Keyboard for likely Nexus 9 shows up online

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Unless you were lost in a techless-like black hole for the last couple of weeks, you’ll already know how Apple’s annual release revealed the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. What we don’t have is confirmed knowledge of what happens when its Google’s turn… Although we have seen further indication of a new tablet coming soon and this time its because of the accessories. Specifically of a cover.

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In fact, its a pretty cool cover, from what we can see. Its supposedly a segmented cover, similar to the format of the official iPad covers for the iPad Air, and it connects via Bluetooth, if the FCC submissions are correct. There may actually be two variants in testing, so I’m hoping that at least one of them is a bigger cover which actually doubles as a battery. Having an official case to charge the tablet just sounds like the epitome of coolness. Allegedly, you’re also able to able to charge the keyboard via a connection in the hinge between the keyboard and the part that acts like a stand.

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Gotab 7 tablet for just silly money

Come now, this is getting daft. I mean no, it’s not going to beat much in the specs race, but less than £40 for a 7″ tablet? Buy yourself a cheap Bluetooth speaker, install TuneIn, TV Catchup, BBC iPlayer etc and you’ve got yourself an instant internet radio / mini TV for your kitchen. Boom.


Misco are kicking these out at the moment. Maybe buy one for your elderly relatives to do Skype calls or receive emails etc. Cheaper than a laptop or iPad, that’s for sure.

Anyhoo. Expect Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), 8GB storage and 7″ TFT (800 x 480) screen. There’s a microSD slot for more storage and it also comes with a 2 megapixel rear camera, VGA front and WiFi. We can’t see Google Play mentioned, so you might be getting apps through a third party store.

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HTC to at last make a tablet again

Remember the HTC Flyer? Although it wasn’t a runaway success we were all a bit saddened to see HTC shy away from producing any further tablets. Since then Samsung have cornered most of the Android tablet market with many other brands and even supermarket names filling the gaps in between.

In my recent review of the Desire 816 (a phablet) I couldn’t help thinking how lightweight and just, well, “nice” it felt. Add an inch or two (insert your own joke) and you’ll have one very happy user of a HTC tablet.

So, step forward Nvidia, who appear to have dropped the ball and leaked details for the new Nexus 9 tablet. It will be built by HTC according to documents they’ve filed with the US International Trade Commission. The key paragraph revealing this states..

HTC Nexus 9, expected in the third quarter of 2014, is also expected to use the Tegra K1

So, expect the next Nexus tablet to be a HTC machine with Nvidia grunt. Plus, as we’re just about to exit the third quarter of 2014, you should expect an announcement any time now really.

HTC kinda need this. Although a Nexus tablet will be cloaked in Google branding, the opportunity to produce a tablet with the Google marketing money behind it and make it a success will be welcomed by many.

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‘SimCity BuildIt’ brings urban planning back to phones and tablets

SimCity BuildIt

SimCity hasn't been on mobile devices for a while -- the last title surfaced way back in 2010. You'll get another crack at metropolis building pretty soon, though, as EA has quietly teased SimCity BuildIt for Android devices, iPhones and iPads. Details are scarce right now, but it's already apparent that this will be a big, big visual upgrade over the last incarnation; you'll see 3D graphics that more closely resemble SimCity's recent reboot than a cut-down phone release. We've reached out to EA for a launch date and more info on the game mechanics. However BuildIt works, we're just hoping that it fares a lot better than its desktop counterpart.

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Via: Joystiq, cbob3000 (Twitter), NeoGAF

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Sony’s new tablet lets you play PS4 games and call your mother

There's a French phrase, un beau affreux, which means that something is ugly and beautiful at the same time. As soon as we got our hands on Sony's Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, we wished the French had also come up with a phrase that means simultaneously colossal and small. That's the paradox at the heart of the company's tablet, which packs an 8-inch display, but thanks to its 6.4mm thickness and 0.6-pound weight, feels almost insubstantial, as if you'd still try to fit this into a pocket. That's not a criticism, either, because if you found the Galaxy Note to be a bit too small for your needs, this could replace it in your affections. %Gallery-slideshow219359%

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Lenovo launch the feather-light TAB S8

It’s IFA, so it’s time for announcements. Lenovo have a new tablet to show off, and despite being a decent 8 inches, it only weighs 299g. Imagine having two HTC One M8′s in your hand – that’s about the same weight.


With an 8″ 1920×1200 FHD “Infinity” screen and “ultra narrow bezel”, the TAB S8 also features Dolby enhanced dual front speakers, seven hours battery life, 8 megapixel f2.2 rear camera and it’s 4G compatible. Add in the micro USB slot and you can even plug stuff into it too.

It’s powered by a quad-core Intel Atom 1.86 CPU, runs Android 4.4 (KitKat) and will be available in “ebony”, blue, canary yellow and white. There’s a 1.6 megapixel camera up front and you also get the usual WiFi, 2GB RAM, 16GM ROM plus a 4290mAh battery.


As for pricing, Lenovo stated that the TAB S8 will be available this month with models starting at $199. Although that translates to just £121, you can probably expect Brits to be paying £199, but we can always hope it’ll be a bit less.

More information below, which includes details of some of their other launches today – a laptop and a gaming device.

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Sony readying interchangeable E-Mount lenses for pro mobile photography

Sony ILCE-QX1 (image 004)

The Japanese giant Sony is gearing up to unveil a number of new gadgets at the IFA press conference which kicks off tomorrow in Berlin. And with 24 hours until the presser, an ILCE-QX1 E-mount camera has conveniently leaked out.

The latest addition to its QX-branded smartphone and tablet camera accessory lineup, the forthcoming ILCE-QX1 E-mount camera reportedly won’t have a fixed lens and instead will let you use any of Sony’s E-Mount lenses, the oft-reliable SonyAlphaRumors blog reported Tuesday.

As if that wasn’t enough, the ILCE-QX1 is said to feature a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor and a built-in flash. That being said, compatibility with the E-Mount lenses is bound to strike a chord with iPhone photography fans.... Read the rest of this post here

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T-Mobile offers more data to tablet users and the budget crowd

T-Mobile CEO John Legere

T-Mobile isn't about to stop tweaking its phone plans any time soon; in fact, it just overhauled three of them with data in mind. To start, you'll get twice as much full-speed data on your phone plan if you add a tablet to the mix from September 3rd onward; if you currently get 3GB, for example, adding the $10 monthly tablet access fee will give you 6.2GB (including the 200MB of free tablet data) to play with. It's potentially a much better deal than what rivals offer if you intend to use your tablet a lot while on the road. On Sprint, you'd be paying $75 per month for both phone service and 4GB of shared data.

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Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact rumoured for IFA

The rumour mill is winding up for IFA in the first week of September and all the major names will be there including Sony.

Today we saw there will be something from them that was not expected, (at least this is what I am hoping as an avid Sony fan).


Those of you familiar with Sony’s latest Tablet offering will see that it seems to have all the things that you would expect from a high end tablet these days. It runs off a Snapdragon. 801 but it is a slightly updated version by a accounts, it still has the same 3gb RAM and the 1080p res however this is where we see a difference as it is based on a 8″ display.

Now although I had some very high praise for the Xperia Z2 Tablet I found it was a little bit large as I personally prefer the smaller 8″ variety this should have all the qualities that made the Z2 Tablet a great device just compressed into a smaller package.

I am excited to see what comes from Sony at IFA and will be watching the keynote with furvor until the announcement of this and potentially the The other members of the Z3 family. Oh and one last thing, what is that on the wrist of the guy above? A SmartWatch 3 perhaps?

Source GSM Arena

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Poll: would you buy a notebook, a tablet, a phone and a watch?

iPhone 6 (Martin Hajek 010)

We’re living in a multi-device world. Taking into account the never-ending stream of both existing form factors and new-category products, small wonder that the line is blurring.

I’m of course referring to ultra-thin notebooks, smartphones, tablets and wearables that perform functions of smartwatches, fitness trackers, health bands and what not.

But do we really need all this hardware in our lives? And even more to the point, can anyone in today’s multi-screen world safely do without owning all types of mobile gear?

That’s the question I’d like to pose in today’s poll. Assuming you have enough spare cash lying around somewhere, would buying a notebook, a tablet, a smartphone and a watch benefit your mobile computing, do you think?... Read the rest of this post here

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