Instagram releases photo collage app Layout

Instagram Layout 1.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 005

Facebook-owned Instagram on Monday announced a brand new mobile application called Layout, dedicated to making interesting photo collages.

Layout from Instagram is rolling out today for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. The app will be available as a free download in the App Store. Currently only available for iOS, Layout will be available for Android in the coming months.... Read the rest of this post here

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Want some apps for that Apple Watch? You’ll need iOS 8.2

We already got the big Apple Watch reveal last fall. But today, Tim Cook took the stage at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco to let us all know what wonders that very Apple smartwatch can perform, like make and receive calls! Oh yes, and there's also a host of apps to take advantage of Apple Watch, but to get them, first you'll need to download the new iOS 8.2 software update for your iPhone. Good thing it's available today.

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FINALLY: Spotless is a new iPhone app that will automatically delete troll comments on Instagram

Instagram Spam Comments

If there is one thing that rings true on every corner of the Internet, it's this: where there is a comments section, there will be trolls. Some people seemingly have nothing better to do than to sit around and post malicious and inflammatory comments all day, and they tend to ruin any chances of people having an intelligent conversation.

Of course, it's not just blogs and news sites that have to worry about trolls, and Instagram users are all too familiar with that fact. But now, there may finally be an app that can rid your Instagram photo feed of any and all traces of those annoying troll comments and spam.

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Instagram’s carousel ads let brands post multiple photos at once

If you're looking to post multiple photos to Instagram at once, you have to employ another app to create a grid of snapshots. Well, that's about to change... for brands. The filter-driven app announced today that "carousel ads" will soon appear in your feed, allowing companies to post multiple images with "more flexibility" in the storytelling. When you encounter one of the new adverts, swiping left will reveal additional images, linking out to the appropriate website for further investigation. Underneath the post, dots will show your which photo you're viewing, and that handy link comes in the form of a "learn more" button. Of course, advertisers can also leverage the app's video abilities to drive the intended message home. Use of the new ad format will be limited at first, as Instagram plans to make some tweaks once they go live in the "coming weeks."

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SaveGram allows you to save Instagram photos and videos to the Photos app


Looking to save some of the precious moments you find on Instagram? If so, then SaveGram is a jailbreak tweak that you want to try today. It allows you to not only save photos from the people you follow, but also videos as well.... Read the rest of this post here

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Videos in Instagram for iPhone now play on loop

Instagram 6.2 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

I rarely, if ever, publish videos on Instagram, but those who do should know that the latest version 6.5 update, which rolled out this morning to Instagram’s iPhone app, has quietly enabled looping videos.

Previously, you had to tap on videos to pause and resume playback. And as first spotted by AppAdvice, the option to set sound to play when the device’s ringer is on or to be always off has been removed as well.

Although Instagram videos now automatically replay in your feed, the company insists that this won’t affect how much data the app uses.... Read the rest of this post here

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Instagram introduces endlessly looping videos


When Vine introduced loop counts, it instantly replaced likes and shares to become the default metric to gauge the popularity of a video. Facebook has dabbled with a similar technique for auto-play videos in users' mobile Newsfeeds, but only now has it appeared on its other popular social network, Instagram. It comes in an update to the iOS app and across the web (expect Android to follow), ensuring that you'll automatically see your followers' 15 second (or less) videos over and over. Gone are pause buttons, replaced with the option to unmute videos that auto-play as you scroll down your feed.

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Judge says police can create fake Instagram accounts to see photos

Instagram on Android

Many would argue that cops cross the line when they impersonate people on social networks to catch suspects, but that doesn't mean that fake accounts are always off the table. In a recent opinion, New Jersey district judge William Martini contends that police don't need search warrants to create bogus Instagram accounts for the sake of seeing a suspect's photos. As Martini explains, it's "consensual sharing" -- the perpetrator is both making these pictures public and willingly providing access to others. That's bad news for Daniel Gatson, an alleged burglar who insisted that law enforcement needed probable cause (that is, reasonable belief that there's evidence of a crime) to peek at an Instagram feed laden with shots of cash and jewelery.

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Instagram gives you more control over your photo filters

Instagram's new filter interface

Instagram's photography thrives on filters, so it's only fair that you get as much control over those filters as possible, right? The developers clearly think so. An update rolling out today to Instagram's Android and iOS apps lets you reorganize and hide filters; if you're obsessed with Sutro's vignettes, you can bump it to the front. Each filter icon also shows a blurred preview of the effect on your photo, giving you a better sense of what will happen if you tap a given icon. There are five new filters (Aden, Crema, Ludwig, Perpetua and Slumber) available today as well, so you'll have plenty of excuses to check out the new interface when it reaches your phone.

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Instagram hits 300M monthly users, rolls out verified badges

Instagram 6.2 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Facebook-owned Instagram shared a new milestone today as the popular mobile photo-sharing service hit 300 million monthly users, making it bigger than Twitter which on October 27 had 284 million active users.

The figure is sharply up from 200 million active users Instagram had at the end of March, meaning the service has grown 50 percent in the past 9 months alone.... Read the rest of this post here

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