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Get Instagram’s new flat UI redesign now with this jailbreak tweak

Earlier this week, we had shared with you what appears to be a redesign for the Instagram app for iPhone that may soon be rolled out to all users. The new interface utilizes an iOS 9-esque flatter design with white UI elements and black button highlights. However, if you’re jailbroken, then you don’t have to […]


Instagram finally testing flat mobile app design

Instagram’s reportedly been testing a fresh new design for its mobile application for iOS and Android, MacRumors discovered yesterday. If leaked screenshots are anything to go by, in adopting much of iOS’s aesthetics the overhauled app sports a simpler, monochromatic look providing a cleaner, flatter appearance. It’s unknown when the new design will launch for everyone. For now,...


Instagram update brings the ability to combine several clips into one video

Instagram today issue a small yet important update to its iPhone and iPod touch application in the App Store. Bumped to version 7.2, Instagram now allows you to combine several clips into one continuous video before it’s posted on the service. You can add multiple videos from your Camera roll and reorder them in the […]


Reposting Vine videos to Instagram with VineGrab

I recently talked about sharing Instagram videos on Vine, a multi-step procedure that involves a third-party app to save an Instagram clip to the Camera roll before posting it manually to the Twitter-owned Vine service. So far so good. But what about the other way round? Of course that same process applies to posting vine clips on […]


How to reorganize your favorite Instagram filters and hide the ones you don’t need

With 40+ filters to choose from, Instagram’s gone a long way since its humble beginnings. On the downside, the more filters they add the more cluttered Instagram’s interface becomes. When you think of it, it usually makes more sense to have only the filters at your disposal that you actually use regularly. If you could tell Instagram to display only your fav filters, […]


Everyone hates Instagram’s upcoming algorithmic timeline

Instagram New Timeline Algorithm
Earlier this month, Instagram published a blog post on its website explaining that many of its users were missing the photos and videos they "might care about the most." Therefore, the company is planning to eliminate the chronological feed in favor of an algorithmic timeline similar to Facebook's. Instagram users were livid, and that anger has only swelled in the ensuing weeks.


How to share Instagram videos to Vine

Sharing an Instagram video on Vine, a shortform video-sharing service, is not as trivial as it seems at first blush. Instagram’s app does not connect directly to Twitter-owned Vine and Facebook is doing a surprisingly good job clamping down on third-party apps which would permit users to reshare Instagram videos to Vine. A workaround solution involves downloading these videos to your device...