Claimed circuit board hints at NFC-enabled iPhone 6 – again!

iPhone 6 PCB with NFC vs iPhone 5s PCB (NowhereElse 001)

Combing through our archive of posts mentioning “iPhone” and “NFC” is all it takes to realize that talk of Apple allegedly adopting NFC is intensifying, not dying down. In fact, rumors calling for NFC-enabled iPhones date as far back as 2011!

Thus far, however, the iconic smartphone has not picked up support for NFC technology, which is an acronym for Near Field Communication. On the other hand, Apple has numerous NFC-related patents.

Additionally, it doesn’t really hurt to mention that a growing number of high-end Android handsets include NFC as part of their standard feature set. Well, today a claimed image has surfaced apparently picturing an iPhone 6 printed circuit board with what appears to be an embedded NFC chip…... Read the rest of this post here

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Instagram’s Snapchat competitor Bolt leaks

Snapchat's meteoric rise made one thing abundantly clear -- the market would soon be flooded with copy cats. The next major player to try and drink Snapchat's milkshake might be Instagram. A banner introducing Bolt, a service for "one tap photo messaging," appeared at the top of the company's mobile app last night. The announcement was quickly pulled, but not before several people grabbed screenshots and started passing them around on Twitter. Unfortunately there's not much more detail to share at the moment, but the move will definitely raise a few eyebrows. For one, it would seem like a trivial feature to simply integrate into the existing Instagram app. Secondly, with Facebook's Slingshot already offering ephemeral photo and video messages, Bolt seems like a duplication of efforts. Of course, there's always the chance that Bolt will offer some truly unique twist on the format and shove pretenders to the media messaging crown aside.

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Source: @yo_areli (Twitter)

iPhone 6 rear logo to light up for notifications?

iPhone 6 rear logo to light up for notifications?Another day, another iPhone 6 rumor… The new information suggests that Apple could use its own logo, located at the back of the phone, to light up for notifications. This should inform users about new messages, tweets, Facebook updates and so on, when the iPhone is face down. In addition, the same plastic logo would…

Samsung’s leaked Galaxy Alpha looks like a smaller, prettier S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 (left), leaked Galaxy Alpha (right)

Many have assumed that Samsung's fabled metal smartphone would be a very high-end device, but some new leaks hint that it could be considerably more modest. Both SamMobile and Tinhte have posted photos of the Galaxy Alpha (shown on the right), a mid-range Android handset that reportedly touts a 4.7-inch screen and that long-rumored, slightly more fashionable metal trim. It's not certain exactly what's under the hood beyond LTE-Advanced data, although SamMobile suggests that the internals would slot in neatly between the Galaxy S5 and its smaller, slower mini counterpart. Alongside a previously rumored 720p screen, the Alpha would supposedly pack 32GB of (sadly non-removable) storage and either an Exynos 5 Octa or a Snapdragon 800 for a processor -- good enough, but not great.

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Via: Pocketnow

Source: SamMobile, Tinhte (translated)

This will be the next device to claim the world’s slimmest smartphone title

Gionee GN9005It was back in February when we first talked about the Gionee Elife S5.5, which at that time was the device with the slimmest body, ever. At 5.5mm, it still holds the said spot but that will change soon; and the next phone to claim the throne will be another Gionee device. The soon-to-be-launched Gionee…

Is this the upcoming HTC Android Wear smart watch?

HTC Android Wear smart watchIt could be, but the watch definitely won’t have that custom screen, since Google won’t allow its OEM partners to tweak the software. They [OEM partners] will be able to use custom wallpapers but that’s something completely different. We do like the metal look and feel of this watch that reminds us on HTC’s flagship…

Gold Samsung Z in works

Gold Samsung Z in worksAside from the “regular” colored Samsung Z models, the Korean company is also working on the gold-colored version. Brought to our attention by the good folks of TizenExperts, this unit looks rather sexy in gold and could thus help Sammy move more units. That said, we’re still waiting to see any Z variant hitting the…

Huge Leak Reveals NVIDIA’s Beastly SHIELD Tablet in Detail

shieldtab9Rumors of an upcoming SHIELD tablet look to be true, thanks to a massive leak today. VideoCardz got ahold of what looks to be an extensive slide slow for the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet, chock full of shots of the device and accompanying controller, a full spec sheet and even a look at the build of the…

Infographic: Here’s the iPhone 6

iphone6renderApple has been keeping a tight lip about the iPhone 6, but that hasn’t stopped a torrent of leaks and rumors to surface about Apple’s next iPhone. So much has been said about the iPhone 6 that it’s hard to keep all of the rumors straight. A new infographic is here to explain the iPhone…

Could this be iPhone 6?s improved, more durable Touch ID sensor?

iPhone 6 (Touch ID, NowhereElse 001)

Purported iPhone 6 parts continue leaking out ahead of the handset’s assumed September unveiling. We were recently treated to a stress, bending and scratch test videos of a piece of a purported sapphire-coated iPhone 6 cover glass.

And earlier this summer, alleged leaks revealed a claimed front LCD frame, an alleged rear shell and a SIM card tray, while questionable mockups piqued everyone’s interest. It’s now time to turn our attention to Apple’s next-generation Touch ID.

As you know, the sophisticated fingerprint scanner debuted as an iPhone 5s exclusive last September. Touch ID is expected to expand to new iPhone and iPad models this year and TSMC is said to be already building a more durable variant of Touch ID.

New images that surfaced Wednesday promise to offer a glimpse of what an improved, slightly revamped Touch ID for the iPhone 6 looks like…... Read the rest of this post here

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