TAG Heuer Racer

If you're a smartphone user that likes to spend big, TAG's Racer may be the device for you

Famed Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer has unveiled an Android device which has immediately become the rapper's smartphone du jour, the Racer.

The device is dripping in high-end materials with liberal doses of carbon fiber and titanium thrown in alongside rubber, which purports to offer the device shock resistance, and a 'high speed processor', though what architecture the device is running is any one's guess at this stage.

According to TAG Heuer the Racer will launch with the latest iteration of Android, so expect some Ice Cream Sandwich action, and the device will also reportedly feature a customisable 3D interface designed by the artisans themselves.

If you've got a spare $3,680 kicking around, waiting to be spent, you can pick up one of these bad boys in July, and the device will apparently be launching with some siblings too, so mortgage your house and prepare to burn your credit cards on some reputation enhancing pointlessness!