Motorola’s Moto X is on Sale for the Millionth Time This Year

motoxFor what seems like the millionth time this year, Motorola’s Moto X is on sale once again. Apparently, all of Motorola’s flash sales and discounts still haven’t helped move the crapload of Moto X’s they must be sitting on. Now’s your chance (again!) to grab an unlocked, customizable Moto X on the cheap. Or not.…

AT&T beats estimates in Q2, adds 700,000 net new smartphone subscribers

AT&T Earnings Q2 2014

Following the solid quarter Verizon posted on Tuesday, AT&T on Wednesday reported its results for the second quarter. Wall Street was expecting a slight on-year decline in EPS, with consensus earnings of $0.65 seen on revenue totaling $33.22 billion, an improvement over the $32.1 billion in sales it posted in the June quarter last year. The numbers are now in, and AT&T beat expectations, having reported earnings of $0.68 per share on revenue of $32.6 billion.

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Amazon Fire phone review: a unique device, but you’re better off waiting for the sequel

Amazon Fire phone review: a unique device, but you're better off waiting for the sequel

After producing a long line of e-book readers and tablets (not to mention a set-top box), Amazon has its sights set on the smartphone market. But finding success here won't be easy, even for an established tech giant like Amazon. With the Fire phone, the online retailer is coming in as an unproven underdog, hoping to bring iPhone and Android users into its fold. CEO Jeff Bezos says the only way to do that is to differentiate; to wow potential buyers with new features they didn't even realize they needed. These unique offerings include 3D head-tracking, product scanning and fast help from customer service agents.

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Study finds Verizon is the best in the business at banking on your data plans

Verizon Data Plans

Over the past few years, the two top wireless carriers in the United States have been working tirelessly to push subscribers away from unlimited data plans and onto capped plans that provide a certain amount of data each month, after which overages are charged. The reasons for the shift are fairly obvious — as more data hungry mobile services proliferate, carriers make more money. Which carrier has been the best so far when it comes to monetizing data and shifting subscribers over to tiered data plans? According to a new study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Verizon is the leader by a fairly substantial margin.

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This is what AT&T, Verizon and Comcast told the FCC about net neutrality

AT&T Verizon Comcast Net Neutrality

After a last minute extension last week, the FCC has finally stopped taking comments regarding the controversial net neutrality proposal. We don't know what effect over 1 million comments will have on the decision, but we do know what the public is saying: fast lanes are not acceptable and corporations shouldn't control access to the Internet.

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Amazon’s First Fire Phone Ad: It’s the Content, Stupid!

firephoneAmazon’s first Fire Phone ads are hitting the airwaves, touting not the phone per se but Amazon’s extensive library of content. The ad features two young hipster kids who are planning out the next few hours with their devices. It’s cute and quaint, and will surely get the attention of parents everywhere. The Amazon Fire…

HTC Desire 610 Coming to AT&T July 25th

desire610The HTC Desire 610 will be available from AT&T on July 25th, HTC announced today. The Desire 610 is a modest smartphone with some added HTC magic and a sleek design which could be a huge hit with budget minded customers. The Desire 610 packs a Snapdragon 400 processor running at 1.2GHz, a 4.7 inch FWVGA…

Nokia Lumia 635 Coming to AT&T July 25th for Just $99 with Cortana on Board

lumia635Nokia’s budget minded Lumia handset, the Nokia Lumia 635 is coming to AT&T next week, with GoPhone kicking it off. GoPhone Nokia Lumia 635 units will be available for $99.99 off-contract on July 25th, with the device hitting AT&T stores both virtual and real on August 8th. AT&T stores will sell the Lumia 635 for…

AT&T is finding few takers for its ‘sponsored data’ program

AT&T Sponsored Data Customers

AT&T's controversial "Sponsored Data" plan, originally unveiled in January, has been billed as both a cause for concern and a potential boon for consumers, but in the months following the announcement, not a single high-profile company has joined the pilot program. Re/code reports that AT&T has added several smaller names to the program since then, but what could have been a landmark partnership for the the program, Prime Data on Amazon's Fire Phone, never came to fruition.

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You can get LG’s flagship G3 on Verizon next week for $99 on contract

Historically, Verizon's not often the first carrier in the US to announce availability for a new phone. In the case of LG's latest flagship smartphone, the G3, it's actually the last. But good things come to those who wait -- and are willing to sign two-year contracts: Big Red's version of the G3 will go for $99 when you sign the dotted line. This is $100 less than AT&T's on-contract price. Pre-orders start today and will ship out on July 17th. There's no special discount for Edge customers or for those who want to buy the phone outright, however: it'll be $30 per month or $600, respectively.

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Source: Verizon Wireless