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Google lowers minimum app prices in 17 countries

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To many people around the globe, 99-cent apps might still be too expensive. In an effort to reach more people worldwide, Google has lowered the minimum app price in the Play Store for 17 countries, after a successful pilot in India earlier this year. Prices vary depending on location: Indians enjoy the lowest minimum price of 10 Indian Rupees (15 cents), while folks in Turkey and Ukraine will be able to buy the cheapest apps for 21 cents each. Poland is getting the smallest price cut of them all, but the minimum amount still costs less than half a dollar at 45 cents. You can find the full price list below the fold with their US dollar conversations. If you're a developer willing to sell at a lower price, you can adjust your apps' pricing scheme under "Pricing & Distribution" or "In-app Products" in Google Play's Developer Console.

Source: Android Developers Blog, Google Support