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Importing data to Safari from another web browser

Love it or hate it, Apple’s Safari is a zippy web browser that performs well on the Mac, and it continues to get more and more competitive with other web browser platforms as OS X, soon to be known as macOS, continues to evolve. Since Apple wants you to use Safari on your Mac, it’s […]


Facebook posts Save and Share extensions for Chrome, revamps Like button on mobile

Having launched at the annual F8 conference for developers, Facebook’s Save button is now available for public consumption in the form of a new Save to Facebook extension for the Google Chrome browser. Additionally, an official new Share to Facebook extension is also available in the Chrome Web Store. Taking dead aim at Pocket, the new Save […]


Google to ditch Flash for HTML5 by default in Chrome come this fall

The slow death of Adobe Flash continues as Google preps to put another nail into the beleaguered technology’s coffin come this fall. According to a draft proposal from the search giant, a copy of which was obtained by Venture Beat, Google’s desktop browser will default to showing HTML5 content and video, falling back to Flash as a last resort. Chrome ships […]


How to enable YouTube’s upcoming Material Design face lift ahead of release

YouTube is getting Google’s Material Design refresh pretty soon and it looks pretty neat. Aside from the Upload button being replaced by the upload arrow graphics consistently used across Google’s mobile apps, you’ll notice a Material Design-inspired search field in the center. More importantly, YouTube’s new looks include the background color on the Channel pages […]


Android apps finally heading to Chrome OS?

When we cover live events you’ll usually find that a Chromebook is involved. We do pretty much everything on the web now, and the little Samsung we tend to take has a battery life which will see us through even really long launches.

Getting Android apps to work on the Chromebook and the Chrome OS running inside has long been something that people have twiddled with. We’ve already got Skype on a Chromebook working via the Android APK, and there’s already ways to get some Android apps working on your Chromebook, but it’s all a tiny bit fiddly. If only Google would do the honourable thing and announce that you can access the Android Google Play store from your Chromebook at Google I/O

Wait… that might actually be happening. With the event beginning on May 18th, people over on Reddit are seeing a tiny check box pop up (and then quickly disappear) when they open the “Settings” menu on their Chrome OS.

Android apps finally heading to Chrome OS?

Another user, as you can see below, has actually managed to hit that check box and they’re seeing this (although we can’t verify either image).

Android apps finally heading to Chrome OS?

Although there’s still an element of doubt, the Chrome OS code does actually show the Android additions, as you can see below..

Android apps finally heading to Chrome OS?

Could it be that Google are getting everything ready for an on-stage announcement at Google I/O? Could we see them enabling the Google Play store at the event? It certainly looks like it’s on the cards. It would mean that you could fire up compatible Android apps in Chrome OS on desktops and Chromebooks easily and completely seamlessly.. although I do suddenly want a touch-screen Chromebook..

The post Android apps finally heading to Chrome OS? is original content from Coolsmartphone. If you see it on another news website, please let us know.


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