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You can now start Chrome in Voice Search or Incognito mode from Spotlight Search

Google added Spotlight Search integration to Chrome for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch back in January 2016, allowing you to search for your Google bookmarks using iOS’s Spotlight feature. Today, the Internet giant issued a small update to Chrome for iOS, bumping version number to 55.0.2883.79 and adding a pair of enhancements. The first lets you start […]


Festive Feature #11 – Google Chromecast down to £20

Festive Feature #11   Google Chromecast down to £20

I’ve got the old version of this and I really wouldn’t do without it now. Watching a YouTube video, playing something on the iPlayer Radio app, iPlayer TV, All 4, NOW TV, Netflix, Spotify, Wuaki and YouTube.

Just don’t mention Amazon Prime.

Festive Feature #11   Google Chromecast down to £20

Anyhoo, if you want to beam stuff from your phone (including your screen on Android) then head to Argos where you can get the new Google Chromecast gadget for just £20 now. Shove it into your HDMI port, steal a bit of USB power from your TV and boom, you’re done. I thank you.

If you want to know a bit more about how it all works and how it connects to your phone and TV, have a read of my post from 2014. Yes, it shows the older version, but the functionality and connectivity is pretty much the same.

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  • Adobe pushes another critical security update for Flash Player

    It’s been a little more than two weeks since Photoshop maker Adobe released a security update for its Flash Player for macOS which fixed a bunch of critical vulnerabilities and now another critical security update for Flash Player got released this morning. According to Adobe, the vulnerabilities in the current version of Flash Player could […]


    Latest Chrome for iOS update comes with a hidden game

    Google yesterday pushed a small update to its Chrome browser in the App Store, bumping the app’s version number to 54.0.2840.66. In addition to the usual stability improvements and bug fixes, the latest version of Google’s mobile browser for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch packs in a charming side-scrolling mini game that you can play when […]


    Chrome 54 for Mac is out, replaces old Flash-based YouTube embeds with HTML5 player

    Google stopped using Adobe Flash for YouTube’s desktop video player back in January 2016, replacing it with an HTML5 counterpart that doesn’t require any special browser plug-in to function. Last evening saw the release of Chrome 54 for Mac, Windows and Linux which continues on Google’s mission to ditch Flash in favor of HTML5: the new version replaces […]


    Adobe pushes Flash Player security update fixing critical vulnerabilities

    Adobe today released a new security-focused update for its Flash Player software in an effort to patch a series of vulnerabilities that could give attackers control of your computer. Although Safari on macOS Sierra disables web plugins like Flash by default, Mac owners who have a standalone Flash Player installed on their system are at risk, even […]