Instagram’s iPhone 6 refresh is out

Instagram 6.1.3 for iOS (iPHone screenshot 001)

One of the most popular mobile applications and the de facto leading platform for mobile photography, Facebook-owned Instagram, has at last been optimized with native display support for Apple’s latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones.Instagram 6.1.3 is now available in the App Store and lists no other changes in iTunes release notes accompanying the 15.9-megabyte download.... Read the rest of this post here

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Experience Instagram in a whole new way with Grids for Mac

Grids for OS X 1.0 (Mac screenshot 001)

There’s no shortage of unofficial Instagram clients for the Mac, even if the vast majority of them offer limited functionality and clunky user interfaces. Enter Grids by ThinkTime Creations, a beautiful new way to experience Instagram on your Mac with its adaptive grid-based interface, deep interactions and a number of other compelling features.

The $1.99 app, which launched earlier today, offers full Retina display support, native full-screen mode, notifications for new feeds, the ability to interact with your followers, their Instagram snaps and videos and much more.... Read the rest of this post here

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Instagram’s Hyperlapse app picks up native iPhone 6 support, new ‘selfielapse’ feature

Instagram Hyperlapse (iPhone screenshot 001)

Instagrams iPhone app for high quality Time-lapse video capture, Hyperlapse, debuted a month ago.

On Thursday, the software received its first update as developers released version 1.1 which has added native display support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones.

In addition, there’s a new ‘selfielapse’ mode which uses the front-facing FaceTime camera to create cool Time-lapses.

This edition of Hyperlapse includes bug fixes and reliability improvements as well. The app is available free of charge in the App Store.... Read the rest of this post here

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Instagram’s Hyperlapse app gets a sped-up selfie mode

Regular selfie vids just won't cut it anymore. We live in the age of Hyperlapse after all, and now Instagram is offering the high-speed option for that front-facing cam. With a new update to its standalone iOS app, the filter-driven outfit allows you to employ its time-lapse tool to document those vacation selfie moments and more. All you have to do is tap the appropriate icon on the app's home screen to toggle between cameras before capturing the footage and beaming it to Instagram, Facebook or your phone's library. The new version is live in the iTunes App Store now, so have at it.

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Instagram ads are coming to UK feeds very soon

Instagram's UK Users Get Ads

While Instagram has been monetising its app for nearly a year, UK users have enjoyed scrolling through timelines that are completely free of ads. Until today, that is. The company has taken to the service to share the very first sponsored post with UK users (shown above), letting them know that "over the coming weeks" it will begin displaying paid content their streams, whether they like it or not. Users are invited to tap the "Sponsored" label to learn more about a specific campaign, but the majority are likely to become acquainted with "..." button, which quickly hides them from view. The dream might be over but Instagram says it's starting out with only a "few" businesses, meaning you shouldn't be bombarded with ads when they begin rolling out.

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Instagram is down, it’s not just you! [update: it's back]


If you’ve noticed that Instagram isn’t working properly this afternoon, it’s not just you. Several users have taken to Twitter to complain that the popular image-sharing service is down, and a few of us here at iDB have confirmed the outage.

While parts of the app are still working for some folks, it seems that the Explore tab isn’t loading for most users, and many are having issues getting their personal feeds to load. We’re also seeing ’503 Service Unavailable’ in the News tab.... Read the rest of this post here

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Instagram shows how Hyperlapse stabilizes your jittery videos

Image stabilization in Instagram's Hyperlapse

Instagram has already revealed a bit about how Hyperlapse turns your shaky handheld footage into smooth time-lapses, but what if you really want to know what makes it tick? Don't worry -- the company will happily satisfy your curiosity with a deep dive into the app's inner workings. Ultimately, you're looking at a significant extension of the Cinema tech used in Instagram itself. It's still using your phone's gyroscope to determine the orientation of the camera and crop frames to counteract any shakiness. The biggest change is in how Hyperlapse adjusts to different time-lapse speeds. It only checks the positioning for the video frames you'll actually see, and that crop-based smoothing effect will change as you step up the pace.

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Instagram launches Hyperlapse, a smart time-lapse video app

Instagram Hyperlapse (iPhone screenshot 001)

If you’re looking for a clever use of the iPhone’s gyroscope and accelerometer sensors, look no further than Hyperlapse, a new iOS app by Facebook-owned Instagram which lets you create panning and time-lapse shots, steadycam-style.

The time-lapse feature is similar to one Apple will bring to iOS devices with the release of iOS 8 in Fall.

As for the tracking shots, the software uses advanced algorithms and your iPhone’s hardware to smooth out panning shots as if you recorded video with a Steadicam or a professional $15,000 tracking rig.

And in what prove to be a killer feature for folks who loathe Instagram, Hyperlapse can be enjoyed without an Instagram or Facebook account as no signup is required to use the app.

Hyperlapse is available free in the App Store.... Read the rest of this post here

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Instagram’s Hyperlapse app turns shaky video into smooth time-lapse

The videos you see on Instagram right now are rarely worth writing home about -- after all, most people just slap filters on them and cast them out into the social ether. As it turns out, the folks at Instagram have cooked up a new to create truly beautiful shareable videos with a new app they call Hyperlapse. In traditional Instagram fashion, it's a breeze to use: all of the heavy lifting is done behind the scenes, so all you have to do is record what's happening in front of you and choose how fast (between 1x and 12x) you want the resulting creation to play back. The end result? Some incredibly smooth, downright entrancing time-lapse videos that don't require a desktop to make.

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Messaging’s mission impossible: One inbox to rule them all

My phone buzzes. I glance at it and see a text message from my husband, who wants to know if I can pick him up from work. Later that day, my phone buzzes again. This time, it's a Facebook Messenger notification from my mother, who wants to chat about an upcoming trip. At the same time, a friend pings me using Twitter's Direct Messages. Next, a colleague strikes up a conversation on Google Hangouts. Realizing it would be easier to handle all of these with a computer, I flip open my laptop so I can chat with everyone simultaneously. Within the span of a few hours, I've chatted with four different people on four completely different messaging platforms. And the juggling doesn't stop there.

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