Op-Ed: The Great Facebook Messenger Panic and Why You Need to Calm the Hell Down Already

susan-powter_lLast week, Facebook dropped a bomb on mobile users across the world. The social media giant decoupled the messaging function from its mobile app, forcing those wishing to send cute emojis to not-so-close friends and exes to download the Facebook Messenger app. For many, having to use two Facebook apps is just too much, and…

Crafting the perfect tweet is one-third talent, two-thirds science

Random and fickle as social networks may seem, the success of an individual Tweet or Facebook post can be hugely dependent on the way it's worded. Some sentences will work well, while others will quietly implode in a puff of indifference. However, researchers from Google and Cornell University now claim that they can predict this outcome using straightforward linguistic rules. The rules may not be especially practical when it comes to actually crafting a Tweet (the main tips are: make it sound like a news headline, follow "community norms," and add more detail where possible), but there does seem to be decent statistical evidence to back them up.

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Via: Washington Post

Source: Chenhao Tan et al. [PDF]

ICYMI: This week on iSource [3/28/2014]

It's almost April in the year 2014 and you can finally edit Microsoft Word docs on your iPad. That and Twitter's curious desire to be more like Facebook in this week's ICYMI.

Twitter update adds new photo features, garners user backlash

A new Twitter update rolled out last night, and it has some users wondering if the social network is losing grip on many of the principles it was founded on. The update adds to Twitter the ability to upload multiple photos to a single post and tag other users.

Instagram grows to 200 million users

Instagram has announced a new milestone as the social photo sharing network has surpassed 200 million users. The news comes in the shadow of parent company Facebook’s acquisition of virtual reality gaming startup Oculus Rift.

The internet wins: Turkey’s Twitter ban overturned

A Twitter ban that started in Turkey last week has ended. A Turkish court has issued a stay on the decision to block citizens from accessing Twitter as it reviews a long series of complaints against the initial ruling.

Twitter’s experiment in music discovery has ended

Over the weekend Twitter pulled its #Music app from the App Store, ending the brief run of the trending music discovery service. Twitter #Music will go offline exactly one year after its debut.

Instagram iOS update lets you fine-tune Lux

Instagram’s Lux feature — the little sun icon that when enabled acts as a sort of combo brightness/contrast/exposure/saturation booster — has been tweaked in the app’s latest iOS update, adding a greater degree of control.

Security expert reveals Tinder sharing a bit too much location data

After Tinder was tweaked to stop utilizing a user’s specific latitude and longitude to determine proximity, a security expert discovered that the new location identifier shared enough precise data to easily triangulate the exact location of a potential match’s last known whereabouts.

VSCO Cam gets more social in version 3.0

While VSCO Cam’s Grid has offered users a way to share their photo masterpieces since last summer, the darkroom and imaging app has taken a step toward becoming more social in its latest update. Now in version 3.0, VSCO Cam + VSCO Grid adds a number of improvements, not the least of which is the ability to easily follow friends and fellow photographers.