Galaxy Note 3 Lollipop beta firmware leaks

Galaxy Note 3 LollipopThe first Lollipop firmware for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been leaked. The software — which was obtained thanks to an error on the website — has been brought to the world attention by a forum member, who claimed this is the “real deal.” Later on, the ROM has been brought over…

MyRoll Gallery now supports Android Wear

MyRoll gallery has been around for a few months now, offering a nice gallery replacement app with a nice UI and it bundles your photos together into Moments.

The developers have updated the app with a nice material style and rather interestingly they’ve added Android Wear support. So now you can take a picture on your phone and a card appears on your watch asking if you want to view the photo or delete the photo. I’m sure some of you will find a use for this.
Sometimes I’ll take a picture quickly, shoving my phone quickly back into my pocket, so having the ability to view it on my wrist is handy.

To try this out make sure you’ve got an Android Wear device paired up, install MyRoll Gallery from the link below, go into the settings and make sure Android Wear is ticked. Take a picture and the new card should appear on your watch. Enjoy.

Google Play Store Link – MyRoll

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Google wants to be the standard to power your car infotainment system, no smartphone needed


Google has plans to release a new version of Android that will be directly built into cars, getting rid of the need to pair the car’s infotainment system with a smartphone for a user to access features, reports Reuters. This is a big move from Google’s current Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay, which require a phone to be connected to stream music, access maps, and more. ... Read the rest of this post here

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Verizon Rolls Out Blazing Fast XLTE to Ten New Markets

XLTE-Updated-1024x640Over the past year, Verizon has been making significant improvements to its data network thanks in part to a little piece of tech called XLTE. XLTE can provide up to twice the data speeds of current LTE, and today Verizon has blanketed ten new markets in XLTE. Of course, you’ll have to have an XLTE…

Kupo! 9 Square Enix Games up to 50% Off From Google Play: Grab Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy and More!

Final Fantasy III iPhone ScreensIf your Android device isn’t chock full of Square Enix titles than today’s a good day to fill it up. Nine Sqaure Enix titles are on sale from the Google Play Store, most of them 50% off of their normal price. Square Enix games can be pricey, like around $15, so nabbing two quality games…

Podcast 121 – Listen in live


Hello there, welcome to the “listen in live” page for our podcast. Joining me this week should be John, topics this week will be about 2014 and the best and worst of things. We have a variety of categories to decide which has been the worst for each of us. Expect discussion about phones, tablets, gadgets, apps and networks.

To listen in live to this weeks podcast just visit this article at about 7.30 pm tonight. The final cleaned up version will be published tomorrow morning as usual.

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MTV adds a live feed to its Android and iOS apps

You've been able to catch up with episodes of Jersey Shore through MTV's iOS and Android apps for around a year. But, if you wanted to gasp along with the action as it was broadcast, you'd have to make an appointment to take over the family TV. Thankfully, the reality channel has updated apps on both platforms to bring a live feed of both MTV and MTV2 to your device (assuming you have a participating pay-TV provider to log-in with). That said, we can't imagine anyone persisting with the feature for too long - those ad-breaks are a lot shorter when you're catching up.

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Android Wear puts Inbox by Gmail updates on your wrist

Google Inbox on a Nexus 5

You may have to give up a few things from Gmail to use Google's task-oriented Inbox email app, but smartwatch support isn't one them. The company has updated the app (on Android) to bring Android Wear support, letting you check mail, send replies and mark completed items from the comfort of your wrist. There are some meaningful upgrades whether or not you have advanced wristwear, including suggestions for reminders and a better tablet interface. Swing by Google Play if any of these refinements are the excuse you needed to give Inbox a spin.

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The amount of personal data some Android apps collect is absolutely shocking

Android Apps: Personal Data and Location

A new study looking at how mobile Android apps track smartphone users has revealed some interesting facts about Android applications, InfoWorld reports, finding that many apps collect plenty of personal data in an attempt to track users online and serve them targeted ads in the process.

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How To: Control Your Garage Door Using Your Mobile Device With a Raspberry Pi and a Little Elbow Grease

fflbcGarage door openers are pretty sweet, but most of the units we have installed in our homes are so last century, requiring a boxy remote to open the door from outside. While it’s nice to have at least one option to opening up your garage door, remotes are easily lost and just aren’t that practical…