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Bloomberg: Intel cellular modems will be reserved for AT&T iPhone 7 models

Supply chain whispers recently claimed that a significant portion of LTE cellular modems for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus would be built by Intel instead of Qualcomm and now Bloomberg is reporting that Intel modems will be actually reserved for AT&T iPhone 7 models. Qualcomm is expected to remain Apple’s modem provider for […]


Would AT&T really go this far to undermine Google’s control of Android?

AT&T Vs Google Cyanogen Android Phone
When you think of Google's major rivals, you typically think of Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and maybe even Amazon. But what about AT&T? A new report from The Information claims that AT&T is actually working developing a new smartphone with the help of Cyanogen, the company that last year vowed to "take Android away from Google." It looks like AT&T and Cyanogen had been courting Chinese manufacturer ZTE to make the device, although recent trade sanctions leveled against the company put its future involvement in the project in doubt.


T-Mobile unleashes its most ambitious plan to troll AT&T and Verizon yet

T-Mobile Vs AT&T Verizon Customer Complaints
If there's one thing T-Mobile loves to do, it's trolling rivals. Whether this trolling comes in the form of Twitter feuds with rival CEOs or silly skywriting stunts, T-Mobile just can't help ridiculing its rivals in ways that are equal parts amusing and juvenile. The "Un-carrier" is at it again this week and is pledging bombard AT&T and Verizon with graffiti of customer complaints that will be written outside their stores with magenta chalk.


Netflix’s throttling was wrong, but don’t let AT&T and Verizon off the hook

Netflix AT&T Verizon Video Throttling
Let's get this out of the way: Netflix should not intentionally degrade the quality of its videos for subscribers who use Verizon and AT&T, especially if Netflix is not being transparent about what it's really doing. In case you haven't heard, Netflix has been limiting video streams over AT&T and Verizon's mobile networks to just 600 kilobits per second, which is the kind of speed you expect from a 3G connection and not a 4G connection. This slow delivery rate ensures that the picture quality on the video is far below what you're used to getting when you watch Netflix over your home Internet connection, and Netflix should have at least told its customers up front about how it slowed down their streaming rates on purpose. That said, let's not let AT&T and Verizon off the hook.


AT&T and Comcast lobby to kill more competition in Tennessee

AT&T Comcast Tennessee Municipal Broadband

You know what incumbent Internet service providers don't like? That's right: Competition. They especially don't like it when that competition comes in the form of government-funded municipal broadband projects like the one that's been a big success in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The good news for incumbent ISPs about such municipal broadband projects, however, is they can be constrained or shut down with the help of effective lobbying operations.

In case you don't know, Comcast and AT&T have very effective lobbying operations.

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You can already get a Galaxy S7 for free

Free Galaxy S7

"Buy one get one" sales at carriers are very common. They're great for promoting sales of smartphones as they grow a bit long in the tooth, or in the event that sales start to slow. For example, AT&T is currently offering a BOGO sale on the iPhone 6, which launched last September and, according to a number of estimates, is in the midst of a quicker-than-normal slowdown.

What isn't nearly as common, however, is seeing a carrier offer a flagship smartphone for free when it hasn't even launched yet.

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