 2.1 megapixel camera.

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Jolla’s crowdsourced tablet is up for pre-order

The Jolla tablet started life with an interesting pitch: a crowdfunded slate with a novel, gesture-based OS, an Intel 64-bit quad-core CPU, a high resolution 7.85-inch screen and software features culled from the community's most popular suggestions. That was almost a year ago, and now the tablet is getting ready to ship. Didn't pitch in on the crowdfunding? Don't worry -- you can pre-order the tablet today for €267.

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Source: Jolla

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Apple’s MacBook killer to finally enter production this fall

12-inch iPad Pro MacBook Release Date

Reports have claimed for years that Apple is working on a new bigger iPad, but the company has yet to actually launch the device. However, one of the most accurate Apple analysts in the world now says the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will finally enter production this fall.

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Sony’s ‘Metal Gear Solid V’ devices flaunt your stealth action fandom

Sony's 'Metal Gear Solid V' edition Walkman players

Are you a Metal Gear Solid fan? So much so that you bought an MGS edition PS4, and have no trouble making sense of the series' frequently intricate plots? You'll want to hit up your favorite Japanese exporter, then. Sony has unveiled a legion of limited edition Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain devices, all of which come with game-themed cases, engravings, sounds and wallpaper. Some are more extravagant than others, though. The Xperia J1 Compact phone, Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact and Xperia Z4 Tablet we can understand, but there are also Phantom Pain versions of the Walkman A16 and audiophile-oriented Walkman ZX2. Yes, you too can demonstrate your fondness for stealth action by buying a soon-to-be-obsolete MP3 player -- something tells us that these models won't be wildly popular.

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Via: G for Games

Source: Sony (translated)

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Today only, grab select Kindle Fire HD tablets for up to 30% off on Amazon

Kindle Fire HD Discount

Amazon is using its deal of the day to highlight one of its own product lines. Today only, you can get 30% off select Amazon Fire HD tablets. Now, these are of course Amazon's entertainment and reading devices, and they're a part of Amazon's always-growing Kindle lineup. What began as devices that revolutionized e-books and reading are now full-fledged tablets with plenty of potential.

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The past, present and future of ASUS, according to its chairman

The past, present and future of ASUS, according to its chairman


That was how ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih greeted some 2,000 fans at his "ZenFestival" event in New Delhi last week. And yes, he yelled on stage, just as he always does, with a generous helping of buzzwords and "thank yous." And there have been other memorable moments. One time, Shih "performed" a magic trick to extract a PadFone out of the back of a tablet, and later he "conducted" an orchestra of audio-centric laptops that were blasting out music. But don't be misled by his seeming goofiness: This is also a man who's evolved from stamping out motherboards to building smartphones. There's no better person than Shih, then, to tell us how times have changed for his 26-year-old company, and where ASUS is headed next.

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