Judge says police can create fake Instagram accounts to see photos

Instagram on Android

Many would argue that cops cross the line when they impersonate people on social networks to catch suspects, but that doesn't mean that fake accounts are always off the table. In a recent opinion, New Jersey district judge William Martini contends that police don't need search warrants to create bogus Instagram accounts for the sake of seeing a suspect's photos. As Martini explains, it's "consensual sharing" -- the perpetrator is both making these pictures public and willingly providing access to others. That's bad news for Daniel Gatson, an alleged burglar who insisted that law enforcement needed probable cause (that is, reasonable belief that there's evidence of a crime) to peek at an Instagram feed laden with shots of cash and jewelery.

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Source: Ars Technica

Instagram gives you more control over your photo filters

Instagram's new filter interface

Instagram's photography thrives on filters, so it's only fair that you get as much control over those filters as possible, right? The developers clearly think so. An update rolling out today to Instagram's Android and iOS apps lets you reorganize and hide filters; if you're obsessed with Sutro's vignettes, you can bump it to the front. Each filter icon also shows a blurred preview of the effect on your photo, giving you a better sense of what will happen if you tap a given icon. There are five new filters (Aden, Crema, Ludwig, Perpetua and Slumber) available today as well, so you'll have plenty of excuses to check out the new interface when it reaches your phone.

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Source: App Store, Google Play, Instagram Blog

Instagram hits 300M monthly users, rolls out verified badges

Instagram 6.2 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Facebook-owned Instagram shared a new milestone today as the popular mobile photo-sharing service hit 300 million monthly users, making it bigger than Twitter which on October 27 had 284 million active users.

The figure is sharply up from 200 million active users Instagram had at the end of March, meaning the service has grown 50 percent in the past 9 months alone.... Read the rest of this post here

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London in a day, as seen through 1,017 Instagram photos

Italian filmmaker Lorenzo Antico handpicked 1,017 Instagram photos of London to create this short video. It’s very similar to this video we posted last year, and arguably not as well put together, but it’s still a pretty cool video that I’m sure will inspire some of you to create your own short films based on the concept.

For those wondering, the music playing is a song called Henrietta by The Fratellis. Enjoy!

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Carousel by Dropbox gains native iPad UI, sharing to Instagram and WhatsApp and web app

Carousel 1.7 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

Released in April of 2014Carousel is a great app to enjoy all your photos stored in Dropbox, but I’ve always resented that it didn’t have a native interface on the iPad. The Dropbox-owned software has received a refresh Thursday, at last adding the native interface on Apple’s tablets.

In addition, Carousel now lets you share images from your Dropbox to Facebook-owner Instagram mobile photography service and WhatsApp mobile messaging platform. And as a nice bonus, the team has thrown in a compelling Carousel web app.

Carousel is available free in the App Store.... Read the rest of this post here

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Dropbox Carousel comes to iPad and web today, Android tablets soon

Ever since the first cloud storage services hit the web, they've been a prime destination for thousands upon thousands of uploaded photos. Unfortunately, many of those services don't have polished user interfaces that allow for easy viewing and sharing -- unless you're just a big fan of file manager-esque folders and list views. In April, Dropbox debuted Carousel, an app that seeks to solve that problem by grouping your images together by date and letting you scroll through endless years of photos and sharing your favorites with friends and family. The service was only offered on iPhones and Android smartphones until today, when Dropbox announced that it's now available for iPads and the web, with support for Android tablets coming in the coming weeks.

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At long last, you can fix all your Instagram caption flubs

We've seen too many clever quips on Instagram marred by a typo or a malformed emoticon - if you've fouled up a caption or eight in your time, you'd better download Instagram's latest update. At long last, those of you whose fingers move fasters than your eyes can go back an edit your captions so as to look as smart as you always thought you were. The rest of the update consists of minor tweaks to how you discover new Instaphotographers to follow: you'll be able to dig around in a new People tab for new sources of content (as opposed to just sifting through a stream of overly filtered photos), while the app's search box now returns suggestions for users and hashtags as you're pecking them out. The update has already started to hit the Facebook subsidiary's iOS and Android apps today, which means that Windows Phone owners can probably expect to fix their flubs some time after the sun swells up into a red giant and engulfs the inner half of the solar system.

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Source: Instagram Blog

Instagram updated with caption editing, people finder, faster search and more

Instagram 6.2 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Facebook-owned Instagram on Monday received a nice feature upgrade enabling new things and elevating your experience “to help you discover more on Instagram,” as per the team’s blog post.

For starters, you can now find other accounts to follow in the People tab on Explore. If you spot a typo in captions of your uploaded snap, Instagram now at last lets you fix typos or even change photo locations after the fact.

You will also notice faster searching, refreshed explore and profile icons, subtle changes to the user interface and more.

Instagram is available free in the App Store.... Read the rest of this post here

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Lumera lets you post high-res snapshots on Instagram with one click

You are done (DONE!) taking selfies with a phone like some plebeian -- you only take DSLR selfies now, even though it's a pain transferring photos using a camera without built-in WiFi. A camera attachment called Lumera wants to solve that problem by giving you a way to upload high-res snapshots to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with a single click. To integrate the WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy device with a DSLR, you need to attach it via the tripod screw and plug it into the camera's mini-USB port. So long as you define the social networks of your choice on its accompanying app, you won't have to take out your phone to upload pics anymore. The app itself is pretty useful, though: it can stream whatever the camera's viewfinder is looking at, set timelapses and access the DSLR's settings remotely.

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Source: Lumera, Kickstarter

Get ready to start seeing video ads in your Instagram feed

If people weren't too happy with the first batch of sponsored posts by Instagram, those temper tantrums might reach a new level soon. According to Adweek, the Facebook-owned imaging service is now rolling out video ads to users' feeds, having been quietly testing them for the past six months. So, starting today, don't be surprised to unexpectedly run into a random 15-second video while you're trying to find a picture of the next great brunch. As it stands, Adweek points out that Instagram is pushing motion ads from Activision, Banana Republic, CW and Lancome, but chances are you'll start seeing others from more companies as time goes on. In the meantime, head on past the break to check out what you can expect -- because you're dying to know.

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Source: Adweek