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Nokia CEO Stephen Elop throws iPhone during interview


Nokia CEO Stephen Elop caused a bit of a stir when he tossed an iPhone during a recent interview on Finnish TV. Elop was talking about Nokia’s upcoming lineup of phones that  will land in the company’s home country when the interviewer pulled out his iPhone. Elop took care of that problem with the quick flick of his wrist. Surprisingly, the interviewer didn’t even flinch, which makes me wonder whether he is a stone cold journalist or part of this performance was staged.

You can check out the throw in the video below.

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Nokia Siemens Networks CTO: 4G to become 1,000 times faster, significantly cheaper by 2020


Wild predictions are being made about the future of 4G speed by CTO of Nokia Siemens Networks Hossein Moiin. He thinks that by 2020, significant advancements will be made to the technology that will allow for speeds to become 1,000 times faster than they are today while costing as little as $1 per gigabyte, which he says the average consumer will use up on a daily basis.

In order to accomplish this, radio technology will have to be drastically improved by the end of the decade. Moiin believes this is possible by evolution based on a factor of ten. 

“We can get 10 times the spectral efficiency, 10 times the performance and 10 times closer cells,” he said. Phew, what a relief with all that speed, huh? According to Moiin, we’re going to need it. A lot. “By 2020 the average person will download one gigabyte of personalised data each day, and it will be delivered for less than $1 a day.”

Carriers are struggling to handle the unprecedented demand for data as it is. Luckily, Moiin suggests the very dense network will “increase the absolute cost but reduce the cost per bit.” Just like everything else, things naturally advance and become cheaper. Cheaper is something carriers can only aspire for at this time, because the amount of money it takes to support wireless networks nowadays is substantial.

By 2020, we’ll likely have (or at least be on the verge of launching) 5G wireless technologies and perhaps that’s what Hossein Moiin is referencing when he speaks of 4G that’s 1,000 times faster than today’s standards. He isn’t so enthusiastic about its development though.

“We will have to do it all again. It’s a lot of work. It gets harder and harder. The front end is much harder, the intellectual part.”

[via GigaOM]

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Rumor: Dual-Core, LTE Windows Phone 8 Nokia handset coming to Sprint

sprint Logo

Windows Phone 8 is going dual-core, according to a report from The Verge. Qualcomm indicated that the Windows Phone development team is currently testing its Snapdragon S4 system on a chip in a device to be released later this year. As you may recall, Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” is rumored to add support for multi-core devices, paving the way for Windows Phone devices to see the same processing prowess we’ve come to expect from Android and iOS devices. The Snapdragon S4 will feature clock speeds of 1.5 GHz, and will tote the Adreno 225 GPU for enhanced graphical capabilities. This combination has been lethal when it comes to benchmarking scores, with results from devices running Qualcomm’s S4 doubling those from the Galaxy S2 and Droid 4 devices.

Sprint is currently in the running for such a device, and has sent over its LTE specifications to Nokia. With Sprint currently working to roll out their LTE network starting next quarter and full-implementation of the network expected by Q4 2013, a powerful Sprint Windows Phone device could be what Sprint needs to turn the ship around and get people interested in their network once again.

We won’t likely be seeing a Sprint Nokia S4 device until later this year, perhaps just in time for the ever-busy holiday season. Windows Phone 8 is not rumored to be available to consumers until the 4th quarter of 2012. This launch window will give Nokia time to prepare the Windows Phone device of our dreams, one that could take off on Srint’s further-reaching LTE network.

Hopefully, we will hear much more about dual-core Windows Phone devices a bit later this year, though we almost assuredly will not see these devices launched before Windows Phone 8 is unveiled in Q4. By that time, quad-core phones running Apple’s A6, nVidia’s Tegra 3, or Qualcomm’s own quad-core S4 chipsets will be making their way into devices, potentially forcing Windows Phone to play catch up once more.

Personally, I’m excited to see what Nokia and Sprint come up with for the first Windows 8 device. We’ll bring you the goods once we know more.

[via The Verge]

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Microsoft’s Tango update detailed, minor update before WP8 blows us away


Microsoft has taken to its blog to detail the upcoming Tango update, which is largely believed to be a minor update to the Windows 7.5 Mango platform currently available on Windows Phone devices. Tango is the platform that will be preloaded on Nokia’s recently announced entry-level Lumia 610 and ZTE Orbit devices, which are due out in Q2.

Tango will be released en masse sometime in April, and will likely hit all Windows Phone devices currently on the market. Tango adds greater support for low-end devices, and will work on phones that have as little as 256MB of RAM as well as low-end processors such as the Qualcomm 7X27a system on a chip, while still delivering the “buttery smooth” Windows Phone experience. The update also adds support for multiple new languages.

While entry-level Android devices will have a hard time running several of the applications found on the Android Market, Microsoft boldly claims that this is not an issue for their devices. Microsoft has identified a small subset of Windows Phone applications (approximately 5% of the 65,000 applications available) that will not work on their budget devices, and has reached out to the developers of those applications asking them to make a few tweaks to their applications to support Microsoft’s new specifications. Applications that are not able to meet these criteria will continue to be sold but with a disclaimer for low-end devices.

The Tango update will definitely be a minor maintenance upgrade to Windows Phone 7.5, holding Windows Phone users over until the Windows Phone 8 (codenamed Apollo) update drops later this year. The rumors have been swirling about Apollo since the beginning of this month, with the following features rumored to be making their way into Windows Phone 8.

  • Support for multicore processors
  • Support for new screen resolutions (a total of four, although actual pixel counts weren’t specified, according to PocketNow)
  • Support for removable microSD card storage
  • Support for NFC and an associated “Wallet Experience”
  • Inclusion of Windows’ core elements, including kernel, networking stacks, security, and multimedia support. (I believe this is confirmation that elements of Windows 8’s MinWin core will replace Embedded Compact with Windows Phone 8.)
  • New data-tracking capabilities, showing users a breakdown of their data consumption by various networks
  • Use of a proxy server to deliver pages more efficiently and quickly to Internet Explorer 10 Mobile
  • Of special interest to enterprise users: Addition of native BitLocker encryption and Secure Boot
  • Of special interest to developers: New app-to-app communication capability that sounds likeWindows 8’s  contracts feature, as Thurrott noted
  • A separate but improved Skype application, but not integration of Skype into the operating system
  • Replacement of the Zune PC client software with an update mechanism more akin to ActiveSync

With Tango coming in the next few months, and the major Apollo upgrade rumored for later this year, it’s sure to be an exciting year for Windows Phone owners. As Microsoft increases awareness of Windows Phone with its Smoked by Windows Phone marketing campaign, we may see more and more consumers willing to adopt Microsoft’s mobile platform.

[Via ZDNet (1), (2); Windows Phone Blog (1), (2)]

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Valentine’s Day Lumia 710 Giveaway Follow-up: Your best submissions


We held a Lumia 710 giveaway this week with Valentine’s Day as its theme. Whether you were with a loved one this year, or you were forever alone like every other year, we thought we’d highlight some of your best submissions in this follow-up article.

The first photo we’re highlighting is the winning submission from Laurie who sent a picture of her fiance and her posing in front of some lovely cherry blossoms. Little bit of trivia – I’m going to get married in April and our wedding is going to be cherry blossom themed, so I certainly can relate to this picture. Congrats, Laurie!

This next submission comes from Sean who hung out with his friends at the mall and caught a movie. Before the movie, they decided to make a trip to the Disney Store, where Sean donned a pair of Mickey ears and posed for a picture. I don’t know what’s creepier about this picture, the fact that Sean and his crew were hanging out in the little girls’ department of the Disney store, or the daggers the lady behind Sean is giving his crew for fooling around in the store and ruining her fun and wonderment when partaking in the Disney store experience. Either way, kudos to you and your crew, Sean.

This submission comes from Jeffrey who admits his entry isn’t as entertaining and most would be, but informs me he spent Valentine’s Day with his lovely family. Jeffrey, sir, you may not have won our giveaway, but you certainly have won at life with your beautiful family.

Jon’s  submission shows us the greatest adventure in life isn’t love. In fact, it’s the adventure one takes when trying to catch them all in Pokemon Blue on Valentine’s Day. Good luck trying to get that MewTwo all over again!

A walk by the lake with your girlfriend? That’s exactly what Ken did for Valentine’s Day this year as he shows off his more romantical side while he drags his iPod headphones through the grass. That’s how you get an ear infection, Ken! Also, who’s taking the picture?

Last, but certainly not least, is Cris’ submission where he’s squeezing his son like a grape. Don’t worry, though, he was totally asking for it as Cris writes his son stole his wife from him. Hopefully Cris’ son has learned a valuable lesson this Valentine’s Day to never, EVER steal your father’s woman.

Thanks again for everyone who submitted to our Nokia Lumia 710 giveaway and please keep an eye out on the site this week for breaking news straight from MWC as well as another giveaway coming very soon!


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Already the biggest Windows Phone vendor, Nokia sets its sights on market domination


Nokia announced its partnership with Microsoft way back in February 2011, a move that would let the Finnish handset maker focus exclusively on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform. It took a while for Nokia to develop devices for Windows Phone 7; their first Windows Phone handsets hit store shelves during the 4th quarter of 2011.

While everyone expected this partnership to result in Nokia completely dominating the Windows Phone 7 market, few thought it would happen quite so quickly. Research firm Strategy Analytics is reporting that sales of Nokia devices accounted for 33% of all Windows Phone devices sold during Q4, making it the top Windows Phone manufacturer in the quarter.

Nokia achieved this by focusing exclusively on sales in Europe and Asia, and has only recently started to bring Windows Phone devices to the U.S. in Q1 2012. With the Lumia 710 now available on T-Mobile, and the Lumia 800 and 900 set to go on sale in the U.S. in February and March (respectively), it’s clear Nokia’s dominance of the Windows Phone market will only grow exponentially from here.

This growth comes with good reason; Nokia’s Lumia devices are damned attractive, and Windows Phone 7.5 is the most underrated mobile platform out there. If Windows Phone 7.5 manages to emerge as the third major mobile operating system, Nokia’s bet on Windows Phone will pay off big for the Finnish handset maker.

Whether or not the Windows Phone platform will become relevant is the much bigger question. Though Nokia was the clear winner in the Windows Phone market, it didn’t manage to sell 1 million devices in the quarter, compared to over 37 million iPhones sold during the same period, and even more Android devices.

The next quarter will be all-too-important for both Nokia and Microsoft. We’ll be watching sales numbers of the high-profile Lumia 710, 800, and 900 devices in the U.S. and European Markets very closely to see if they can put a dent in iOS and Android devices.

[Via Cnet]

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Nokia Siemens HSPA+ Multiflow lets one device connect to two cell sites simultaneously

If you've ever used a cell phone while moving, then you've probably experienced the depressed network connectivity that becomes more of an issue as you move further away from any given tower. Some of us are even unfortunate enough to reside or work right at the edge of a cell, forced to live with poor connectivity for much of every day. A new feature called HSPA+ Multiflow may offer some relief, "delivering double the data speed and up to 50 percent faster response compared to existing HSPA+ networks," according to Nokia Siemens, which will be demonstrating the technology at Mobile World Congress later this month. Essentially, Multiflow allows compatible devices on the edge of a cell to connect to two sites simultaneously, letting your device send and receive data between two base stations at once. Multiflow will be available as a software update for Single RAN systems, so it could make its way to a cell site near you just after Nokia Siemens flips the switch during the second half of 2013. Full PR is just past the break.

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Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Win a Lumia 710 from IntoMobile and Nokia


Today is Valentine’s Day and we know thatsome of you have been looking forward to this for a while but this may be a dreaded day for many. We all know how joyful this day can be if you have someone special to share it with or how soul crushing it can be if you consider yourself forever alone. Don’t fret my pet, Uncle IntoMobile is here to help with your loneliness by offering to give away a brand new Nokia Lumia 710 on the T-Mobile network.

In both our preview and review of the Lumia 710, we were impressed with Nokia’s first official U.S. Windows Phone smartphone. The Lumia 710 performs every task we can throw at it and the Windows Phone Mango platform is a beautiful and fresh take on mobile computing.

Now that you read our brief thoughts on the Lumia 710, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of giving this bad boy away, shall we? Here’s what you’ll need to do to qualify for an entry to our Lumia 710 giveaway:

  • Seeing as today is Valentine’s Day, we’d like to see you celebrating it. Send us a picture of you either living it up with your Valentine or spending the day by your lonesome. You can submit a photo of you and a loved one sharing a milkshake, while alternatively, you can also be watching Married with Children reruns while stuffing your face with buffalo wings. The more entertaining your submission, the more likely you’ll be included in our follow-up article showcasing your submissions.
  • Add IntoMobile on Twitter and tweet out the following message: “RT: @IntoMobile is giving away a Lumia 710 for #valentinesday! – http://bit.ly/yfIpgg”

Our giveaway will be taking place from the time of this post until February 21st at 11:59pm PT. We’ll be choosing a random winner from all of the photos that have been sent to us and we’ll announce the winner by updating this article. By entering, you’re agreeing that we may use your image in a future post or on our social networks, so try to keep that in mind when you’re setting up those embarrassing pictures. If you’d like to promote your Twitter or Facebook page, please feel free to submit them along with your entry. If your entry is chosen for the follow-up story, then I’ll make sure to add your links in there.

You should check us out all over the web. Following us here isn’t required to win but it would be nice.

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Nokia Siemens promises better TD-LTE and CDMA coverage, no alarms or surprises

So, Nokia Siemens Networks wasn't fibbing when it said it would re-focus its efforts on mobile broadband. It's just announced a 'six pipe' radio head upgrade for time division LTE (TD-LTE) base stations that can boost capacity by 80 percent and coverage by 40 percent compared to a traditional three-sector site. Alternatively, the same replacement can be used to reduce a station's running costs, by allowing it to cover three sectors using a single radio head. As far as we're concerned, anything that recalls OK Computer is a good thing, but if it speeds up carriers' shift to LTE then it's even better. Meanwhile, for those who still want to invest in CDMA, Nokia Siemens is pushing it's 1X Advanced technology, which also promises big improvements in voice and data capacity as well as energy efficiency. Read on for more technical details in a PR double-shot.

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Nokia Lumia 800 sales through the roof, gives Windows Phone a needed boost


No one doubted the Nokia Lumia 800 would be one of the most popular Windows Phone handsets on the market and recent sales numbers in the Netherlands and France are proving that theory to be correct.

KPN, the largest mobile carrier in the Netherlands, is now boasting that the Nokia Lumia 800 is its best selling phone as of yesterday. Considering the extensive iPhone 4S sales that have been continuously reported since its launch, you can imagine just how well the Lumia 800 is doing.

To meet high demand, Nokia is expected to increase supply orders by as much as 20 percent in 2012. DigiTimes reports:

“Keypad and metal chassis maker Silitech saw its consolidated revenues grow 3.1% on month and 6.8% on year to NT$1.34 billion (US$44.33 million) in November, thanks to orders for aluminum-magnesium alloy chassis from Nokia, the sources indicated.”

Nokia and supply makers aren’t the only ones benefiting from the Lumia 800. Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has had a relatively small user base thanks to a combination of things, such as sub-par hardware. The Lumia comes along and is said to be increasing the Windows Phone install base and overall awareness. Mango added a high level of polish to the OS, so Microsoft definitely deserves the attention.

In five weeks, the Nokia Lumia 800 became the top selling Windows Phone device. It’s not even on shelves in the United States yet, though T-Mobile and Nokia just today announced a special event for December 14th, so that might be changing soon.

[via DigiTimes and WMPowerUser]

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