Thursday Deals – 10/30: 2014 Moto X Just $1 With A New 2 Year AT&T Contract

newmotoxAre you ready for Halloween tomorrow? While we can’t help you out with the candy, we do have some sweet deals for you today. Check out our handpicked deals below from the diligent team over at Favable below! Our Favable deal of the day is the 2014 Motorola Moto X for just $1! Just sign…

Don’t call Timex’s Ironman One GPS+ a ‘smartwatch’ (hands-on)

Timex Ironman One GPS+

The last time we thought about Timex, we were still using landlines and adjusting the tracking on the VCR so that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze would display properly. Remember "Indiglo"? That's still a thing, apparently! Anyway, Timex is making a smartwatch, though it's not quite the same kind of smartwatch that the likes of Samsung and Apple are offering. It's more "fitness band" than smartwatch, though it does have the ability to make phone calls (emergency calls, anyway) and act as a GPS. I'm gonna call it a "crossover" smartwatch: it's got a ruggedized exterior capable of diving 50 meters (150 feet) under water, a 3G worldwide connection provided (free for one year, $40/year after) by AT&T, 4GB of internal storage (for music), and a tiny (1.5-inch, Mirasol) screen. It's also dramatically more expensive than other smartwatches/fitness bands out there at $399 for the base model. But maybe it's super rad? We visited Timex reps in New York City this afternoon to find out.%Gallery-slideshow238893%

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FTC sues AT&T over ‘deceptive’ mobile data throttling

AT&T retail store

If you felt that AT&T pulled a fast one by promising you unlimited mobile data only to throttle your service later on, you're not alone. The Federal Trade Commission has just sued the carrier for misleading grandfathered customers about the changes; allegedly, it's not doing enough to warn these subscribers that it heavily throttles their connections after they reach a data usage milestone. It's not really unlimited access if your service becomes so slow that music streaming and other common features don't work, the FTC says. Effectively, AT&T changed the terms of use for people who were still under contract, and didn't say much when customers renewed.

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Source: FTC

AT&T hit with a major lawsuit for throttling its ‘unlimited’ data users

AT&T FTC Unlimited Data Lawsuit

The Federal Trade Commission just brought down the hammer on AT&T for allegedly misleading "millions" of smartphone users with promises of unlimited data plans. In a complaint filed in a federal court on Tuesday, the FTC alleged that AT&T has been misleading its own subscribers "by charging them for 'unlimited' data plans while reducing their data speeds, in some cases by nearly 90 percent."

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T-Mobile keeps outgrowing its rivals with 2.3 million new customers

T-Mobile's John Legere makes it personal

T-Mobile has apparently decided that UnCarriers release their fiscal results at night, well after investors have gone home -- and to no one's surprise, there's plenty of good news that couldn't wait until the morning. The Magenta network is reporting that it added 2.3 million new customers in the third quarter of the year, 1.4 million of them postpaid (that is, regular subscribers). That's not the highest figure we've seen this year, but it's more than enough to outpace heavyweights AT&T (2 million wireless additions) and Verizon (1.53 million). Its average bill per person is up slightly year-over-year, too, so it's not simply bringing in the cost-conscious types.

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Source: T-Mobile

LG G Watch R Landing on AT&T Very Soon

gwatchrLG’s round-faced Android Wear smartwatch will be coming to AT&T the company announced today. AT&T hasn’t said exactly when the device will land on its network but LG has confirmed that the G Watch R will begin its rollout in November, just in time for the holiday season. The LG G Watch R rocks a…

Canadians now have faster mobile data than you

iPhone 6 on Rogers

Our Canadian neighbors have already been given a taste of Rogers' extremely data-friendly LTE, but now the carrier is officially rolling out its LTE-Advanced network across 12 different cities. In fact, it's the first North Amercian carrier to launch an LTE-A network, period. So? Well, that means denizens of the poutine-filled country can stream much more video than you can, faster than you can. And since Rogers' new tech is a combination of AWS and its 700MHz spectrum (which is the same frequency some US AT&T clientele are also accustomed to), customers will see a big improvement on their data service while indoors, in a basement or other fringe areas. Head below for the full list of cities getting upgraded.

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Source: CNW Group

AT&T’s focus on connected cars is beginning to pay off

Inside An AT&T Store Ahead of Earnings Figures

It's no secret that the US wireless market is saturated, and that most people who want a mobile device have already purchased one by now. Naturally, this means that the national players in the industry are looking for other points of revenue to aid future growth. AT&T is proving that it's one of the most successful in this venture by announcing today that it's activated a heap of connected devices last quarter -- to the tune of 1.3 million. That's a healthy number, especially since the company accumulated only a tenth of that in the previous quarter. This genre refers to a wide range of gadgets that come with an AT&T SIM card inside, but the most interesting part of this announcement is that over 500,000 of those activated devices come from connected cars.

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Source: AT&T

The mobile price wars may finally be starting to sting AT&T

AT&T Q3 2014 Earnings

Wireless price wars are good for consumers but not-so-great for carriers' bottom lines. AT&T on Wednesday reported earnings of $0.63 per share on revenues of $32.96 billion, which slightly missed the consensus estimate of $0.64 per share on revenues of $33.22 billion. But while AT&T's earnings only just missed expectations, Bloomberg reports that the company also cut its estimates for revenue growth on the year amid fierce competition with smaller rivals T-Mobile and Sprint.

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AT&T Moto X (2014) Review: A Very Familiar Beast

064Motorola has been going through quite the change over the past few years, transitioning from producing high-end handsets to taking a more modest approach. 2013’s Moto X was the beginning of something new for Motorola Mobility; finding a balance between a high price point and functionality. While the 2013 Moto X didn’t quite strike that…