LG G3 Landing on U.S. Cellular in October

g3featGood news U.S. Cellular customers, you will soon be able to own one of the hottest Android phones of 2014, the LG G3. LG’s fabulous beast of an Android smartphone will land on U.S. Cellular in October and will be available both online and in retail stores. That’s about all the info we’ve got for…

Spotify goes live in Canada

Spotify streaming some proper Canadian music

Canadians: you no longer have to jump through hoops (or hope for an early invitation) to check out Spotify. The streaming music service has finally launched in Canada, complete with an extensive collection of domestically-made tunes. As elsewhere, you can play songs for free if you're willing to put up with ads, and shelling out $10 CAD per month for Premium lets you stream without commercials. The service is definitely late to the party -- it's years behind Rdio, and even Google Play Music arrived a few months ago. Still, it's hard to object to having one more way to listen to Grimes or Leonard Cohen.

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Infographic: Here’s What The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Can Do

note edgeSamsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is a bit of a curveball, quite literally. The Note 4-ish phablet features all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect from Samsung, and a really weird screen that extends all the way over the right edge of the device. Dubbed the ‘Edge Screen’ this little strip of display gives…

Noting but love

note 4

Every now and again, things catch you by surprise and there’s note a damned thing you can do about it. Take the new ad for the Note 4 for instance. Hot on the heels of #gapgate, Samsung have posted up an ad which tickled me pink. It’s note iPhone bashing for once, they’re actually doing something original and engaging. As you can see from my poor off-the-cuff tries at punning, they’re using a continual riff on the word note as they try to  – actually watch for yourself. It isn’t anything that will ever be called noteorious, but hopefully it’ll make you smile.


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Premier Inn’s new smart hotel lets you book, check in and get cosy with an app

Premier Inn Smart Hotel Room

More than four years in the making, Premier Inn has taken the wraps off its first smart hotel rooms. The UK's biggest hotel chain has embraced mobile with both hands, letting you book your stay, check in and play with various room settings using its official iOS or Android apps. The 123 square-foot rooms in its flagship "hub" in Covent Garden (which opens in November but is now available to book) come furnished with a 40-inch smart TV and as much free high-speed WiFi as you can guzzle. With an app that can seemingly control everything, including the room temperature and what's on the box, we wonder if London's street performers will notice a sudden drop in donations as guests ditch sightseeing for some technology-enabled R&R.

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Samsung Galaxy A3 to have a 4.5-inch qHD screen, Galaxy A7 – 5.5-inch one with unknown resolution

Samsung Galaxy A3 detailsJust when we thought we’ve told you everything there is to know about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A series — until these devices are officially announced, that is — we’ve received a new bit of information, sharing few details about the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A7. That’s because, you know, the Galaxy A5 has been already…

The Motorola Nexus 6 seems to be a thing

Rumours fly around about the next iteration of the big name devices. Be it an iPhone, a Nokia Lumia, a Sony Xperia and yes of course the Nexus devices. This year is no different, but they seem to have gone a little too far this time.

Android Police have received information about the supposed upcoming Nexus, which as you’d expect has some pretty decent specs. It’s going to come equipped with a 5.9″ QHD display at 496 ppi. A 3200 mAh battery. A 13MP OIS rear camera with flash ring, possibly the same as the new Moto X and also some front facing stereo speakers. You can also expect some sort of quad core processor, probably 3 GB of RAM and Android L.

The above image is an artists impression, created by Android Police.

One thing that does worry me though about this huge upcoming device is the software. Companies like Samsung and LG deal with large screen devices like the Note 4 and the G Flex by using multi window views, clever multi tasking tricks and input methods like the stylus. I can’t envision this kind of stuff on a Nexus device. After all the software it’ll be running has been available for months now and surely someone would have uncovered something about it by now. As always only time will tell.

Either way I’ll no doubt be getting one, how’s about you lot? Is a 5.9″ display just too much?

Source – Android Police

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Windows Phone may join Android in a race to the bottom for cheap hardware

Windows Phone Vs. Android

One reason that Android has spread so quickly is that Google allows anyone to use the bare bones of the platform for free. This has allowed venders in emerging markets such as Xiaomi and Micromax to crank out dirt-cheap Android handsets that have killer specs and that generate razor-thin margins for manufacturers. Of course, many of these cheapie handsets don't have access to Android essentials such as the Google Play Store since Google actually does charge a licensing fee for manufacturers that want to use those features, but that doesn't seem to matter to many buyers who just want an ultra-affordable smartphone.

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Monday Deals – 9/29: 12.2? Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro just $339.99 with Free Shipping

$_12Monday is back, and you know what that means. Time for a good deal on a new electronic device! Our Favable deal of the day is a 32GB refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro for just $339.99 with free shipping included. This 12.2 inch beast runs Android 4.4.4 KitKat on a quad-core processor and can smoke…

Grab A Pebble Smartwatch for only $99 from Best Buy

PebbleWhile Android Wear smartwatches are beginning to pop up all over the place, the Pebble smartwatch holds its own in the burgeoning gadget category. With an e-ink display, the Pebble manages to go a full week with a battery charge while the Moto 360 and other Android Wear watches are lucky to last a day.…