Obama is holding a news conference to discuss North Korea’s Sony hack – watch live right here

Sony Hack Obama Press Conference

North Korea hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment. The Federal Bureau of Investigation's deep investigation into the cyber attack has determined as much, and the U.S. government confirmed it publicly on Friday morning. You can read the FBI's full statement right here. North Korea's attack on Sony Pictures is believed to be a direct result of the studio's upcoming movie "The Interview," which stars Seth Rogen and James Franco as two journalists who conspire to kill North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

The theatrical release of "The Interview" has now been cancelled as Sony continues to comply with several of the North Korean hackers' demands in an attempt to prevent them from leaking additional documents that were stolen in the hack.

Now, President Barack Obama is holding a news conference to address the Sony hack and the FBI's findings.

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Elcomsoft’s Phone Breaker can now help access iCloud data protected with 2-step verification

Elcomsoft Phone Passwrod Breaker (screenshot 001)

Moscow-based Elcomsoft, which produces a mobile forensic tool used by law enforcement around the world to gain access to a suspect’s iOS devices, has updated its Phone Breaker application which now makes it easier to bypass Apple’s two-step verification for Apple ID accounts in order to access underlying iCloud data, Engadget reported Thursday.

Not only does this include iWork documents stored in iCloud, but also data in third-party apps such as WhatsApp communications, 1Password password databases — even user dictionaries that may contain secret words and phrases — provided a user has enabled the app in question to sync data with iCloud.

Although hackers still need both your Apple ID username/password and a two-factor code sent to your trusted device (or a digital token stolen from your computer), once they do gain access to your account Phone Breaker can then create a digital token granting them permanent access to iCloud data, no two-step verification code needed — until you change your Apple ID password, that is.... Read the rest of this post here

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U.S. believes North Korea is responsible for Sony hack after all

Sony Hack: North Korea

Sony Pictures was in late November the target of a massive cyber attack, which not only exposed a significant amount of internal data, but also forced the company to pull the controversial The Interview comedy from theaters, after receiving further threats from the hackers responsible. Even though North Korea, which was initially believed to be behind the hack because of its resent for this particular movie, denied involvement more than once, The Associated Press reports that investigators have apparently found evidence that the communist nation is to blame.

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4 biggest movie theater chains cave to hacker threats, won’t show The Interview

Sony Pictures The Interview Premiere

Although The Interview might end up being a pretty bad movie, it's about to become a cause célèbre for freedom lovers everywhere. The Wall Street Journal reports that the four biggest movie theater chains in the United States -- Regal Entertainment Group, AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc., Cinemark Holdings Inc. and Carmike Cinemas Inc. -- have cancelled plans to show the film in their theaters amid violent threats issued by the mysterious hacker group behind the devastating Sony Pictures hack that has exposed embarrassing internal emails and other sensitive information about the studio.

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Sony hackers may have stolen the newest James Bond script

Sony Hack Spectre James Bond Script

Only a few days ago, the name, cast and new car to be featured in the upcoming 2015 James Bond movie were revealed to the world — the movie is supposed to hit theaters on November 9th, 2015 — but the mystery around the Spectre movie might be shed much sooner than that. Reuters says that the hackers who have hit Sony Pictures recently may have also stolen an early version of the Spectre script, which might reveal nearly everything there is to know about the upcoming movie.

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Video: The Navy has a beastly laser canon that can destroy drones in the blink of an eye

U.S. Navy Laser Canon Video

The U.S. Navy has a brand new futuristic weapon it can use to take out a variety of targets, including drones: A 30 kilowatt Laser Weapon System (LaWS) that’s already been designated as an “operational asset” in the Persian Gulf.

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FBI: Sony hack so sophisticated it can penetrate 90% of net defenses, challenge government sites

FBI on Sony Pictures Hack

The Sony Pictures hack saga is far from over, as more and more details come to light about the massive data breach the company suffered a few weeks ago. Unknown hackers identifying themselves online as Guardians of Peace (GOP) managed to steal some 100 terabytes of data containing very sensitive information, including digital versions of unreleased Sony movies, and personal details about employees, celebrities, and current and future business plans.

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Sony counterhacks its stolen digital goods to prevent illegal downloads

Sony Hack: Leaked Downloads

Sony Pictures has been the victim of an elaborate cyber attack, with hackers having been able to steal 100 terabytes of data from the company’s Internet-connected computer network. However, in addition to investigating the data breach, Sony is not afraid to fight back, Re/code has learned, as the company is using certain weapons to try to prevent others from downloading its digital goods.

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Sony’s hacking nightmare just got even more disastrous

Sony Pictures Hack Email Leak

Surprise! It turns out Hollywood really is filled with back-stabbing, self-serving egomaniacs! Gawker has a magnificent rundown of some leaked emails that were sent back and forth between Sony Pictures executives and they paint a picture of the film industry that's just as toxic as we've always imagined.

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FBI says North Korea not behind devastating Sony hack

Sony vs. North Korea: FBI

Even though many fingers were unofficially pointing to North Korea, as the origin of the massive Sony Pictures hack operation, the country denied at least at couple of times any involvement, but praised the hackers behind the devastating cyber attack. Furthermore, Reuters reports that the FBI has also issued an official comment on the matter, saying that North Korea is not behind the attack, according to information available at this time. The publication also revealed that the hack may end up costing the company as much as $100 million.

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