Flickr wants to become your new Instagram with its latest app update

?Today Yahoo is rolling our Flickr "3.0," a completely redesigned approach to its photo-sharing apps on Android and iOS. In addition to offering improved sharing through Dropbox and Google+, Flickr on mobile now features Instagram-like filters and in-depth editing tools. We especially like the new option to view each photo's metadata, including which camera an image was shot with, aperture setting and more.

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Instagram and Facebook stepping up fight against spammers

Instagram deactivates spam and fake accounts

Facebook-owned Instagram has responded to complaints from users who have noticed a sharp increase in the number of fake accounts and followers that are spamming them. If you fire up Instagram’s free iPhone app and hit the Following button, you’ll see a message about changes in followers.

“We’ve removed deactivated and spam accounts,” the message reads. “Your list of followers and people you follow may have changed” as a result.

This is a welcomed albeit way overdue change.

I’ve been a frequent victim of spammers on Instagram. Some of these guys are really smart in how they get on your Following list with the ultimate goal of populating your feed with spammy posts often disguised as so-called viral images and videos…(...)
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Instagram grows to 200 million users

Instagram has announced a new milestone as the social photo sharing network has surpassed 200 million users. The news comes in the shadow of parent company Facebook’s acquisition of virtual reality gaming startup Oculus Rift.

Instagram reportedly testing location integration with Facebook Places


Facebook-owned Instagram has traditionally relied on Foursquare for its vast database of points of interest.

For example, upon uploading a photograph Instagram gives you an option of choosing a location where the image was taken using its Foursquare integration, simply by tapping a ‘Name This Location’ button.

Post acquisition, however, things have become a little weird.

Facebook has long been maintaining its own location database, Facebook Places. Two years into the acquisition, Instagram has now started using Facebook Places as its mapping service, at least for a subset of its users.

Despite this (expected) change, more than the 150 million Instagram fans can continue to share their check-ins to Foursquare from Instagram…(...)
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Instagram is testing Facebook Places integration for location tagging

It looks like Zuckerberg and Co. may be looking to make a big push for Facebook Places, and an on-going trial indicates that it could start with Instagram. The folks in Menlo Park are testing the social networks' own service for adding location info, but for now, Foursquare remains an option for sharing inside its popular filter-driven photo editor. In fact, some users have already encountered the tweak. Instagram has long used Foursquare's API and venue data for attaching snapshots to a particular place, and there's no guarantee that the trials will even make it to a new version of the app. Of course, in addition to Foursquare, users can beam photos to Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr in addition to the parent social network. We reached out for a comment on the matter and we recieved the following statement from an Instagram spokesperson:

Foursquare is a great partner, and people will continue to be able to share their check-ins to Foursquare from Instagram. We are constantly testing experiences throughout the app to provide the best possible user experience as part of future planning.

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New Cloak app helps you hide from ‘that guy’

Cloak app

There are a plethora of geo-location-based apps that make it incredibly convenient to do friendly things, like chat with nearby peers about local hotspots or meet up with a coworker on the fly. A new iOS app called Cloak, however, utilizes services from Foursquare and Instagram for a more anti-social purpose. The brainchild of Brian Moore and former Buzzfeed creative director Chris Baker, Cloak identifies the location of friends (read: those you'd rather not bump into) based upon their latest check-in. While perusing the map, you can choose to "flag" certain undesirables, like exes or annoying third-wheels, to be notified when they wander within a preset distance of your personal bubble. Or you could, ya know, skip town altogether just to be safe.

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Instagram for Android update sports refreshed UI, speedier performance

Is Instagram your go-to photo app on that trusty Android handset? If so, you're about see a improved performance with a new look. The filter-powered social snapshot software has been updated with a more polished UI that "feels native and at home on any Android device." This means simplified (read: flat) design elements are used throughout and the app is faster and more responsive all the way around, on larger gadgets and smaller feature phones too. The difference is immediately visible in the main navigation bar across the bottom. Some controls have been shuffled around, but the outfit promises the changes are in the interest of maximum usability, making the app "faster, cleaner and easier to use than ever." If your Android device doesn't alert you to update the app, mosey over to the Google Play store today and snag it.

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Instagram for iPhone introduces Lux filter slider

Instagram 5.0.6 for iOS (Lux filter slider 003)Instagram 5.0.6 for iOS (Lux filter slider 002)

Facebook-owned Instagram has introduced the popular Lux filter via a free update back in February 2012. Lux is admittedly a nice new way to enhance your photos, but there’s just one slight problem: Instagram’s one-touch implementation leaves a lot to be desired.

For starters, the effect has no options to fiddle with. For those unaware of Lux, it reduces overexposure and uses sharpening and fill light tweaks to make your shots warmer and people prettier.

It’s quite handy in low-light and low-contrast situations, even more so if you take lots of selfies using the iPhone’s sub-par front-facing camera. Realizing folks need more control over Lux, Instagram has updated its free iPhone app with a custom Lux slider…(...)
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Instagram iOS update lets you fine-tune Lux

Instagram’s Lux feature — the little sun icon that when enabled acts as a sort of combo brightness/contrast/exposure/saturation booster — has been tweaked in the app’s latest iOS update, adding a greater degree of control.

Instagram does your selfies a favor with an improved Lux feature for iOS

Go ahead, ask any youngster around you: selfies are serious business. No one is more mindful of that universal truth than Instagram, which is why it pushed out yet another iOS app update earlier today. No, there aren't any new filters (isn't 19 enough?) -- instead, the company brought some much-needed control to its Lux feature.

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