iPad, I choose you: ‘Pokémon’ officially hits the App Store

Remember that Pokémon iPad game that was teased not too long ago? Well, if the mere mention of it stoked a fire inside that made you want to abandon Blizzard's Hearthstone forever, Joystiq has spotted that the pocket monster trading card game is available on the App Store now. Pokémon TCG Online is free to download, but there are a few catches. As the name suggests, it requires an internet connection to play and your Apple-branded slate needs to be of the Retina-display variety -- your first- and second-gen iPads won't cut the mustard, according to iTunes. If you're already heavily invested in the game on OSX and Windows, Time points out that progress you've made in the last three years transfers over to the mobile version as well. Handy! And just like that, a Nintendo property is appearing somewhere other than on one of its own devices. Somewhere, an investor is probably smiling.

[Image Credit: Josh Wittenkeller]

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Via: Joystiq

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MSN’s simpler, mobile-savvy homepage is rolling out to everyone

MSN circa 2014

Well, that was quick -- after just a few weeks in preview mode, the revamped MSN homepage is rolling out to everyone. You should see Microsoft's simple, desktop-like web portal in your browser sometime within the next three days. If you're using Windows devices, you'll also see updated Bing and MSN apps that draw on the site's many services; the Food & Drink app will keep track of your recipes, for instance. Windows Phone users get a few perks on their lock screens in the process. The Health and Fitness app will show pedometer stats if you're using a Lumia 630, 635 or 1520, while Weather will show your local forecast. You'll still have to wait for MSN apps on Android and iOS, but all the other pieces of Microsoft's grand vision are otherwise in place.

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Source: Official Microsoft Blog

Upcoming gigantic ‘iPad Pro’ will reportedly get displays from Apple’s biggest rival

12.9-inch iPad Pro Specs

Apple might be trying to remove Samsung from its iPhone and iPad supply line, but a new report from Korea-based inews24 quoted by Digitimes seems to further suggest that the company still needs plenty of components from the South Korean giant, including displays for the future iPad models.

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Spotify goes live in Canada

Spotify streaming some proper Canadian music

Canadians: you no longer have to jump through hoops (or hope for an early invitation) to check out Spotify. The streaming music service has finally launched in Canada, complete with an extensive collection of domestically-made tunes. As elsewhere, you can play songs for free if you're willing to put up with ads, and shelling out $10 CAD per month for Premium lets you stream without commercials. The service is definitely late to the party -- it's years behind Rdio, and even Google Play Music arrived a few months ago. Still, it's hard to object to having one more way to listen to Grimes or Leonard Cohen.

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Source: Spotify

iOS 8.1 beta reveals new details about upcoming Apple devices

iPad Air 2: Touch ID and Apple Pay

Apple is reportedly working on three major iOS 8.x updates, including iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3, with the first beta of iOS 8.1 having already been released to developers. In it, developer Hamza Sood found proof that Apple’s upcoming new iPad will include a Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded in the Home button, and that owners will be able to use it to authenticate Apple Pay payments.

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The extended Nexus family: Google’s golden Android standard

Google's Nexus line has long stood as the company's ideal vision of its widely adopted, open-source Android operating system. The devices, be they smartphones, tablets or even one-off media streamers, are built in conjunction with select hardware partners and represent an ideal marriage of tech specs with an unadulterated version of Android. It's Google's way of dealing with fragmentation (read: skinned versions) in the mobile OS market it created; a reference mark for manufacturers to aspire to, so to speak.

On the tail of the original Android handset's sixth anniversary and in the run-up to whatever new Nexuses come next, we take a look back at the hardware path that's been Google's gold standard for Android. %Gallery-slideshow225989%

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iOS 8′s WiFi location privacy isn’t as powerful as you might think

Find My iPhone on an iPhone 6

If you were hoping that iOS 8's ability to hide your device ID from nearby WiFi networks would render you invisible to nosy hotspot operators, you'll want to dial back your expectations a bit. AirTight Networks' Bhupinder Misra has found that Apple's hardware address randomization only kicks in under a very narrow set of circumstances. You not only have to put your device to sleep and turn off location services, you have to turn off cellular data as well -- in short, your iPhone has to become a paperweight. Even then, the masking only appears to work with iOS devices using at least an A7 processor, like the iPhone 5s.

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Via: The Verge

Source: AirTight Networks Blog (1), (2)

More HBO and Showtime channels can now stream via the FiOS app

Attention all ye FiOS subscribers: Verizon's announced more new channels for the service's mobile app. While you're still at home, now you can stream FOX Sports 1, HBO Latino HD, MAX Latino HD and More MAX HD to the Android, iOS or Kindle Fire device of your choice. If you're out and about, you'll be able to check out Showtime's Family Zone, Showcase HD and Women channels in addition to Encore's Black and Western channels. Need more? How about making your autumn family road-trip a little easier with Starz's Kids & Family HD option? That's an almost sure-fire ticket to backseat silence. Sure, there are still plenty of channels missing, but it's pretty hard to complain when you can delay hearing "are we there yet?" for at least a little while.

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Source: Verizon, Google Play, iTunes

Ballmer to toss out the Clippers’ iPads, replace them with the Surface

iPad Vs. Surface Steve Ballmer

What, you didn't think new Clippers owner and onetime Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer would let his team use Apple products, did you? WPCentral points us to a new report from Reuters that explains how Ballmer plans to purge all remains of Apple and Google products from his organization and make sure everyone in the company is using Windows-based devices.

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Apple’s (probably not broken this time) new iOS 8 update is ready

It's take two for Apple's first update to iOS 8. After the company released a version yesterday that cut off cellular connections and TouchID for the iPhone 6 family, there's a new one available now. According to an Apple spokesperson, less than 40,000 device were affected by yesterday's glitch -- a large number, but maybe not that big when sales of the new devices are already at 10 million and climbing. Version 8.0.2 also carries the fixes we were expecting yesterday which should get HealthKit apps going and fix some third-party keyboard issues, among other tweaks. We understand if you're not in a hurry to try this one out, but the update is available via iTunes or the software update option on your Apple device. If you're bravely rushing once more unto the breach, please let us know how it goes in the comments.

Photos by Will Lipman.

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