OtterBox launches Resurgence Power Case doubling your iPhone’s battery usage

Otterbox Resurgence Power Case (image 004)

As you know, OtterBox makes a myriad of smartphone cases for a living. The Fort Collins, Colorado based firm is perhaps best known for using military-grade rugged technology that offers exceptional protection for your devices in the harshest of environments.

They produce wallet caseswaterproof cases with Touch ID support (based on their acquisition of fellow case maker LifeProof) and everything in between. Their Defender and Symmetry cases, for instance have received pretty rave reviews.

Today, OtterBox is expanding its family of Power Cases with the addition of a new Resurgence series which combines more than two times the battery power for your device with OtterBox’s trusted protection…... Read the rest of this post here

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OtterBox shows off new Symmetry Series case for iPhone 5, 5s and 5c

symmetry 1

Yesterday afternoon, OtterBox showed off a brand new series of iPhone cases it’s calling ‘Symmetry.’ The new cases are surprisingly minimal, compared to the accessory-maker’s other offerings, and consists of just one solid piece.

OtterBox says that the new case is the culmination of over a year of design, testing and innovation. It’s one of the slimmest, most protective cases in its class, and will be available in a number of different colors and graphic designs…(...)
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Otterbox Pursuit Series 20 & 40 waterproof dry box – Review

Otterbox Pursuit Pic1

Keeping your gadgets dry is a rather difficult task and it’s a task that many of you out there might never have to do. Some people work in rough or difficult environments, some people spend a lot of their working day getting soaked to the skin and some people also actively choose to go to the ends of the earth on holiday. What one thing do they all have in common? How on earth do they protect their phone from rain or damage? I’m not talking a light shower either.

Well I’d imagine they’d use a neoprene pouch, a waterproof bag, a waterproof box of some sort or possibly an Otterbox Pursuit waterproof dry box.

Otterbox make two different size of Pursuit case which are designed with different phone models in mind but as I soon discovered whilst using these they aren’t really just limited to phones. So onto my review of these cases/boxes, starting of course with my good and bad points.

Good Points

  • Waterproof to 100 ft.
  • Rugged build.
  • Crush resistant to 1000 lbs.
  • Lockable with a padlock.
  • Karabiner point to attach to a rucksack.

Bad Points

  • Rather bulky for storage offered.
  • Fiddly opening and closing a necessary evil.
  • Internal space a little unorganised and needs a little forethought.
  • Pretty much impossible to use the phone when it’s in the box.


The Otterbox Pursuit boxes are available in two different sizes, basically they’re designed for either the iPhone 5S or 5C or for a larger Android device like a Galaxy S4 or something. The premise of the boxes is simple, there are two halves that are attached with a hinge, around the edge of one half is a rubber seal and on the other half is large locking lever. Once you’ve put your valuables inside the box you close the case and then you shut the lever, this seals the box shut leaving the contents safe and dry. Further features around the case are two loops that you can put a padlock through meaning the contents is really safe, there is also a single loop for attaching to a karabiner so you could attach it to a rucksack or something. There are also rails along the top and bottom can be used as a belt loop or to loop string or the supplied rubber band to attach it to other stuff.

The boxes themselves are made of tough polycarbonate with rubber shock absorbing bumpers on each edge and corner. Meaning if you drop it or slam it into something solid your going to be ok. The boxes don’t look the best aesthetically but they make up for that in sheer functionality.

Inside the boxes things are a little less well thought out, if you plan to just put a phone in and nothing else then the layout is irrelevant. You put the phone in, shut it up and that’s it. The smaller Pursuit 20 has two rubber strips inside that cushion the phone inside, Otterbox have designed it so that you can even use it with an iPhone and one of their famously large cases. It’s with the larger box that things get a little more complicated. The larger Pursuit 40 box has a different design inside, you get the rubber strips around the inside but you also get what can be best described as a hammock. A phone hammock, which takes up on half of the case allowing you to hold in place a phone of your choice up to about the size of the Galaxy S3 or a Nokia Lumia 1020. This then leaves the other half of the case to put a thin wallet, an MP3 player, your keys, credit cards etc etc.

Otterbox Pursuit 40 Pic7 Otterbox Pursuit 40 Pic2 Otterbox Pursuit 20 Pic7 Otterbox Pursuit 20 Pic6 Otterbox Pursuit 20 Pic2 Otterbox Pursuit 40 Pic13 Otterbox Pursuit 40 Pic10 Otterbox Pursuit 40 Pic11 Otterbox Pursuit 40 Pic3 Otterbox Pursuit 40 Pic6 Otterbox Pursuit 40 Pic9 Otterbox Pursuit 20 Pic3 Otterbox Pursuit 40 Pic1 Otterbox Pursuit 40 Pic8 Otterbox Pursuit 40 Pic5 Otterbox Pursuit 20 Pic5 Otterbox Pursuit 40 Pic4 Otterbox Pursuit 20 Pic4 Otterbox Pursuit 40 Pic12 Otterbox Pursuit Pic1 Otterbox Pursuit 20 Pic1


The boxes are different sizes and here is the manufacturer supplied capacity and dimension.

Capacity of the Pursuit 20

  • Exterior Dimensions: 1.65” H x 3.85” W x 5.60” D
  • Holds a rectangular volume of: 0.66”H x 2.71”W x 4.88”D
  • Approximate total internal volume: 15 cu. in.

Capacity of the Pursuit 40

  • Exterior Dimensions: 2.05” H x 4.75” W x 6.95” D
  • Holds a rectangular volume of: 1.00”H x 2.875”W x 5.50”D
  • Approximate total internal volume: 30 cu. in.

In Use

In use the cases function quite differently due to the sizes and layout inside so I’ll deal with each separately. Starting with the smaller Pursuit 20.

The smaller Pursuit 20 fits an iPhone in a case quite easily, in fact it felt more safe and secure with a case on as the fit inside wasn’t secure meaning the phone could rattle around inside. I soon realised that the box could be used as a solid and waterproof wallet as well, on a recent holiday I found I could fit some money, a room key, my tiny Jimi wallet and I still had space for other small rubbish that would normally reside in my pockets. You could then throw the box around without worrying about stuff getting damp, so on a rainy canoe trip through the rainforest or a day lying on the beach I was happy knowing my belongings were safe and dry. Having to unclip the thing each time I wanted something out of it was rather annoying, but I soon got used to it. Being able to lock it as well was reassuring when I left all my gear on the beach. In actual fact I preferred using it as a little wallet holder than as a phone holder. Another slight annoyance is that when the phone is in the case you can’t see it, you can barely hear notifications and to check it your going to have to open it up.

The larger Pursuit 40 was a different beast, putting my phone in the hammock side and other things in the open side felt like I was going to damage the phone, which unless you fill the other side with a handful of gravel and sand isn’t going to ever happen. I’d certainly recommend using your phone with a case before putting it in as it slides about inside the box, again I preferred using it as a bigger dry box, putting a wallet, MP3 player, a camera, my phone etc etc. All being kept safe and secure. Again the padlock loops on the case are a welcome addition to aid security, in actual fact the loops are bigger meaning it’s easier to attach things to the loops. Again with this case you can really use the phone at all, there is a translucent version that would allow you to sort of see the screen, but it’s far from ideal.


I wanted to see exactly how waterproof these boxes were, Otterbox mention that the boxes are waterproof to 100 ft, but as this is the difference between breaking something valuable and not I approached my testing rather gingerly. Choosing to stuff the cases with tissue paper first and see how that went. Often manufacturers swap the words waterproof and water resistant with little regard for the actual consumer.

So how did I test the cases. In a sink first, then a bucket, then under the shower and then against a hose pipe. As expected it kept the contents dry at all times, I even dunked a phone in the larger box. As the boxes has an air pocket inside they actually float quite well, so if you’re canoeing in the jungle somewhere and your box falls in the river it will float nicely waiting for you to scoop it back up.


The Otterbox Pursuit boxes are pretty useful, in my case I chose to use them for taking on holiday with me. It kept my smaller belongings dry when things turned a little gnarly on days out and being able to lock them up as well really kept me happy with leaving them lying around. I can see them being useful for camping, climbing, hostelling, mountain biking, skiing, canoeing, trekking, any outdoorsy kind of activities really.

As long as you treat these as secure boxes that you can put stuff in to keep safe and dry and that of you want to you could put your phone into then you’ll soon get used to the Pursuit box. If you treat it as a large waterproof phone case then you’ll soon get annoyed.

Price wise the boxes are a little pricey when compared to a simple dry bag but these boxes can be adapted to all sorts of different use cases.

They are available here for the smaller Pursuit 20 costing £14.99 and the larger Pursuit 40 is available here costing £29.99.

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Deal of the day: OtterBox Armor Series Waterproof Case for $25

OtterBox Armor Series Waterproof Case

We’re not sure how long this deal is going to be available for, but if you were in the market for a waterproof case, or if you can’t pass on such a good deal, you may be interested in getting a $25 OtterBox Armor Series Waterproof Case for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s.

You can choose from three different colors options: orange, arctic, or neon. Get one while you can, or hope for even better deals on Black Friday.

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OtterBox unveils Preserver series of iPhone 5/5s/5c waterproof cases with Touch ID support

OtterBox Preserver (three up 001)

Accessory maker OtterBox makes a compelling range of protective case, sleeves and rugged cases for smartphones and just yesterday they announced a new Preserver series for the iPhone 5, as well as the new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, the latter featuring full Touch ID support. The two-piece highly protective cases with snap assembly is bound to add discernible bulk and weight to your device.

In exchange, you’ll get full protection from dust and water. The company says the case can withstand drops from up to 2 meters, or about 6.6 feet, as well as protect your device when fully submerged up to 2 meters deep for as much as 30 minutes…(...)
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Otterbox cases and the iPhone 5/5S – Review

Otterbox iPhone 5s Collection Pic1

I’ve grown fond of Otterbox over the years, having found them years ago whilst looking for a rugged case for my Dell Streak 5.

Fast forward a few years and Otterbox are one of THE names for mobile phone and tablet cases, with many different designs and colours available. With each new device they usually make a case for it. Be it the Commuter, Defender, Wallet,

Otterbox have sent us a few of their current range for the iPhone 5/5S. Take a look below at my thoughts on each.

Commuter case

The Commuter case has been my favourite case for years. The latest generation come with a choice of a wide range of colours. With different coloured inner and outer layers. The Commuter case is made up of a soft rubber inner layer that absorbs any impacts and a tough polycarbonate outer layer. The inner layer has flaps that cover the various ports and can easily be opened.

Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 Pic7 Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 Pic8 Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 Pic2 Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 Pic3 Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 Pic1 Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 Pic5 Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 Pic6 Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 Pic4

I really like the Commuter case, it offers decent protection and when combined with the included screen protector you’ve got a well protected device. I also really like the colour combinations that Otterbox are offering these days, allowing you to create a really unique look for your new iPhone.

In use the Commuter case easily slips into a pocket thanks to its hard outer shell, opening flaps to charge every day initially seems laborious but you’ll soon get used to it. Buttons and switches are easily accessed and used, as the soft inner layer easily moves to your touch.

The only slight issue I’ve found with Commuter cases is if you have to remove the case several times a day, for SIM card swapping or something, the process is a little fiddly.

Defender case

The Otterbox Defender case is their toughest case it is a three piece case that has a built in screen protector. This is a case for someone that really likes to chuck their phone around.

You get two solid inner pieces that you sit the phone into, you clip the front onto the rear and then you put on the soft outer layer. The top part of the inner layer has a screen protector built in. There are cut outs for the home button and the earpiece, there are also a variety of flaps to protect the various ports. The buttons are all easily usable as the inner layer has holes for them and the soft outer layer covers them up.

Otterbox Defender iPhone 5 Pic2 Otterbox Defender iPhone 5 Pic1 Otterbox Defender iPhone 5 Pic6 Otterbox Defender iPhone 5 Pic7 Otterbox Defender iPhone 5 Pic3 Otterbox Defender iPhone 5 Pic4 Otterbox Defender iPhone 5 Pic5 Otterbox Defender iPhone 5 Pic8

In use I found the defender to be really solid and I was surprised by the screen protector which I thought would inhibit touch input. I do wonder how often you’d have to dismantle the entire thing to clean dust and debris from under the film though. It isn’t waterproof though which might be something they’ll add in future versions. If you’re a builder or you work outside a lot the Defender might be the ideal case for you.

Prefix case

Some people are put off by the complex nature of the Commuter and Defender cases, so Otterbox have made the Prefix case, which is a single piece polycarbonate reinforced rubber case.

You basically get the protection of a Commuter case with the ease of fitting a cheap TPU case.

Otterbox Prefix iPhone 5 Pic6 Otterbox Prefix iPhone 5 Pic3 Otterbox Prefix iPhone 5 Pic2 Otterbox Prefix iPhone 5 Pic7 Otterbox Prefix iPhone 5 Pic1 Otterbox Prefix iPhone 5 Pic5 Otterbox Prefix iPhone 5 Pic8 Otterbox Prefix iPhone 5 Pic4

In use the Prefix case was probably my favourite out of the ones I’ve had recently. It felt nice in the hand thanks to the rubbery outer, all buttons and ports were easily accessible and usable. I even quite liked the pinky purply colouring as well. Combined with the included screen protector it really felt well protected.

Reflex case

Ease of installation is another thing that’s been looked at with the Reflex case. With the Reflex you get two halves, that clip together giving you a solid well protected case.

Otterbox Reflex iPhone 5 Pic5 Otterbox Reflex iPhone 5 Pic2 Otterbox Reflex iPhone 5 Pic4 Otterbox Reflex iPhone 5 Pic8 Otterbox Reflex iPhone 5 Pic1 Otterbox Reflex iPhone 5 Pic6 Otterbox Reflex iPhone 5 Pic7 Otterbox Reflex iPhone 5 Pic3

In use the Reflex case felt a bit odd, almost like it would come apart at any point. It doesn’t though, separating them is actually quite a task, you have to push the clip together and pull them apart.

The Reflex case offers decent protection from drops and impacts, although the volume buttons need quite a bit of effort to operate.


Overall the Otterbox range for the iPhone 5 / 5S are pretty decent. You’ve got from easy to fit with decent protection right through to super protection and fiddly to fit.

The colours they offer the cases in these days is the most appealing thing in my eyes. Yes you’ve got a chunky solid case but why shouldn’t you have it in bright green?

If you’re interested in any of the Otterbox cases for the iPhone 5 / 5S then head over to the iPhone product pages here.

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OtterBox introduces new wallet case for the iPhone 5, 5s

otterbox wallet

If you’ve been looking for a wallet-case combo for a new iPhone 5s, or your current iPhone 5, you may want to check out OtterBox. The company just announced a new Commuter Series Wallet case.

The case will fit both the iPhone 5 and 5s, and combines OtterBox’s legendary toughness with the slimmer design of its Commuter series. And on the back, a space for your credit cards and money…(...)
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Otterbox unveil the Commuter Wallet case

I’m a bit of an OtterBox fan. I like to have my latest device protected. By protected I mean really protected, I usually choose an OtterBox case happy in the knowledge it will be nice and solid. Well today OtterBox have announced something new and a bit different.
The Commuter Series Wallet case is a two part Commuter case with a slide out drawer on the back for putting money and cards in.

OtterBox CEO Brian Thomas said.

“There’s no more searching for a wallet or purse before rushing out the door. This new case securely encloses credit cards and the most important items you need. Simply grab your essentials, and go.”

This new case is for either the Apple iPhone 5/5S and the Samsung Galaxy S4. It will cost €39.99 so I’d imagine about £35 for us in the UK.

Personally I’d prefer to keep my money separately from my phone, but I’m sure some people will like this product.

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New iPhone 5s OtterBox cases built to accommodate Touch ID

otterbox 5s

It looks like folks hoping to find a case that offers full device protection for their iPhone 5s may not have to wait very long to get one. Popular case-maker OtterBox announced this week that it has 4 cases ready to go for the handset.

More specifically, the company says that all of its new cases are “designed specifically to accommodate the new Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor technology,” and all device functionality remains uninhibited by the accessories…(...)
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OtterBox Armour case gets a full workout

We’ve reviewed a number of OtterBox products over the last few months. Let me see now, we’ve looked at the Commuter case for the S4, the Punked case for the HTC One, the Glacier case for the 8X and Glacier case for the Note II. However, we’ve never really chucked one down a mountain or into a stream.

The guys at UR-Mobile have properly tested the OtterBox Armour case (which, of course, drops the “u” in America). Stick this on your iPhone and it’ll tolerate getting dropped into over 6 ft of water for 30 minutes. It’ll also withstand a 10 ft drop or 2 tons of crushing force. Now, while I’m trying to figure out if that previous sentence should’ve read feet, foot, tons or tonnes, you can watch the video tests below..

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