Every game, movie and TV show on the PlayStation Store is 10% off THIS WEEKEND!

PlayStation Store Weekend Discount

If you were thinking about downloading some of the games that you missed last year anytime soon, it might be worth waiting until this weekend. As Sony promised, nearly everything on the PlayStation Store will be 10% off this weekend, including new game releases, DLC, preorders, movies and TV shows.

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More than 60 games are on sale in celebration of PlayStation’s 20th anniversary

PlayStation 20th Anniversary Sale

Sony is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation brand this month by putting dozens of games from every recent console on sale. That's right: if you own a PS4, PS3, PS Vita or PSP, you're sure to find something on the extensive list of discounted games worth picking up.

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Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact review: light in the hand, heavy on the wallet

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact review: light in the hand, heavy on the wallet

Sony's consumer electronics division is in an ongoing state of flux. Having already given up on PCs and e-readers, the company recently pledged to make fewer TVs and smartphones in a bid to get its books back in the black. How Sony's strategizing will affect its output of tablets remains unclear, but no doubt a keen eye is being kept on the reception of its latest slate, the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (don't let that mouthful of a moniker fool you -- Sony only classes the 8-inch tablet as "compact" to differentiate it from its two previous 10.1-inch devices). The company is renowned for the quality of its premium products, and like the two smartphones that make up the rest of the Z3 family, its newest tablet is a testament to that legacy. Cutting to the chase, it's an elegant and powerful device, but with prices starting at $445/£300, those credentials might not be enough to make you choose Sony over the competition.%Gallery-slideshow258542%

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5 of the most massive 4K TVs at CES 2015

CES 2015 Best 4K TVs

It's not surprising that 4K TVs were everywhere at CES 2015 this year and some of them were positively massive. Below we've put together a quick guide of five of the biggest TVs on display at this year's big electronics show with offerings from Samsung, LG and Sony.

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Take a tour of Sony’s massive CES booth

Sony's presence at CES is by far one of the most impressive both in terms of scope and spectacle. This year's booth unsurprisingly focused on the company's ongoing push to make 4K and hi-res audio mainstream mainstays. Its new Walkman PMP and super thin 4K TVs were accompanied by refreshed Handycams, PlayStation 4s, wrist-worn wearables, bluetooth speakers, projectors and a whole lot more. In order to grasp just how massive Sony's booth is, you have to see it for yourself, and you can do just that with our video and photo tours in the gallery below.

For more from Sony and beyond, check out our 2015 CES Field Guide.%Gallery-slideshow257721%

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Hackers’ worst nightmare continues as ‘The Interview’ hits more records online

The Interview Online Rent and Purchases

The Interview is far from being a must-see movie, but that didn’t stop plenty of viewers from renting or purchasing the controversial comedy online, after hackers forced Sony’s hand last month. Instead of enjoying a wide release on Christmas Day, the movie was only shown in select cinemas, though Sony also released it online with help of Microsoft, Google, Apple, and other digital content providers. After hitting 15 million in sales in the first days after launch, The Interview passed a second impressive milestone, raking in $31 million, according to CNN.

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CES – Sony update the Smartwatch 3

Alcatel aren’t the only people announcing smartwatches, although in the case of Sony it isn’t a new model rather a couple of new strap options for the existing Sony Smartwatch 3.

01 SmartWatch3 stainless steel side

First up is a new metal body for the Smartwatch 3, similar to the business edition of the Smartwatch 2. The new stainless steel edition due to go on sale next month hass the same features as the normal Smartwatch 3 but drops the IP68 rating to IP58 so a little dust may get into the device but won’t do any harm.

Also announced at CES was the opening up of the Lifelog API that the Smartwatch 3 and all the Smartbands use. Some of the new apps that will shortly be released are:

  • IFTTT which allows connections between Lifelog and your favourite apps.
  • Habit Monster which tracks your healthy (and unhealthy) habits so you can learn more about yourself.
  • Withings Smart Body Analyser allows you to monitor your height, BMI and body fat using a range of connected devices.


Also announced is the Smartwatch 3 holder which allows you to use any 24 mm watch strap by clipping the Smartwatch 3 into the holder and then changing the strap as you see fit to suit your style or mood. Again the new holder will be available in the “early part of 2015″ so probably in next month or so.

Sony also announced a range of fashion straps for the original Smartband and a couple of new concepts – the Smart B-trainer designed for runners which coaches you as you run and the SmartEyeglass Developer Edition, Sony’s answer to Google Glass.

Source 1: Sony

Source 2: XperiaBlog

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Sony’s Android Wear smartwatch is getting a stylish stainless steel update

Sony Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3

With the release of the Apple Watch right around the corner, Android Wear device manufacturers are doing everything they can to make their mark. On Monday, Sony revealed that the recently released SmartWatch 3 will be receiving a stainless steel makeover which begins rolling out around the world in February.

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Liveblog: Sony’s CES 2015 event


LG kicked things off this morning with its CES 2015 press conference, and now it's Sony's turn to do the same. Will we see new smartphones or tablets? What about cameras and UHD TV sets? Whatever it may be, we're going to find out soon enough. The event starts at 8:00PM ET, so stay tuned to this post -- we'll be breaking it down as it happens, live from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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You’ll soon be able to play 100 of your favorite PS3 games on your PS4 for just $20 per month

PlayStation Now Game Streaming Subscriptions

The prospect of streaming an entire back catalog of a game console over the Internet sounds like a dream come true, but, as Sony has discovered, finding a fair price for that service can be a bit tricky.

Up to this point, the only way to play PlayStation 3 games on PlayStation Now has been to rent them for a limited amount of time, but starting on January 13th, Sony will add subscriptions to the service.

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