Thursday Deals – 9/18: 2103 AT&T Motorola Moto X just $239.99 with free shipping

motoxfeaturedSearching for a great deal on a hot new gadget? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got plenty of hot deals below handpicked by the team over at Favable. Check ‘em out! Our Favable deal of the day is the 2013 Moto X for just $239.99 with free shipping. The deal includes an off-contract 16GB…

32GB 4G LTE NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Pre-Orders in Europe and the U.S. Begin, Ships October 1st

shieldtab2A 32GB 4G LTE enabled NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is now up for pre-order int he U.S. and Europe and should begin shipping on October 1st. Coming in at $399, the 32GB LTE SHIELD Tablet is certified for use on AT&T’s network, but plays nice with other North American and European carriers as well. Here’s a…

Tuesday Deals – 9/16: Unlocked GSM Samsung Galaxy S5 just $499.99 with Free shipping

Samsung Galaxy S5We’ve got some great deals for you today, handpicked by the team over at Favable. Today’s deals include breaks on smartphones, laptops and gadgets galore! Today’s Favable deal of the day is the Samsung Galaxy S5 for only $499.99 off-contract. The 16GB GS5 comes unlocked and is ready for use on any GSM network, including…

Want a New Moto X? Here’s Why You Should buy the LG G2 Instead

motoxlgg2Motorola’s New Moto X goes up for pre-order tomorrow from AT&T. While exact pricing hasn’t been revealed for the on-contract New Moto X, the unlocked and bloatware free Moto X Pure Edition will be available for $499.99 outright. The New Moto X is a pretty sweet device, but it touts a spec sheet that reads…

AT&T won’t activate WiFi calling until next year

Apple made a pretty big deal about WiFi calling at its event this week, but if you preordered an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus running on AT&T today, you won't be able to use it right out of the box. That feature, according to LightReading, won't be available until next year. The carrier's Ralph de la Vega says the delay is because he wants to make sure that actually using the tech is a good experience for customers and doesn't result in annoyances like, say, dropped calls when switching from WiFi to mobile data. T-Mobile believes it's sidestepping that by giving every customer a router that prioritizes voice calls -- something that AT&T apparently doesn't need to do because it doesn't share the magenta network's coverage issues. De la Vega says he sees the tech not as a replacement for voice over LTE and 3G, but a complement. Shots fired?

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AT&T dragging its feet with Wi-Fi Calling

Apple September 2014 event (Wi-Fi Calling 001)

AT&T, the nation’s second-biggest wireless provider, is allegedly planning on rolling out the Wi-Fi Calling feature to its subscribers, but in 2015 rather than this year, LightReading reported Friday.

Already supported on T-Mobile, but not coming anytime soon to Verizon (Sprint has yet to announce it), Wi-Fi Calling is supported by the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The feature will be coming to older iPhones from the iPhone 5 onward, courtesy of the free iOS 8 update scheduled to release next Wednesday.... Read the rest of this post here

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iPhone 6 pre-orders set unprecedented records

iPhone 6 seamless screen

Coming soon after pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus went live last night, both Apple and AT&T reported that the respective companies were seeing record pre-orders, with demand for the larger iPhone 6 surpassing that of both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5.

Apple, despite its late start, saw record pre-orders last night alone, issuing a statement saying, “Response to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been incredible with a record number of preorders overnight.” Although Apple didn’t specify exactly how many units were sold, we can assume it surpassed iPhone 5 sales of 2 million in 24 hours when Apple last had pre-orders two years ago.... Read the rest of this post here

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AT&T to support WiFi calling from iPhone 6 starting next year, should help with network congestion

iPhone 6 WiFi Calling

T-Mobile made a splash earlier this week when CEO John Legere revealed that the "Un-carrier" would be the first U.S. carrier to support WiFi Calling and texting on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. WiFi Calling support for iOS 8 was one of the biggest surprises during Apple's media event on Tuesday, but other than the T-Mobile partnership, we didn't hear much more about the potentially exciting new feature.

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Amazon could have released an awesome smartphone… but then AT&T got involved

Amazon HTC Smartphone AT&T

Amazon's Fire Phone is hands down the biggest bomb of 2014 and it turns out we have AT&T to thank for it. The Information reports that Amazon and HTC started collaborating on a budget smartphone last fall but that AT&T stepped in to kill the device by saying it wouldn't support Amazon's higher-end Fire Phone if it didn't get an exclusive on the budget phone as well.

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Verizon and AT&T want your old iPhones now that new ones are here

Sprint and T-Mobile have already promised to match and even top each others' (and other carriers') trade-in prices before the new iPhone debuted. But would you like to hear what Verizon and AT&T have to offer first before deciding which carrier to sell your soul to? Yes? Then let's start with Verizon, which will give you gift cards worth $300 for an iPhone 5S and worth $200 for an iPhone 5, 5c, 4 and 4s from any carrier if you get an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus with a two-year contract. AT&T, on the other hand, will up its minimum trade-in value for the iPhone 5S to $300, and for the iPhone 5, 5c, 4 and 4s to $200 starting this Friday. Also, you can get $100 off any iPhone if you're a new subscriber and $200 off any iPad when you sign up for an iPhone with a Next plan. You can see how much Apple's new devices will cost you under the carrier's Next pricing schemes after the break.

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