Google may have finally figured out how to kill the password once and for all

Google USB Stick Password

The problems with traditional passwords are many, and while two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security, it's also a tedious and annoying process a lot of the time. Several big-name tech companies, including Google and Microsoft, have been working on ways to replace the traditional password with other security measures and now Technology Review reports that Google may have finally settled on a way to make the password obsolete and it involves using a USB stick to act as the physical key to your Google account.

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Congress not likely to force iOS and Android decryption for the FBI

iOS and Android Encryption

Apple has more than once reminded customers it values their security and privacy and has been reassuring them that they won’t become the company’s “product” and that their data will be safely encrypted. Similarly, Google also said it will encrypt Android devices by default. Since then, the FBI and others have complained that Apple and Google will be basically helping bad guys get away with bad things thanks to encrypted devices.

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Congress won’t pass a law letting the FBI access your encrypted data


Just because FBI director James Comey believes his agency has a right to see your phone's encrypted data doesn't mean he'll get his way. Members of Congress from both major parties, including House Representatives Darrell Issa and Zoe Lofgren as well as Senator Ron Wyden, are saying that there's "zero chance" they'll pass a bill requiring that device encryption includes backdoor access for federal investigators. They argue that law enforcement has blown whatever chance it had at public support -- accountability problems at multiple agencies (especially the NSA) have led many to distrust the government's data requests. As it stands, the FBI is battling some fierce legal headwinds. The House recently passed a bill banning the NSA from using backdoor searches, and it's doubtful that these politicians will heed Comey's calls for more access.

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Via: Motherboard, Phone Arena

Source: Darrell Issa (Twitter), The Hill

Tim Cook flies to China in response to iCloud phishing allegations

Tim Cook (One More Thing 001)

Apple’s boss Tim Cook went to China to meet with a top Chinese government official in Beijing amid allegations of government-backed phishing attempts on users’ iCloud accounts, according to a report by the state-run Xinhua news agency, relayed by Reuters Wednesday.

The meeting coincides with reports by, a Chinese web monitoring group, alleging that the Chinese government sponsored man-in-the-middle attacks that redirected local users to a fake login page in an effort to harvest Apple ID user names and passwords.... Read the rest of this post here

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Is Staples the latest retailer to get hit with a huge credit card breach?

Staples Credit Card Breach

Brian Krebs, the man who originally reported the Home Depot data breach earlier this year, now believes that Staples has been subjected to a data breach of its own. Krebs says that at least six banks noticed a pattern of debit and credit card fraud in several Staples branches, indicating that card data might have been accessed.

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Hackers backed by the Chinese government are reportedly attacking iCloud!

Apple China iCloud Attack

The Chinese government is currently staging an attack on Apple's iCloud, according to Internet censorship monitor The report claims that this main-in-the-middle (MITM) attack is an attempt to gain access to the private information of Chinese citizens, including texts, pictures and contacts. The attack coincides with the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in China.

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Obama’s new order: U.S. government’s credit card security must be improved

Obama on Credit Card Security

In the wake of the numerous sophisticated cyberattacks that managed to steal credit and debit card data from various retail stores in the U.S., President Obama on Friday signed an executive order to improve security for credit cards and payment systems used by the government, The New York Times reports

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Hackers perfect a new way to steal money from unsuspecting basic tech users

Phone Bill Premium Number Hack

Smart hackers who understand how always-connected devices work — and who know how to exploit the various security bugs found in operating systems — are capable of infecting mobile devices with malware that can of incur costs and/or steal data. They can do this using a number of methods: By grabbing personal data in sophisticated attacks targeting retail store chains and banks, conducting advanced online phishing attacks, or stealing money directly from ATMs, to name just a few of the recent security threats detailed by various reports.

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The FBI ratchets up its scare campaign over smartphone encryption

iOS Android Smartphone Encryption

Did you know that if Apple and Google encrypt data on smartphones then terrorists, pedophiles and other very bad people will be able to roam completely free and likely destroy society as we know it? That's the message that Federal Bureau of Investigation chief James Comey has been sending and he was at it again this week in a speech delivered to the Brookings Institute in which he railed against smartphone encryption as a direct threat to law enforcement's ability to gather evidence.

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A dangerous bug in Windows 8.1 and older versions could be used to spy on you

Windows 8.1 Zero-Day Security Bug

Russian hackers have apparently identified a previously unreported bug in Windows, also known as a zero-day attack, which was then used to spy on several Western governments, NATO and the Ukrainian government, The New York Times reports.

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