Virgin Media’s free WiFi app finally comes to iOS

WiFi Buddy iOS App

One of the perks of being a Virgin Media customer is gaining access to the company's suite of mobile apps. They let you make landline calls and watch TV on your smartphone, but also connect to thousands of free WiFi hotspots all over the UK. Unfortunately for iOS users, WiFi Buddy, the provider's dedicated wireless app, has been Android-only since launch. That's now changing after Virgin Media finally deemed Apple fans worthy of free WiFi and has made the app available on the App Store too. Once installed, you'll get access to over 22,000 The Cloud hotspots (thanks to Virgin Media's deal with Sky) in places like Marks & Spencer, Wetherspoon, WH Smith, Pret A Manger, Greggs and other popular locations -- useful, if you're trying to save your mobile allowance or you find yourself in an area with poor signal.

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CES 2015: AT&T unveils LTE case for Wi-Fi iPads

AT&T Modio Smartcase

If you ever wanted to buy a cellular iPad but couldn’t wrap your head around forking out an extra $130 for LTE functionality, AT&T has you covered.

Here at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the #2 U.S. wireless carrier announced a new case that gives Wi-Fi-only iPads the ability to connect to its high-speed 4G LTE network.

It’s basically a case with an integrated mobile LTE hotspot and it’s available in several editions, including versions for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2, as well as all three generations of the iPad mini.... Read the rest of this post here

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How to use Instant Hotspot on the Mac

Instant Hotspot iOS 8 Yosemite

Instant Hotspot is a great new feature that allows you to connect to your iPhone’s Hotspot for instant Internet access with zero configuration. As long as your Mac running OS X Yosemite and iPhone running iOS 8 are connected to the same iCloud account, and both devices have Bluetooth enabled, you can quickly tap into your iPhone’s Internet connection from your Mac.... Read the rest of this post here

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The 25 best new features of iOS 8

iPhone 6 sensors barometer accelerometer gyroscope

Admittedly, the myriad of new and useful capabilities that Apple’s just-released iOS 8 brings to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are going to prove hugely popular with mainstream users, to say the least. With iOS 8, Apple is appeasing harsh critics who’d frequently point out that Android is capable of things iOS cannot do, and then some more.

iOS 8 opens up Apple’s mobile operating system to third-party development to a much greater extent than ever before. And stemming from relaxed policies, iOS 8 boosts on-the-go productivity with deeper inter-app sharing while implementing some of the features our Android friends have grown accustomed to, but in a typical hassle-free Apple fashion, things like third-party keyboards, custom actions, photo editing extensions within the context of Photos and Camera apps and way more.

And though evolutionary rather than revolutionary, we have no doubt in our minds that iOS 8 is going to significantly improve the functionality of Apple’s mobile platform, and perhaps even give some folks less reasons to jailbreak.

To celebrate today’s release of the free iOS 8 software update, we proudly present you this detailed overview of more than two dozen iOS 8 features we think you’re going to fall in love with at first sight.... Read the rest of this post here

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Why T-Mobile wants to give you a wireless router for free

T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling

If you're a T-Mobile customer, your company just gave you a very unexpected gift at yesterday's UnCarrier event: a wireless router. Yes, a fully functioning, magenta-branded, ASUS-built router, which can do essentially everything your current router can do -- and if yours is old, this will likely do even more. The device, which would cost roughly $200 if you purchased it on Amazon without T-Mobile's tweaks, only requires a $25 deposit, which gets returned to you once you're done using it. The company is going all-in on its commitment to providing every subscriber and every carrier-branded smartphone with free WiFi calling, and the router -- called the T-Mobile Personal CellSpot -- is the icing on the cake. But, you may ask, why is this a thing that's happening in the year 2014, especially when most of us already have access to a router (and thus, WiFi calling) nearly everywhere we go?

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Sprint LivePro review: A mediocre projector hotspot that appeals to few

The "Swiss Army knife of electronics." That's the best way Sprint can define the LivePro, a touchscreen projector/Android hotspot made by Chinese manufacturer ZTE. The device, which goes for $300 with a two-year contract, is the first in a brand-new hybrid category -- and depending on how successful it is, it may well be the last. Although the LivePro has a wide range of capabilities that make it useful on many different fronts, its demand will be incredibly niche. What kind of person needs such a unique device, and is it good enough to even attract them?%Gallery-slideshow211407%

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San Francisco takes the pain out of joining secure public WiFi

Looking down Market Street in San Francisco

Security on public WiFi tends to be either non-existent or a bit of a hassle; it's not fun to track down passwords just so that you can get online from the street corner. If you frequently visit downtown San Francisco, though, it's now a relative breeze. The city has launched a new version of its public WiFi that uses the Hotspot 2.0 standard to give you an encrypted connection with a minimum of fuss. So long as you're using a recent platform (newer Android devices as well as iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and Windows 8), you only have to install a simple profile to get going instead of putting in some credentials.

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iOS 8 gains intelligent Instant Hotspot feature

Instant Hotspot iOS 8

iPhones and iPads have long had a feature called Personal Hotspot for tethering your cellular data connection to a Mac or another device over Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi. To setup the personal hotspot, users had to navigate to settings and toggle on the feature. Then, the device would appear as a Wi-Fi network or under network services in settings if connected using USB… ... Read the rest of this post here

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Several users complaining of Hotspot issues in iOS 7.1

personal hotspot ios 7

Folks having trouble with their Personal Hotspot feature in iOS 7.1 aren’t alone. A number of users have been complaining of tethering issues since installing the latest iOS update, as evidenced by this 16-page thread in Apple’s support forums.

Specifically, the problem seems to occur when trying to save custom APN settings in a device’s Cellular menu. Apparently you can enter information into the text fields, but the values don’t save and any attempt to make a connection errors out…(...)
Read the rest of Several users complaining of Hotspot issues in iOS 7.1

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Your smartphone’s WiFi hotspot might double as a disaster rescue beacon

Russians rescue Haitian man from earthquake rubble

When disasters strike, communication services tend to go down; you can't simply call for help or share your location online. However, engineers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology have found a way to use a smartphone as a rescue beacon when there aren't any available networks. The researchers have written a victim app that inserts an SOS alert into the name of the phone's WiFi hotspot. Emergency crews just have to use a companion app to find you up to 330 feet away. It's a simple trick, to be sure. The big challenge is getting people to use the software in the first place -- the team would like its code built into your phone's interface, but they might have to find a way to distribute their apps in the field. If Fraunhofer's staff succeed in making the tools commonplace, though, you may soon find a ready-made distress signal in your pocket.

[Image credit: United Nations Photo, Flickr]

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