Slingbox will now suggest YouTube videos based on what you’re watching

It's getting to the point where when a gadget can't access YouTube it's more noteworthy than one that can. With that in mind, how the venerable Slingbox 500 and Sling TV interact with Google's video empire is pretty damned neat: the platform now uses YouTube as a contextual overlay for whatever it is you're watching. One of the examples the outfit gives is say you're checking out Jimmy Fallon do his Neil Young impression on The Tonight Show. Using Audible Magic's tech, and in this hypothetical case, Sling will serve up the last clip of the talk-show host doing so. Pretty cool, right? There's also a new "Trending on YouTube" gallery that is exactly what it sounds like. Naturally, there's a standalone app for accessing Mountain View's streaming video catalog as well.

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Google’s new Bookmark Manager surfaces in latest Chrome Beta

Google Chropme (Bookmark Manager, teaser 001)

Following Wednesday’s release of a stable version of the 64-bit edition of Google Chrome for Mac, the Internet giant issued a new version of Chrome Beta for Mac, Windows and Linux that includes an all-new Bookmark Manager feature that previously leaked via screenshots (it was called Stars).

With Bookmark Manager, it will be a lot easier for Chrome fans to manage their saved bookmarks, delete unwanted ones, file them under folders and more.

And when creating a new bookmark, Chrome will let you select an image and add a note or snippet so you can find it more quickly later. “Google will also suggest a folder if it seems like it could be a fit,” the team said in a blog post.... Read the rest of this post here

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You have to try this hidden game in Google’s mobile Chrome browser

Google Chrome Hidden Game

Google knows that it's a bummer when your phone has no Wi-Fi or LTE connection. Because of this, it's hidden a game in its Chrome mobile browser that you can play when your phone isn't connected to the web.

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64-bit version of Google Chrome for Mac launches

Google Chrome for Mac 64-bit (About screenshot)

After releasing 64-bit Chrome for Windows and a beta version of Chrome for Mac with 64-bit support back in August, Google today announced that the app is out of beta and available to everyone.

Public release of the 64-bit Chrome for Mac edition marks the end of the road for 32-bit NPAPI (Netscape Plug-in APIs) plugins as the Internet company now requires developers to provide their extensions with 64-bit support. Most users shouldn’t be affected, however, because the vast majority of plugins and extensions are readily available in both 32-bit and 64-bit form.

Chrome 39.0.2171.65 (Google, we need to talk about version numbers!) also includes more than three dozen under the hood changes for stability and performance and comes with a set of new APIs allowing extension developers to take advantage of new features.... Read the rest of this post here

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Chromecast app updated, now add your own backdrops

If you went ahead and bought a Chromecast then you’ll probably be familiar with the rather beautiful images that appear if nothing is actually being “cast” to the screen. It’s all very lovely, but they’re not your images are they?

Now you can correct that with the latest Android version along with the updated iOS app, which lets you personalise the TV home screen with personal photos, weather updates and news.


When the Chromecast is idle it’ll display the news, weather or images of your choosing, which is a bit better than those scenic backdrops, even if they are quite nice to look at.


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Chromebook Users Can Transfer Files From Android Devices Thanks to New Update

Chromebook2_015_Detail2_Titanium-Gray-1024x682Chromebooks are awesome little devices, but they’re still a little bit shy of being fully fledged computers. A new update edges Chromebooks a little closer to gaining all of the powers of a normal PC by allowing users to plug in their Android devices and sync files via MTP. Just connect your Android device to…

Google Chrome gains iPhone 6 support, ability to download and open files in Google Drive

Google Chrome for iOS 37.0.2062.60 (iPad screenshot 001)

The Internet giant Google on Tuesday issued a small update to its Chrome for iOS browser, adding better support for the “Retina HD” iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screens.

The free download also enables another interesting feature — the ability to download and open files directly in the Google Drive application, if installed on your device. Finally, this release includes customary bug fixes and stability improvements.

Google Chrome is available free in the App Store.... Read the rest of this post here

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Google Cardboard. Get yourself one!

Fancy getting yourself some of those low-tech but still pretty cool virtual reality specs from Google? How does £2.34 sound? Google Cardboard is basically a headset containing your phone that you strap onto your bonce. Some assembly is required here, but once you’re done you can strut around the place looking like a really cool and futuristic guy.

Screenshot 2014-10-03 at 23.19.25

Inside the box, which is available from (expect to pay not-that-much but wait quite a while for it to turn up), you’ll find a couple of lenses, some velcro, some magnets and two rubber bands. Yeah.

Once you’ve put it together, slotted your phone in and strapped it to your moosh, head to sites like Cardboard Apps or Chrome Experiments. That second one you can try right now actually – just load it up in your chrome browser on your computer and squash your face right next to the screen. :)

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Photoshop coming to a Chromebook near you! Say what?

Chromebook PixelLet me repeat that, Adobe Photoshop will be available on Chromebook devices, those Chrome browser running laptops that more often than not have low-end hardware. Despite this, most users get a decent web experience and are able to run web-based apps such as Google’s own Docs, Spreadsheets and more. So how in the world these…

Google Chrome plugs into iOS 8 app extensions

Enjoy how Chrome and other apps share data back and forth on Android? Now you can get that feeling on iOS, since Google has updated Chrome to take advantage of the app extensions supported by iOS 8. That doesn't mean you'll be able to install any of Chrome's desktop extensions -- it just means links can be shared directly to any other apps on your iDevice, as long as they also support the feature. The update is rocking "iOS 8 compatibility" but no tweaks for the extra size of the iPhone 6 family have appeared yet.

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