Android apps vulnerable to Heartbleed have been downloaded 150 million times

Android Apps Heartbleed Bug

Patching up Android to make sure it's not vulnerable to Heartbleed is one thing. Patching all vulnerable Android apps, on the other hand, is quite another. Re/code draws our attention to a new study from research firm FireEye that claims there have been around 150 million downloads of Android apps that are vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. And to make matters worse, the researchers say that the assorted "Heartbleed detectors" you can now find in the Google Play store will do little to help you root out vulnerable apps you've downloaded.

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Here’s how to see everything that Facebook knows about you

Watch Dogs Facebook Privacy Settings

Watch Dogs is already one of the most hyped game releases of the spring, but Ubisoft's clever marketing campaign might convince a whole new crowd to check the game out. Digital Shadow is a website being run by Ubisoft which allows Facebook users to see just how vulnerable their information could be to an outside source. By allowing the site to access your account, Digital Shadow will let you know within seconds which contacts you regularly interact with, which words you use most often in status updates and when you're active on the social network.

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Apple slammed for buggy iOS 7.1 release that left users vulnerable to major hacks for weeks

Apple iOS 7.1.1 Bug Fixes

We know that Apple released iOS 7.1.1 earlier this week to fix a wide range of bugs and it turns out those bugs might be much more serious than we realized. Ars Technica reports that Kristin Paget, a former Apple whitehat hacker who now works for Tesla, has been ripping into her former employer for allegedly leaving its users wide open to some potentially serious hacks in the weeks between the releases of iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1.

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State of the Hack: 43% of all DDoS attacks in Q4 originated in China

Hacking Study

The threat from hackers is very real and a new report shows that things are only getting worse. We recently told you about a terrifying new interactive map that shows global cyberattacks happening in real time. If that map seemed surprisingly busy to you, it's because it is — a new study from Akamai shows that hackers attacked websites 75% more frequently in the fourth quarter last year than in the previous quarter.

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Apple pushes OS X security update with Safari 7.0.3

Security Update 2014-002 1.0 prompt

After pushing iOS 7.1.1 with additional Touch ID improvements and a pair of bug fixes for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV devices, Apple has now released a minor software update containing security fixes for OS X systems and the Mac’s Safari browser.

Officially titled ‘Security Update 2014-002 1.0′, the download comes in at eighty megabytes and includes patches for Safari vulnerabilities and bug fixes for the rest of OS X.

Apple wholeheartedly recommends this OS X update for all OS X Mavericks users because it improves compatibility, stability and security of your computer. A reboot is required after applying the software…... Read the rest of this post here

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iPhone malware exists, but the risk is nothing like it is with Android

iOS 7 Unflod Baby Panda Malware

While most reports detail Android malware efforts from malicious parties looking to take advantage of Android's popularity in order to steal personal data and money from users, iOS isn’t completely safe from malware. A Reddit user has discovered an application running in the background on an iOS device that turned out to be a malware application hunting for Apple IDs. However, there’s a big catch that allows the app to work: the attacked iOS devices have to be jailbroken first. Moreover, the user will have to download certain apps from untrusted sources after the jailbreak, to get this new piece of software.

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Watchout for Unflod, a malware targeting jailbroken devices

Unflod malware

We often praise iOS as a very secure platform, and this is mostly true, as many studies have confirmed over the years. But sometimes, it’s not so much the platform that is responsible for the lack of security, it is the user himself.

The perfect illustration of this is when you jailbreak your device. By gaining root access to your iPhone or iPad, you start walking outside of Apple’s walled garden and actually put yourself at risk of having untrusted files installed on your device without your knowledge.

As a jailbreaker myself, I am very well aware of the risks, but I do not mind them because the benefits usually far outweigh the drawbacks, and I assume most jailbreak users feel the same.

This being said, a new malware called Unflod has been targeting jailbroken devices for a few weeks. While there is still a lot we don’t know about Unflod, the little information we have about it is enough to raise concerns…... Read the rest of this post here

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Biometrics expert slams Apple and Samsung fingerprint scanners as unsecured ‘gimmicks’

Apple Vs. Samsung Fingerprint Scanners

It's pretty safe to say that computer science Professor Willy Susilo won't be relying on a fingerprint scanner to keep his mobile phone secure. In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Susilo says that the fingerprint scanners used by Apple and Samsung are mere "gimmicks" that hackers can easily fool and that don't give users and real biometric security. 

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‘Highly sophisticated malware’ stole credit card data from 3M Michaels customers

Michaels and Aaron Brothers Malaware Hack

After LaCie announced earlier this week it was the victim of a massive credit card breach that lasted for a year, crafts store Michaels revealed in a press release that hackers may have stolen credit card data for 3 million of its customers, including buyers that shopped at its Aaron Brothers subsidiary. The company has hired two independent security firms to conduct an extensive investigation, which revealed that payment systems in Michaels and Aaron Brothers stores were attacked by “highly sophisticated malware” that had not been seen before by either firm.

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Scary Android malware uses Facebook to bypass two-factor authentication

Android malware targets Facebook users

Android users have yet another piece of malware to worry about. PC World points out a technique that is specifically targeting Facebook users who use mobile banking. On computers infected with this trojan, users will see a message when visiting Facebook’s website alerting them that “due to a rising number of attempts in order to gain unlawful access to the personal information of our users and to prevent corrupted page data to spread Facebook administration introduces new extra safety protection system.”

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