The top 14 smartphones you can buy right now

The top 16 smartphones you can buy right now

It's been a while since we took time out to list our favorite smartphones, which means we've had to make more than a few updates to our buyer's guide. Big players like LG, HTC, Samsung and Motorola have unleashed a flurry of updates to their previous lines, and in most cases the devices are better for it. The G Flex2 has restored our confidence in LG's curvacious form factor, piling on strong internals and improved specs. Samsung stepped up its game for the with the gorgeous Galaxy S6, while HTC built on the success of its One line to bring us the M9. Motorola added LTE to the Moto E for 2015 and partnered with Google to launch the super-sized Nexus 6. There are plenty of options for all budgets and power requirements, so cruise through the gallery or head over to our buyer's guide for help picking out your next daily driver.%Gallery-slideshow287542%

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Xbox One takes a surprising lead over the PS4 in April

Xbox One vs. PS4

Ever since temporarily losing its grasp on the top spot over the holidays, the PlayStation 4 has been the console to beat in 2015. With a few huge exclusive releases early in the year, such as The Order: 1886Bloodborne and MLB 15: The Show, it looked like Sony was going to run away with the first half of 2015... which is why the NPD results from April are especially shocking.

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PlayStation’s E3 2015 plans revealed – here’s everything you need to know

PlayStation E3 2015

On Wednesday afternoon, Sony started sending out invitations for its E3 2015 press conference. Both Nintendo and Microsoft announced their own E3 plans earlier in the week, which means we now know when we can expect to learn more about the game release schedules for all three major consoles in mid-June.

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Engadget giveaway: win a 4K Action Cam courtesy of Sony!

There's so much power packed into tiny action cams today, that it's easier than ever to embed them in your everyday life, often with wild results. Heck, a daily commute in New York is rife with enough craziness worth capturing. Whatever your adventure, Sony's new Action Cam is up to the task pulling in 4K footage at 100mbps for smooth results. It packs the necessary splash-proofing and Steady Shot Image Stabilization to handle rough rides, offers 170-degree ultra-wide angle views and includes GPS data so you can trace the journey. Film makers have been testing the boundaries of its performance at Sony's Never Before Seen page if you're curious, but one lucky Engadget reader this week will soon be able add their own story to the mix. Sony has given us one of its 4K Action Cams along with a 64GB microSDXC card to store all that new footage. As always, just head on down to the Rafflecopter widget below for up to three chances at winning.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S6 uses ‘several’ different camera sensors

Samsung Galaxy S6 camera

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6, you might have noticed that the company stopped touting its in-house ISOCELL camera tech. Was it using relying on someone else's sensor instead? As it turns out, the answer is yes... sort of. The Korean firm has confirmed owners' discoveries that the rear sensor is alternately made by Samsung or Sony. There are "several different vendors" making S6 cameras, a spokesperson says, although there's no mention of how Samsung distributes those components. Not that you'll need to be worried, apparently. The company insists that they all meet "strict global quality and performance standards," and SamMobile has conducted tests showing that the practical differences are slight. In short, you'll likely get quality photos regardless of whose imaging hardware is under the hood.

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Via: SamMobile, The Verge

Source: XDA-Developers

Sony makes it easier to put new operating systems on its phones

Sony Xperia E3

Sony's Android smartphones haven't been tinkerer-friendly to date -- since you couldn't boot from a recovery partition, you couldn't install CyanogenMod and other unofficial operating systems without jumping through hoops. It should be much easier to mess with your software from now on, though. Sony is quietly releasing bootloaders that let you boot from that recovery space, which opens the door to installing both custom Android ROMs as well as very different platforms, like Firefox OS or Ubuntu Touch. The catch? Right now, the only devices that support these bootloaders are lower-end models you probably don't use, like the Xperia E3, M2, T2 Ultra and T3. You won't be modifying the heck out of your Xperia Z3 just yet, then, but that's no longer a far-fetched idea.

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Here are all the PS4, PS3 and Vita games you can get for free in May

PS4 PS3 PS Vita Free Games

PlayStation Plus subscribers rejoice: the latest batch of free games for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita were just announced. May's collection consists of some of the best indie games from the past few years, which means you won't need to clear a bunch of gigabytes on your PS4's hard drive in order to download them all.

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MLB 15 The Show review: Infield fly

MLB 15 The Show Review

Rounding first base when it should be heading home

When I elected to review MLB 14 The Show last year, I thought I might be in over my head. I hadn't played any of the recent entries in the series and I didn't think I would fare especially well within the game, regardless of how well put together it was. Thankfully, my worries were misplaced, and I found myself immersed in a sports game for the first time in years.

I was hoping to have a similar experience with MLB 15 The Show, but after spending hours with San Diego Studio's sequel, I have begun to see through the veneer of the improved visuals and have found a game that feels more like a step backwards than a home run.

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Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 gets a serious price drop

Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 gets a serious price drop

It’s been some time since we published our Sony Smartwatch 2 Review. If you wanted one they were still holding out at £149.99, but now Amazon have slashed the price right down to just £68.92 here..

It’s billed as a “wireless smartphone notification device” and will also act as one of those “watch” things, telling the time. Grab the Smartwatch 2 app from Google Play on your phone and then you can customise the watch with a new watchface, new wallpapers and widgets.

Operating over Bluetooth it’ll let you push notifications from certain apps to the watch. It also features a 1.3″ OLED display, NFC and the battery should last you a few days.

You can also read text messages and reply with 10 preset messages easily. Not only that, but it’ll let you answer or drop calls, reminders and lots more. For £68.92 it’s really not bad for a punt.

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  • Sony’s hottest Android handset yet is official, but you can’t really buy it

    Sony Xperia Z4 Specs, Release Date and Price

    Sony on Monday unveiled its next flagship Android smartphone, the Xperia Z4 that appeared in a plethora of rumors so far. Unfortunately, the company has only announced the handset for its home market, meaning that Android fans from countries other than Japan won’t be able to really purchase it yet. However, Sony has planned a flagship announcement for international markets for late May, according to Russian publication

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