This link can crash your Google Chrome browser

Crash Chrome Browser Link

Because Google Chrome doesn't have enough issues already, a security researcher has discovered that a specific string of text is capable of crashing the browser and deleting any unsaved work sitting in open tabs.

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Google finally starts fixing Chrome’s memory-hogging, battery-killing features

Google Chrome 45 Update Features

It may be one of the best Internet browsers you can get your hands on, but it can also be pretty annoying, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. Google, however, got the message, and it started fixing the Chrome browser, releasing a version that’s supposed to offer you a “faster and more efficient web.”

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Hilarious: What a Google self-driving car with Chrome rims would look like

Google Self Driving Car

Google over the past few years has been hard at work developing all sorts of cool and futuristic self-driving car technologies. With an extensive array of sensors, Google's autonomous cars are designed to safely navigate through city streets with ease. From changing lanes to avoiding pedestrians at a moment's notice, Google's self-driving cars are intriguing and certainly give us a glimpse into what the future of driving may look like. To date, Google's collection of futuristic cars, which include modified Lexus SUVs, have accumulated more than 1.7 million miles on the road.

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Google Chrome drives another nail in Flash’s coffin

Google Chrome Auto Block Flash Ads

Ding, dong, Adobe Flash is almost dead! With execs at major tech companies calling for Adobe to set a firm death date for Flash, Google has taken a more proactive step to push Flash into its grave. Ars Technica informs us that starting on September 1st, Google's Chrome browser will start auto-blocking any ads that use Flash as their programming language. Videos that use Flash will still work on Chrome, however any "non essential" bits of Flash will be blocked.

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Brilliant free app lets you watch Netflix remotely with your friends

Netflix Shared Viewing

With the rise of Netflix and the advent of binge watching, watching TV has arguably become something of a solitary affair. That's all well and good, but if you'd like to be even just a tad more social while otherwise camping out on your couch and watching Netflix alone, we've got you covered.

Showgoers is a nifty little Chrome extension which lets friends watch the same Netflix programming in real time. The extension itself is rather simple insofar as it links up user Netflix accounts and lets viewers send out invitations to friends asking them to join a stream. All in all, Showgoers is a great way to have a virtual viewing party when people can't otherwise get together.

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Chrome for iOS gains a cool tab-switching gesture

Google Chrome logo (medium)

Just days after updating Chrome for iOS with the ability to swipe right or left to navigate backward or forward, the search giant issued another app refresh this morning.

Bumped to version 44.0.2403.67, Chrome’s added a handy shortcut to switch between open tabs without having to reach for an icon in the upper right corner with your thumb.

Google’s mobile browser for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is available at no cost in the App Store.... Read the rest of this post here

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Chrome for iOS talks to smart devices through the web

Chrome on an iPhone

Your iPhone just became a better remote control for the internet of things. Google has released Chrome 44 for iOS, which lets you see Physical Web devices (think smart parking meters and vending machines) in iOS' Today view -- you don't need to run specialized apps or open the browser just to see gadgets around you. It's still a worthwhile upgrade even if you don't live around compatible gadgets, since you can finally use Safari-style horizontal swipes to flip back and forth through web pages. Either way, you'll definitely want to swing by the App Store if Chrome is your surfing software of choice.

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How to halve your data usage on Chrome for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Google data compression proxy chart 002

Google’s Chrome browser includes a handy feature designed to decrease bandwidth usage by up to fifty percent for mobile users on very slow networks. Called Data Saver, it works by passing webpages you visit to Google servers that compress graphics and other web content.

You can even tell Data Saver to replace the originally requested image with a small placeholder graphic, if the original image is likely not a crucial element of the page.

Here’s how you can reduce the amount of data that Chrome uses on your Mac, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad by enabling Data Saver mode to cut your bandwidth usage up to fifty percent, and even more.... Read the rest of this post here

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You might be ruining your Netflix streams without even knowing it – here’s a simple fix

Netflix Full HD Chrome Safari Internet Explorer

Netflix just released the third season of Orange Is the New Black, and regardless of whether you've already binge watched it already or not, chances are some people will be watching it the wrong way on their computers. If you use Google’s Chrome browser to stream Netflix on a Windows or Mac PC, you're probably limiting your viewing experience to 720p (HD) rather than 1080p (Full HD).

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How to enable Google Chrome’s new MacBook battery-saving feature

Google Chrome logo (medium)

There’s no denying Google Chrome is brutal on notebook battery life. Don’t get me wrong, Chrome is a great browser and used to be my daily driver.

That was before OS X Yosemite came along with Safari Power Saver, a tremendously useful feature that stops power-hungry plug-ins like Adobe Flash from rendering animations and interactive elements on webpages. In case you didn’t know, Chrome has a built-in Flash Player which takes a toll on battery life and sends your notebooks’s fan into overdrive.

But worry not, Google has enabled a power-saver feature of its own in a recent Chrome update. In this post, I’m going to explain how you can enable it in order to instantly improve your MacBook’s battery performance.... Read the rest of this post here

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