Apple Pay: Coming to UK on July 14th?

Apple Pay. The unapologetically Apple payment system which aims to replace plastic (see what I did there?).

Apple Pay: Coming to UK on July 14th?

Apple Pay logo

9to5Mac reports that Apple Pay will launch in the UK on July 14th 2015, and its sources are very, very specific.

Apple Pay: Coming to UK on July 14th? Apple Pay: Coming to UK on July 14th?
Another retailer shows the same date, with training kicking off a couple of days in advance. Apple POS systems (like this) will be updated for NFC payments.

According to the report Apple Pay will be capped at £20 per transaction, which means you won’t be able to purchase a lightning to SD card reader adapter in an Apple Store (£25). You will however be able to get a USB to lightning adapter though (£15).

I’m sure at least one member of our team will be trying out Apple Pay shortly after launch here in the UK, so keep an eye on and we will let you know what we think.

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  • Apple Pay reportedly reaches the UK on July 14th

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    Irked that Apple Pay is only officially slated to reach the UK sometime in July? Don't worry -- you might not have to wait all month to see it. Multiple retailer leaks at 9to5Mac point to Apple launching its iPhone tap-to-pay service in Old Blighty on July 14th, or soon enough that you can likely use it if you're off to one of the country's many summer music festivals. Just don't expect to splurge on more than a quick bite to eat while you're out. That £20 (soon to be £30) contactless payment cap seriously limits how much you can spend, so the British implementation won't be quite as convenient as it is for Americans.

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    Source: 9to5Mac

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