Despite Apple’s efforts, the iPhone 6 won’t be Samsung-free

iPhone 6 Rumors: Samsung RAM

Apple may be desperately trying to reduce its reliance on Samsung-made components for its devices, but that’s not an easy process, and its largest supplier/rival will have a presence in the iPhone 6, Digitimes reports.

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China Telecom leak iPhone 6 picture

Apple have a conference scheduled for September 9th and at least one version of the iPhone 6 is due to launch on 20th September. Two final versions are expected, a 4.7″ and a 5.5″ which may well go up against Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. Apple usually like to be the first to announce a new iPhone but it looks like China Telecom didn’t get the memo this time around, if a picture that has appeared on Weibo is anything to go by.

iphone 6

The picture shows the same 3 colours as on the iPhone 5S with gold, silver and black/grey with a more rounded design similar to the 5C but retaining the styling from the 5S. The dual tone flash seems to have disappeared or been amalgamated into a single ring. The other point of note is the extra button on the side, will this be the lock/unlock button moved for the first time on an iPhone or possibly a camera shutter button? The thinner outline below looks like it will be the sim tray.


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More evidence that we won’t see the iWatch until 2015

iWatch 2015 Release Date

A 2014 release date for Apple's wearable device is looking less and less likely as new reports continuously reaffirm that manufacturing issues are holding back mass production of the iWatch. Speaking with China's Economic Daily News, sources say that although suppliers are set to begin assembling the units in September, they will only be able to produce around 1 million per month. This wouldn't be enough for a full retail release before the end of the year.

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Galaxy S5 takes Ice Bucket Challenge, nominates iPhone 5s, HTC One M8 and Nokia Lumia 930

Galaxy S5 (ICe Bucket Challenge ad 001)

Samsung’s marketing department has cleverly piggy-backed on the popularity of Ice Bucket Challenge, a phenomenon which has taken the world by storm.

For those who’ve been sleeping under the rock lately, the initiative saw such celebrities and Silicon Valley execs as Mark Zuckerberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook and marketing honcho Phil Schiller, along with former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and many others, getting ice baths in the name of helping fund ALS research and benefitting the Motor Disease Association.

The official YouTube channel for Samsung Mobile UK this morning posted a video depicting its Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone taking the challenge.

Needless to say, the waterproof handset (IP67-certified) passes the test.

The best part is when Samsung nominates three handsets from its rivals: Apple’s iPhone 5s, HTC’s One M8 and Nokia’s Lumia 930.... Read the rest of this post here

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OOPS! An Apple carrier partner just announced the iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Announced

Just about everyone who cares at all about smartphones knows that Apple's next-generation iPhone 6 is just weeks away from being announced during a huge press conference on September 9th. Even still, Apple generally likes to be the first company to announce its new devices and make them official before its carrier partners and distributors start sharing their plans for new iPhones.

At least one wireless carrier didn't get that memo, however, as China Telecom has apparently just confirmed the iPhone 6 publicly and shared a few details about the device.

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Incredible easter egg reveals Steve Jobs’s most amazing speech hidden in your Mac

Steve Jobs Speech

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was a man of many talents, and among them was his uncanny ability to motivate people. Privately, numerous accounts suggest much of his motivating was brought about by striking fear into employees. Publicly, however, Jobs was an amazing speaker and he proved it time and time again during Apple keynotes and other events.

But Jobs's most amazing speech was likely the commencement speech he gave in 2005 at Stanford University — and as it turns out, an awesome easter egg hides that very speech in your Mac.

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Reuters: iPhone 6 backlight woes affect production plans, could limit launch availability


We heard before that Apple faced several issues related to manufacture of the upcoming iPhone 6.

This is expected for any major Apple product with a brand new design demanding new production equipment and requiring contract manufacturers to develop custom ways to build and assemble products.

According to Reuters Friday, Apple’s plan to make every iPhone 6 component as thin as possible could backfire because a last-minute design change has sent suppliers “scrambling” to get enough screens ready ahead of the expected September 9 launch.... Read the rest of this post here

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Key details about the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 confirmed in major new leak

5.5 Inch iPhone 6 Specs Leak

We've written so much about the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 that we will go positively insane if it's not released soon. However, there's still a great deal of mystery surrounding the larger 5.5-inch iPhone model, which is why we're happy to see that a major new leak has confirmed some key details of Apple's first phablet.

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Apple is going to extreme lengths to make sure your iPhone 6 is just perfect

iPhone 6 Release Date

How much does Apple want to make sure the iPhone 6 is the best it can be? So much that it's willing to make a last minute change just weeks before its launch that has apparently left its supply chain partners "scrambling." According to a new report from Reuters, Apple this month sent a key iPhone 6 component "back to the drawing board" for a redesign after the company found that it didn't make the device's display bright enough to meet its exacting standards.

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Samsung said to supply RAM chips for iPhone 6

iPhone 6 (retail box, Martin Hajek 004)

If a new supply chain report out of Asia Friday is to be trusted, Apple’s arch-rival Samsung is supplying it with RAM chips for the upcoming iPhone 6 refresh. This comes as somewhat of a surprise given Apple’s been fighting tooth and nail to supplant the South Korean conglomerate with alternative component suppliers amid intensifying competition, aggressive advertising and never-ending legal issues plaguing its relationship with Samsung.... Read the rest of this post here

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