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Three take you on a road trip with the RoadFi

Three take you on a road trip with the RoadFi
Three are now selling something to keep the kids happy on those long drives. Whether you’re off on holiday, going to relatives far away or you simply need to keep the iPads, iPods and tablets connected for a journey to the shops, the new Huawei RoadFi should sort you out.

Three are selling it for £10 per month, which gets you 2GB of data on their network. You get a £25 Amazon Gift Card if you buy one too.

Plug it into your cigarette lighter and it’ll grab the 4G signal and pump out WiFi for you to 10 devices. No batteries needed, it’s only a small thing and it’s really easy to use.

If you need more data, Three do different plans – £15 per month will get you 5GB of data and £20 per month will deliver 15GB. These are all based on 24 month plans and there’s no upfront cost, however you can get rolling monthly plans and 12 month deals for different costs.

Get more details on the Three website. Three have also send us a press release below.

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  • EE Launch 4GEE WiFi and 4GEE WiFi Mini

    EE Launch 4GEE WiFi and 4GEE WiFi Mini

    Some people call these things “MiFi” units. Basically they’re tiny gadgets that you can pop in your pocket which will fire out a WiFi hotspot for you to connect to. Share the hotspot or keep it secure, it’s up to you, but it can be a life saver for a family of iPad users or for those moments when you need to use a laptop and the hotel WiFi is just plain rubbish.

    There’s two models. First, the 4GEE WiFi is available on a range of pay monthly price plans. Prices start from £11 per month, with a £49.99 one-off upfront cost. You can also get it on pay as you go for £79.99

    The 4GEE WiFi Mini is starts at £11 per month, with a smaller £19.99 upfront cost. It is also available on pay as you go for £39.99.

    You can buy them in your local EE store, over the phone or online at EE.co.uk. Here’s the main 4GEE WiFi page.

    Although the CAT 6-enabled 4GEE WiFi is a tad larger than the WiFi Mini, it can also charge your phone on the move and supports Qualcomm Fast Charge 2.0. The 5000mAh battery should keep your WiFi going for a full 24 hours. The WiFi Mini is 15% smaller and does 802.11b/g/n compared to the 802.11a/b/g/n/ac on the 4GEE WiFi.

    More details below.

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  • Cellhire offer a roaming solution for your holiday


    We’ve just got back from a week in Spain, you may have noticed our coverage of MWC in Barcelona. Our coverage was made easier thanks to Cellhire, who lent us a Huawei MiFi unit with a data SIM and some Spanish data.

    Cellhire MiFi


    Cellhire offer a range of  devices on a rental basis, be it phones, SIM cards and MiFi units, you can find out more info and order one for you holiday over at their website. Their pricing for Europe basically includes a MiFi device and some data which is valid for 30 days.

    Cellhire Pricing Pic1 mk2Cellhire Pricing Pic2Cellhire Pricing Pic3

    They also offer a range of International data SIMs for destinations further afield and on top of that you can also hire a phone or satellite phone from them. The MiFi came pre configured and you basically just turn it on and connect with the SSID and WiFi key written on the unit. As long as they MiFi can get a signal you’re good.

    So if you want more info or you want to order one head over to the Cellhire website.

    The post Cellhire offer a roaming solution for your holiday is original content from Coolsmartphone.


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  • EE’s £79.99 ‘Buzzard 2’ is an all-in-one WiFi dongle for your car

    EE Buzzard 2 MiFi

    In its bid to get more customers connecting to its 4G network while they travel, EE introduced the Buzzard, a £49.99 plug-and-play MiFi designed specifically for the car. Launched in April, the device came in two separate parts, making it difficult to store and plug in during your journey. EE appears to have realised this, as today it's introducing its successor, the Buzzard 2. Like the original avian-themed dongle, the Buzzard 2 plugs into your car's dashboard and supports up to 10 WiFi connections. However, it comes with a new lighting system that makes it easier to use and can also serve as a USB charger, allowing you to charge your devices while you browse (when you're not driving, of course). EE's new MiFi is priced at £79.99 (£30 more than the original) when bought outright, but comes down to £19.99 when purchased with a £10 monthly plan, which includes 1GB of data. However, you can get it for free if you sign up for the £15 tariff, which lavishes you with 3GB of data every month. If you've got small kids intent on watching Netflix all the time, that allowance might not get you very far, but it'll do a job if you want a backup for your smartphone plan.

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    Source: EE Shop

    EE launch ‘Kite’ 4G MiFI device

    EE have launched a new affordable version of their MiFi device which also has access to the faster ‘double speed’ network supporting up to 150Mbps in selected locations.

    Simply called the ‘Kite’, this small device acts as a WiFI router for up to 10 devices at one time to share the super fast connection offered thanks to 4G technology, and the price will not break the bank either.

    Contract plans are offered on either 30 day or 24 month deals starting from just £10 a month, and if you want PAYG instead of signing up you have this option too paying £69.99 for the Kite  with various top-ups giving you set data limits for the month.


    Just going on sale today, we hope to have one of these in shortly to test out in real world conditions.

    EE launch ‘Kite’ 4G MiFI device is original content from Coolsmartphone.com

    Three 4G MiFi unboxing

    Recently we brought you the news Three UK have launched a new 4G dongle and a 4G Mifi device. These will allow customers access to mobile internet at speeds up to 50Mbps download and upload around 20Mbps on the new 4G network.

    We now have one if these in for review and have recorded an unboxing and have some images to show it off from different angles.


    The 4G Mifi can be purchased from £89.99 on PAYG but is also available on monthly contracts with various different data allowances depending on your needs.

    Anyone owning one of these can connect up to 10 WiFi devices at the same time, plus one USB connection. The device has a battery which means you can take it with you whilst on the go.

    DSC_0260 DSC_0239 DSC_0244 DSC_0249 DSC_0250 DSC_0252 DSC_0255 DSC_0260

    Check back soon for our full review where you can find out about signal strength, speeds and battery life. I’ll also see if this might be the mobile broadband device you have been waiting for.

    Three 4G MiFi unboxing is original content from Coolsmartphone.com

    Mobile broadband – It still needs work

    The advent of superfast 4G connectivity comes as a double-edged sword. For the customer this is the ideal solution for that traditional “last mile” issue. For the provider, you have to provide a service which is priced to discourage it being used as an always-on fixed-line broadband replacement.

    Screenshot 2014-05-23 at 14.00.28

    Looking around at the options, there’s only really one provider offering truly unlimited data via a dongle or data SIM. The choices, though, are varied and a little confusing. Choose fixed-line broadband or fibre and you have a wide-range of supposedly “unlimited” deals, but there’s always a large dose of “traffic management” going on, especially in peak times when people are streaming TV and movie content through on-demand services in the evening.


    Getting your laptop or tablet online when you’re actually out of the house needs a certain amount of planning. Merely “tethering” – i.e. sharing your phones’ data connection over a WiFi hotspot – can quickly result in a rather large and sometimes unexpected bill arriving. Sure, your mobile data plan might say “unlimited” but, deep down in the small print, you could find a caveat stating that tethering isn’t allowed, or it’s charged separately – and that can rack up your charges pretty quickly indeed.

    So, the options then…

    - Using a tablet / laptop away from the home or company WiFi rarely.

    In this case tethering could be a solution, or you could hunt down a local restaurant, pub or supermarket offering free WiFi. You’ll usually have to put your email address and / or phone number on a mailing list, but it’s a decent trade-off for getting online when you absolutely have to.


    You can also have a look at Pay As You Go data SIM cards or rolling monthly plans if you’re going to need that WiFi a little more often. It’s also worth checking out solutions for in the car or other mobile broadband solutions, such iiNet mobile broadband. Find out if your usage is essential. Find out if you can do that tablet or laptop-related task on your smartphone. If you can, it might be more worthwhile getting a smartphone with a slightly larger screen so you can feel more at home.

    - Using a tablet / laptop more often.

    In this case you’re going to want either a data SIM on a rolling monthly contract or 24 month deal. You need to consider roughly how much data you’re going to consume first, so look initially at a monthly rolling deal to see how much data you burn through.

    Tethering just isn’t an option here unless you’re..

    a) Willing to have your phone on or near a charger quite often (the battery will get caned).
    b) Have a decent mobile plan with tethering included.

    Just recently we’ve seen an increase in the amount of MiFi and car-based mobile WiFi solutions appearing on the market, so we are edging nearer to the more worry-free always-on data connection on more devices, but there’s still a need to be cautious if you just want to get online via a tablet or laptop through your phone.

    Check out the solutions. Dongles are one solution, but check the coverage first and don’t just take the online coverage map as the answer either. If you want mobile broadband in an office or building you really should ask someone to have a look at their signal strength on the network you’re looking at. As an example, I could get full HSDPA on both EE and Three outside my old workplace but, when I walked inside, I was down to either one bar or GPRS. O2 and Vodafone seemed to penetrate the building better and provided better data speeds, but I only found that out by looking at the signal strength on various mobile phones in the office. If I’d dived into a contract straight away it would’ve been a waste of cash.


    If you’re mobile more often, Three still gives some of the best 3G data coverage. Their network was built with data in mind and you’ll rarely find problems. For additional speed, you’ll need to look at big 4G networks like EE, but pricing and data usage need to be considered before you dive in.

    To sum up, check your usage. Ensure that you absolutely need mobile broadband and check the coverage first. Do some research into your existing kit. Check if your tablet, Chromebook or laptop has a SIM slot. If not, you’ll either need a dongle or a MiFi unit. Then, simply shop around. Find the best deal for the data you want. Comparison sites are a good start, but this regularly updated thread at HotUKDeals is a great place to find a bargain plan.

    In an ideal world we’d have all this laid out more simply. We wouldn’t have small print and “gotchas” or huge bills for tethering on the wrong plans. However, we’re not quite there yet. For the most part you’re going to be looking at a new SIM, a new package and a new setup if you want mobile data on another device regularly.

    Mobile broadband – It still needs work is original content from Coolsmartphone.com

    Let the birds fly – EE introduce a range of mobile WiFi solutions

    Getting 4G is one thing, but turning that ultra-fast 4G speed into a WiFi hotspot is another. Today EE have revealed a number of options for getting yourself a mobile WiFi cloud to hop onto.

    The first is something called “Buzzard”. It’s a little widget that basically plugs into your cigaretter lighter in the car. This will create a personal 4G WiFi hotspot which will allow up to 10 devices to connect. There’s a container which will sit nicely in your cup holder as you can see below. It’ll keep your family and other passengers entertained as the iPads, tablets and other electronic devices connect to the internet easily.

    Buzzard from EE - Front Angle (2) Buzzard from EE - Front Angle Buzzard from EE - Front Buzzard from EE - Packaging (2) Buzzard from EE - Packaging In-car lifestyle shot 2 In-car lifestyle shot

    The cost? Just £10 per month plus a £19 up-front charge. It’s £49.99 on PAYG.

    Secondly is the “Kite”, below. This is basically a MiFi unit which you can pop into your pocket, wallet or purse and beams out a WiFi hotspot whereever you are. This one is £10 per month plus £29 up-front or you can pay £69.99 on PAYG plans.
    Kite from EE - Front Angle

    If none of those suit your needs then the third bird-related product could be more your thing. The “Osprey” is a rugged and colourul unit aimed at students and is £10 per month plus £19 up-front or £49.99 on PAYG plans.

    Osprey - Aqua and white - back Osprey - Aqua and white - front angled (2) Osprey - Aqua and white - front angled Osprey - Aqua and white - front Osprey - Black and yellow - back Osprey - Black and yellow - front angled (2) Osprey - Black and yellow - front angled Osprey - Black and yellow - front

    As for those data plans, £10 per month (on a 24 month plan) will get you a 1GB allowance, whilst £15 will get you 3GB. If you prefer a 1 month rolling plan then the prices are the same, plus you can pay even more and get more data and double-speed 4G. Expect to pay £20 for 15GB, £30 for 25GB and £50 per month for 50GB.

    Full details below..


    Let the birds fly – EE introduce a range of mobile WiFi solutions is original content from Coolsmartphone.com

    Three launch 4G MiFi device

    Just a few days ago we brought you the news that Three had launched a 4G dongle. Available on their UK network, it’s the first that supported 4G LTE speeds to make the most of their new network.

    If a dongle was not for you and you wanted a Mifi device, Three have just launched the new 4G Mifi made by Huawei. It goes by the model number 5372 if you are a techie and need to know that sort of info.


    This new 4G MiFi unit has a massive 6 hour battery life and can support up to 10 connections at the same time. This means you can not only connect your own devices, but let friends of family use it on the move too. You’ll not be short of connection space, remember that the old models had a 5 device maximum at any one time.

    As with all mobile broadband devices from Three, there are both Pay Monthly and PAYG deals available, so you can get the best deal that is suited for yourself.

    Pricing on PAYG starts from £89.99 including 1GB, £99.99 gets you 3GB and £149.99 will give you a massive 12GB of data to use

    When it comes to monthly pricing, allowances range from 1GB to 15GB and can be purchased on either long term 24 months or rolling 1 month deals.

    The 4G network on Three is rolling out at a really fast pace, and with allowances up to 15GB a month available this is a very handy device for someone who travels with multiple devices and wants super fast access to content

    Three launch 4G MiFi device is original content from Coolsmartphone.com

    Three tempt the bargain-hunters with a tablet and MiFi for less than £100

    You’re on a budget. You want a cheap tablet. Hey, no problem. There’s absolutely stacks of the things.

    However, they’re nearly always WiFi-only, which is a bit of an issue if you’re away from your router for any length of time.

    Three are solving this with the Gemini D7 tablet and a MiFi combo. The tablet is £99 and comes with MiFi Pay As You Go Starter kit.

    It works like this. The tablet is £99.99, but if you buy the 1GB MiFi magic (£49.99), Three will give you the tablet at half-price. The up-shot is that you can browse the internet whilst out and about.

    The Gemini D7 ? Well, it’s a fairly standard 7″ Android tablet. It runs Android Jellybean and has GPS, WiFi, a dual-core 1GHz CPU, 2 megapixel rear camera, VGA front camera, 3.5mm audio port and NFC.

    The description says “Entry level” and “Amazon appstore” quite a bit so, let’s be honest here, this really is budget territory. Get more details on the Three website.


    Three tempt the bargain-hunters with a tablet and MiFi for less than £100 is original content from Coolsmartphone.com