Square’s ‘cashtags’ get more specific for sending quick payments

Square's let you securely wire money via its (cringe-inducingly named) $Cashtags for a bit now, but the feature's gotten a little more streamlined as of late. Now, you can specify a dollar amount for payments by appending the 'tags with a number. For example: cash.me/$RED/5 is a $5 donation toward AIDS research, as the payment company cleverly pointed out in its announcement tweet. Whether or not your pursuits are as noble are entirely up to you.

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Source: Square (Twitter)

Square will lay its Order app to rest on March 20th

Let's have a moment of silence for Square's Order app: its funeral's already scheduled for March 20th. Oh, you don't even remember what that is? We're not surprised. It's one of Square's apps for consumers, instead of for merchants, that you can use to order coffee on the way to the cafe. The place's barista gets a notification when you're near, so he can start preparing your drink. By the looks of it, though, it didn't quite take off -- it's never even ventured beyond San Francisco and New York, and you can only use it to buy from those cities' Blue Bottle Coffee shops. The company launched Order less than a year ago, the same time it phased out Wallet, but now it has decided to focus on its other products.

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Source: SFGate

Square’s restaurant delivery service arrives on Android

Caviar for Android

You no longer have to carry an iPhone just to check out Square's restaurant delivery service, Caviar -- it's now available for Android. Like before, you can both order fine meals and track the couriers in real-time as they bring that dining to your door. You'll still have to live in one of Caviar's few eligible cities (New York City, LA and San Francisco are particularly well-covered) to give it a shot, but you'll at least get to use your device of choice when splurging on a Mediterranean feast.

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Google and Square prep new payment options in the wake of Apple Pay

There's no denying Apple Pay has grabbed a share of retail payments, and the support of banks, since its arrival. However, it appears both Google and Square are working on new products to keep customers' attention. According to The Information, the folks in Mountain View are testing a service called "Plaso" that would allow Android users to say their initials at the register in order to complete a transaction. Unfortunately, there aren't any specifics on how that would work with Google Wallet: the system for cashless payments that arrived long before Apple Pay, but never really took off. Of course, Google will have to do more with its upcoming release than just handle payments. The Apple Watch is launching soon, and that wearable, along with the newest NFC-equipped iPhones, could sort public transit passes, building security credentials and more.

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Source: The Information

Square’s new restaurant delivery app lets you track your meal

Caviar for iPhone

Square's seemingly odd decision to buy a restaurant delivery service is starting to make sense. The company has just released Caviar's first mobile app for iOS, letting you order high-quality cooking from your iPhone in eligible cities like Chicago, New York and San Francisco. You've probably seen the basic concept of a delivery app before, but there's a clever twist here. This is more like Uber for haute cuisine; you can not only check the status of your order, but follow couriers as they bring your meal. In theory, you won't be caught off-guard when your food arrives.

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Great news: Apple Pay will soon be accepted by a lot more small businesses

Where Can I Use Apple Pay Square

So far we've heard a lot about Apple Pay support at major retailers, but what about the small businesses in your neighborhood? CNN reports that help for them is on the way because Square founder Jack Dorsey says that the company is working on adding support for Apple Pay to its popular payments system.

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Square confirms adding Apple Pay support in 2015

Square Reader (image 003)

Square, the increasingly popular mobile payment and processing firm, is going to support Apple Pay soon. That’s the gist of a comment CEO Jack Dorsey (who co-founded Twitter) made speaking with CNN Money. Apple Pay integration in the Square Reader will require a new hardware iteration of the accessory with built-in NFC circuitry.

Apple Pay, which also relies on NFC, will become available as an option for Square users sometime in 2015.... Read the rest of this post here

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Square’s cash register app now handles your purchases worldwide

Square Register on an iPad mini

Square's Register app has done a lot to drag stores' payment systems into the modern era, but only in the US -- venture elsewhere and you've usually had to pay at a conventional (and often very limited) terminal. That might not hold true for much longer, since Square has just released a version of Register that works worldwide. The Android and iOS software now handles sales in 130 currencies, and communicates in French, Japanese and Spanish; if a tapas bar in Madrid wants to give you a digital receipt or ask for feedback, it can. It'll take a while for companies around the world to start using Register, but don't be surprised if you see it in action the next time you go on vacation.

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Snapchat app updated with support for new Snapcash service

Snapchat Snapcash (image 001)

Snapchat updated its iOS client today, bringing the app to version 8. The update activates the company’s new ‘Snapcash’ money transfer service, which it announced yesterday, that allows users to quickly send money to one another by simply sending a message.

Snapcash is a collaborative project between Snapchat and Square, built using the SquareCash concept. SquareCash allows users to send money via email, text message and Bluetooth with little friction, so it’s not hard to see how they made the jump to Snapchat.... Read the rest of this post here

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Snapchat and Square launch Snapcash money transfer service

Snapchat Snapcash (image 001)

Snapchat, the popular ephemeral photo messaging application, on Monday said it’s partnered with Square, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s mobile payments startup, on a new service allowing Snapchat users to send and receive money.

Dubbed Snapcash and billed as the first Snapchat product created in partnership with another company, it’s simple and easy to use just like Square’s SquareCash service.... Read the rest of this post here

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