Do this now: Secure your adult dating profiles – a major site was just hacked

Adult FriendFinder Dating Profile Hack Leak

In case you happen to have one or multiple adult dating website profiles, you might consider securing them right away, as one of the world’s largest such websites has been hit by hackers. The attackers managed to steal highly sensitive personal data for four million users, leaking them online in spreadsheet format.

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The NSA came up with a brilliantly sneaky way to hack your Android phone

NSA Android App Store Hack

Once again, we have to tip our cap in grudging admiration for the lengths the National Security Administration will go to hack into our mobile devices. The Intercept has published some new documents leaked by Edward Snowden that show how the NSA and other spy agencies at one point planned to conduct man-in-the-middle attacks between end users and Android app stores to infect users' phones with spyware.

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WARNING: Potentially serious Apple Watch security flaw could let thieves use Apple Pay on stolen watches

Apple Watch Security Flaw

A potential security vulnerability recently detailed by a blogger may have uncovered a serious flaw in the Apple Watch's design that could lead to some big headaches for some users. In a nutshell, a nifty feature designed by Apple to maintain security on the Watch without sacrificing convenience may have actually ended up sacrificing security instead, allowing thieves to continue using Apple Pay on a stolen Watch without having to input the owner's PIN code to confirm purchases.

It should be noted, however, that the procedure detailed by the blogger in question did not yield consistent results. As such, a thief would seemingly need a bit of luck in order to ensure that he or she can exploit this vulnerability.

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Massive Verizon security hole made accessing private customer information a breeze

Verizon Security Vulnerability

Verizon made headlines this week with the surprise $4.4 billion acquisition of AOL, but a new report from BuzzFeed reveals that a major security flaw could have made this a much more challenging week for the telecommunications giant.

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Watch OS 1.0 lacks the necessary security features to dissuade thieves

Erase all content and settings Apple Watch

The Apple Watch contains security measures to prevent thieves from accessing your data, but it doesn’t include the necessary features to dissuade thieves from trying to steal your device to begin with.

The problem stems from the lack of an Activation Lock-like feature on Watch OS 1.0.

Unlike the iPhone, if someone steals your Apple Watch, they can easily reset the device (bypass the passcode), and pair it with a new iPhone logged in to a different iCloud account. In other words, it’s totally feasible to steal an Apple Watch and set it up on a different device as if you just purchased it from an Apple Store.... Read the rest of this post here

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BitTorrent launches Bleep, secure peer-to-peer messaging app for iPhone and Mac

BitTorrent 1.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

With ephemeral messaging growing in popularity, and given ongoing fear of government-sponsored snooping, small wonder that BitTorrent has now entered the market for secure chat apps — and in a pretty big way, too.

Bleep, their new Mac and iOS secure messaging and VoIP software, strives to ensure the privacy of your conversations by never saving them on your device or the servers. In a nutshell, Bleep uses encryption and peer-to-peer networking to establish a private, secure connection between devices.

With Bleep, you can whisper with friends on your Mac or iPhone and the messages will disappear after they are read.... Read the rest of this post here

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What to do if you forget your Apple Watch passcode

Apple Watch Wrong Passcode

If you forget your Apple Watch passcode and enter an incorrect passcode more than six times in the row, your Apple Watch will lock you out. You’ll then see a message that tells you to try entering your password again in a few minutes.

But what if you simply can’t remember your passcode? What then? If that’s the case, then you’ll need to erase your Apple Watch, re-pair it with your iPhone, and restore from backup. Check out our tutorial that shows you how to reset your Apple Watch from your paired iPhone or from the Apple Watch itself.... Read the rest of this post here

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BitTorrent’s messaging service goes wide, adds ephemeral options

Last we heard of BitTorrent's chat client, Bleep, it was just debuting. Today the news is that the secure messaging client is moving from open alpha to a release aimed at the general Android and iOS owning public. With it comes peer-to-peer messaging with the ability to communicate -- even sending messages to friends who are offline -- no servers required, which theoretically means no threat of hacking. Perhaps the biggest new feature is an ephemeral option called "whispers" for evaporating messages. Unlike Snapchat, though, you can choose on a message by message basis which texts or photos you send will evaporate after 25 seconds. It isn't an all or nothing affair here. And to further distance itself from the ghostly messaging service, you can even send these from a computer. BitTorrent says with whispers you can swap back and forth between them and normal messages seamlessly without breaking the flow of conversation too.

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WARNING: ‘Breaking Bad’ themed malware has been discovered

Breaking Bad Malware

Security researchers at Symantec recently discovered a new piece of malware that, believe it or not, incorporates a number of themes from the hit TV show Breaking Bad. The malware itself primarily affects users in Australia and represents a new strain of an existing ransomware trojan dubbed Trojan.Cryptolocker.S.

The ransomware, which only targets Windows machines, operates by encrypting all of a user's files and subsequently demanding a timely payment of $450 Australian Dollars (about $355 in U.S. dollars) to decrypt them. Failure to promptly make the $450 payment results in the decryption fee rising to $1000 Australian Dollars.

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Apple releases Safari 8.0.6 with security fixes

yosemite safari

Apple this afternoon released Safari updates for Yosemite (8.0.6), Mavericks (7.1.6), and Mountain Lion (6.2.6). The new versions include fixes for multiple memory corruption issues in WebKit, which Apple says could lead to arbitrary code execution or unexpected application termination when visiting a maliciously-crafted website.... Read the rest of this post here

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