Drug stores drop Apple Pay and Google Wallet to push their own payment tech

A CVS pharmacy in San Francisco

If you're bent on using Apple Pay or Google Wallet for your shopping, you may have to be finicky about your choice of drug stores. Both CVS and Rite Aid have shut off their support for NFC-based payments just days after Apple Pay went live. Try to tap your phone and you'll get an error, or nothing at all. The companies haven't publicly discussed why they're cutting off the handy feature, but this is ultimately an attempt to stifle competition. Both pharmacies are part of the Merchant Customer Exchange, a retailer group releasing its own mobile wallet system (CurrentC) in 2015; as a memo obtained by SlashGear suggests, they'd rather deny all NFC payments than risk building support for rivals. Suffice it to say that this will be very inconvenient if you're a frequent customer, and you'll currently have to visit the likes of Duane Reade and Walgreens if you want to avoid paying with old-fashioned cash or plastic.

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Source: MacRumors, SlashGear

This is the future of iTunes

iTunes Beats Music Integration

It's been a few months since Apple acquired Beats Electronics, but the merging of products and services has only just begun. One of the first questions many of us asked when the acquisition was announced was what would happen to the relatively new Beats Music streaming service. Apple hasn't provided an answer yet, but The Wall Street Journal is the latest publication to report that Beats Music will eventually merge with Apple's own music service.

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Sprint wants to sentence you to ‘iPhone for Life’ with new iPhone 6 promo

Sprint iPhone for Life

Sprint has come up with a new program for smartphone buyers loyal to Apple who want to upgrade to a brand new iPhone every year, 9to5Mac reports. The carrier has a brand new 12-month lease plan for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus starting at $80 per month, which will let a subscriber grab one of Apple’s latest iPhone models starting on November 14th and use it until the 2015 versions come along.

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How Complete My Bundle works

WWDC 2014 (IOS 8, App Bundles slide 001)

The much-improved App Store in iOS 8 features a number of enhancements. Case in point: app bundles. App bundles make it possible for developers to bundle up to ten of their existing iPhone and iPad applications in a single purchase at a reduced price.

Borrowing cues from the “Complete My Album” feature for music that debuted on iTunes in March 2007, app bundles are great promotional vehicles to drive sales and can serve as a nice reward for loyal customers.

But for the vast majority of ordinary users, app bundles are one of the least understood new features of the App Store in iOS 8. That it’s still very unclear how the App Store’s Complete My Bundle works is Apple’s fault.

And it certainly doesn’t make its users’ lives any easier with cryptic feature descriptions and the App Store’s non-intuitive bundle pricing mechanism. But don’t sweat, here’s everything you need to know in order to understand how Complete My Bundle works.... Read the rest of this post here

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The funniest thing you’ll see today: Conan previews the new Steve Jobs biopic

Conan Christian Bale Steve Jobs

After news broke that actor Christian Bale would be playing Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in an upcoming film, Conan O'Brien previewed an "exclusive" clip of the film on Thursday night.

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Apple just got another huge player to support Apple Pay

Apple Pay Amazon Rewards Visa Card

Apple Pay rolled out on Monday to a great deal of fanfare, but launching the service was only half the battle. Now Apple is faced with the enormous challenge of gradually adding support for every credit, debit and gift card in the United States in the coming months. It appears that Apple isn't wasting any time either as reports began to spread on Friday that Apple Pay is now compatible with Amazon Rewards Visa Cards.

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Camera+ offered for free for the very first time

Camera+ 6.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Camera+ by Taptaptap, the award-winning iPhone photography app and one of the longest-standing camera and image editing apps in the App Store, is available free of charge for a limited time, but only through Apple’s sleek Apple Store shopping application for the iPhone and iPad. That’s a cool $2.99 saving right off the bat over the app’s regular asking price.

No matter if you’re only mildly into mobile photography or a seasoned photographer, you really shouldn’t miss out on this promotion because Camera+ has never gone free since its inception in August of 2011. Again, you can’t just follow the app’s iTunes URL to grab Camera+ for zero bucks because the offer is exclusive to users who have the Apple Store application installed on their devices.

Jump past the fold for the full instructions.... Read the rest of this post here

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Apple wants you to wonder how you ever lived without its Apple Watch

Tim Cook on Apple Watch and Apple Pay

In an interview with Xinhua while in China, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook talked about several matters important to the company, including the iPhone, Apple Pay, personal data security and China, but also the upcoming Apple Watch. Expected to arrive at some point in early 2015, the Watch should become an indispensable device to buyers.

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#Bendgate Continues: Watch Apple’s iPad Air 2 Get Snapped in Half With Bare Hands

dflur#Bendgate is back! Well, maybe it never really went away? At any rate, it would seem that Apple’s just making all of its new products a little too fragile as of late, as the new iPad Air 2 is as susceptible to bends and breaks as the iPhone 6 Plus. According to the video below,…

iTunes music sales dipped sharply since start of 2014 as iPod turned 13 yesterday

iTunes Beta (Music)

If you need another proof that Apple made the right move dropping more than three billion bucks on Beats’s audio accessories and music-streaming service, here’s one.

According to people familiar with the matter who spoke to the Wall Street Journal on Friday, the decline of digital music sales on iTunes is accelerating with latest data showing between a thirteen and fourteen percent dip globally since the start of this year.

By comparison, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry estimated that global revenue from music downloads fell just 2.1 percent in 2013. Clearly this development doesn’t bode well for iTunes, but can Apple do anything about it? Read on for the full reveal.... Read the rest of this post here

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